What Is FTP?


FTP and Internet marketing often go hand in hand.  FTP stands for “File Transfer Protocol.”  It is basically the means of uploading files to a server so they can be utilized by others who have access to these files. 

So how is it utilized in the world of Internet marketing?  FTP is used in a multitude of ways.

What is FTPYou may have heard the word “cloud” being tossed around a lot lately.  Oddly enough the idea of utilizing a “cloud” has been around for a long time but it simply wasn’t referred to as such.

A “cloud” is basically a landing area for files that can be uploaded and downloaded easily and quickly by those who have access to that “cloud.”  Services like this have been around for a long time but it has recently really started to catch on with more and more Internet marketing happening online.

Amazon offers this type of service and has for quite some time, along with many other providers out there.  It allows faster transfer of extremely large programs and files that otherwise may be too big for people to share via email.  If you happen to see Amazon S3 in a URL, you know the person is using this service.

Most people who utilize the Internet for marketing are also more apt to utilize other people from the Internet (freelancers) to help them do their job.

Let’s take, for example, a person who has decided to market their new DVD set on how to increase business in the medical industry.  They want to approach others who may be interested in their DVD, so they begin to utilize the services of freelancers to make this happen.

Let’s say first they want to create an online webinar explaining their system, trying to sell it to potential clients.  They may end up hiring someone to create their website for them, another to do a PowerPoint presentation to show as they do the webinar, and perhaps someone to create the graphics for their DVD cover.

FTP is the vehicle of choice to upload various pieces of information that the freelancers will have access to in order to complete the jobs they were hired to do.  For example, if information was FTP’d to the owner’s server (hosting account) they would have access (when given the URL to the files uploaded) to pictures, content from the DVD, etc. so as to complete their work.

These items can all be uploaded to the cloud via FTP and then each person needing access can go to this information as needed by using the URLs/links provided.

FTP can also be utilized in Internet marketing on the “selling” and customer end.  Now that this person’s DVD is prepared, ready for sale and he’s had his webinar, he now needs an inexpensive way to offer his DVD to his clients.

He can do this one of two ways.  He can offer to ship it to them for a fee, taking days or even weeks to get it there plus shipping and handling fees on top of the price of the DVD itself –  or he can offer his clients free access to the DVD via an FTP download.

I use FileZilla, and you can download it for free here.

What is FTP


Giving a one time usage link or code that allows access to the contents, this person can then buy the DVD from the Internet marketing guy and have it instantly.

Perhaps the Internet marketing person is selling a computer program that will give help to anyone in the real estate business by giving them a plug in program for newsletters.  This program will allow people to access 3 new designs each month for a newsletter that’s already prepared for them and all they have to do is plug in their own information.

The Internet marketing person can offer subscriptions to the program which they can access with their own codes andWhat is FTP? use each month.  They will be accessing this information and downloading it using and FTP site.

Basically FTP, or File Transfer Protocol, is used in the Internet marketing industry to easily share files, programs, and information between people.  It can be an inexpensive way to get programs and large files to buyers or finished products between workers who aren’t even in the same city let alone the same building.  FTP can be an inexpensive and invaluable tool for anyone who’s getting into Internet Marketing.

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