What Is Niche Marketing?

 If you’ve ever wondered “What is niche marketing?” – then the wondering is over.

What is Niche Marketing?…consider these points:

Focused Message:  Niche or target marketing delivers a “focused” or “targeted” message to a group identified on the basis of their shared belief-systems, social or personal history or lifestyles

Not always easy:  You need to realize that finding the right niche for your authority website isn’t always going to be easy but DON’T let this process stop you cold in your tracks.

Authority and Credibility:  One of your main goals you need to accomplish is to establish yourself as an authority in your niche.

By doing so, you will establish credibility and trust in your market.  This is a must to dominate your niche.

If you’re still looking for a topic, you may need to look no further than your own experience.

If you are still searching for a topic, you may be saying to yourself,  “But I’m not an expert on anything.”
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PLEASE, think again.  Everyone has life experience, training, and skills that others do not have.

Everyone knows something that others want to know, or can do something that others want to learn.

You may know how to have the greenest and most lush lawn in the neighborhood that is free of pesticides.
Maybe you cook the perfect roast turkey that is praised by the whole family.
Possibly you have been told you have raised the perfect ethical child.

You have many marketable skills and talents you haven’t seen in a marketable light … yet!

Tips to help you discover and prosper in your niche market:

First off make sure that you choose a topic that will keep your interest.

What  is your PASSION ?
What are you KNOWLEDGEABLE about?
What kind of talents and skills do you have?
What are your hobbies?

Research your target market and come up with an idea for your product.

The following three criteria must be met:

  1. People are looking for information to solve a common problem
  2. They are willing to spend money on that information
  3. You, personally, are at least moderately interested about this topic

Although the third point is optional, I recommend it if you are going to stay interested and motivated to promote your products for months and years to come.  You have the option of choosing something you love or something that is popular.  Make work fun by choosing a market that you enjoy.

Why it is so critical to find a group of people with a common problem, rather than a hot product?

Well, the simple truth is that people very rarely go online to actively look for products to buy.

Much more often, they go online to search for solutions to their problems.  Once you identify a group of people with a common problem, you can start to think about a product or service you can position as a solution to that problem.  Then, all you have to do is put yourself in the way of your perfect potential customers, and set yourself up for an incredibly successful business.

See another valuable post called  Trust Is the Foundation with Your Niche Market – How To Build It!

Find a niche that you are passionate about.

What do you have a passion about  that also has a large number of people willing to flip open their wallet?

We all know something that is of value to someone else, something that others are seeking information on.  You need to discover what drives you, what excites you, what makes you tick –  “YOUR TRUE PASSION.”  You need to find something that will hold your interest and keep you excited about pushing forward.

It’s the only way you’re going to be able to devote the kind of time and effort to create a meaningful web site, build up the RIGHT traffic, generate WORTHWHILE income, and ENJOY what you’re doing.

When someone comes to your website, they need to feel what you are feeling.  Your website will reflect exactly how passionate you are about your product.

Listen and always pay attention.

Pay attention when folks you meet start start talking about their hobbies, their passions.

Take a look on your bookshelves or in libraries.

Watch the news.  You will discover some great clues as to what kinds of problems people are facing that you could possibly deliver the answers for.

Ever eves drop on someone’s conversation while you are standing in a checkout line?

Oh by the way, don’t forget to look right under your nose.

You need to become involved with the market you are targeting.  Let your presence be seen.   Remember you need to be seen as an authority in your Niche Market.

Learn the language that your targeted market is speaking.  Become one of them.  An example of this would be if you are marketing to teenagers.

Make sure that you choose a niche where people are ready,
able, and willing to spend money.

When considering a good authority site you need to make sure that you can easily identify the problems, questions, and needs experienced by the people targeted by this niche.   (You supply the Answer or the Solution).

Stand out above the crowd as something different than everyone else is offering.

You need to decide what format would be best for you to use in delivering your solutions to the market that is in need.  E-books-audios-video-webinars-teleseminars-physical.

Look into developing an even more focused sub-niche as a means of expanding your customer base.

The next step is to get this program.  Thanks for reading ” What Is Niche Marketing ” – it’s time to take action!

I’d love to hear your thoughts below.


Take Care,
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