Using LinkedIn to Build Your Online Presence and Reputation

Using LinkedIn to Build Your
Online Presence and Reputation

Using LinkedIn to Build Your Online Presence and Reputation

If you are going to be successful with Internet marketing, you need to have a solid online presence and a good reputation.  You can get both by using LinkedIn.  LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network, and it allows users to reconnect with past associates, connect with people in their field and get answers to industry related questions.  While that’s the basic purpose of LinkedIn, there are things you can do to increase your exposure and build your reputation. 

Using LinkedIn to Build Your Online Presence and Reputation imageWhile there are lots of ways to use LinkedIn to increase your exposure and build your reputation, the three best are:

  • Creating LinkedIn groups
  • Hosting events
  • Using LinkedIn Answers

Creating LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups give marketers a great way to make contacts, generate some exposure and build their reputations.  Most marketers only participate in LinkedIn groups, but I encourage you to create your own group so you can enjoy the maximum benefits of this feature.

While you can create a group on any topic, it’s important that the topic is related o your industry.  For example, if you teach people about Internet marketing, you could create a group on marketing tips.

Once you choose your topic, you’ll need to set the group up properly so it will get maximum exposure.  That means you need to include keywords in the group’s title and description.  This will allow people to find your group via LinkedIn’s search feature, as well as through search engines such as Google.

Additionally, you need to put your website on the group’s page.  This will allow people to click on your link, visit your site and make purchases.

Once the group is created, you need to send out weekly emails to the members.  The emails should offer a real value to members, and they should also give people a reason to click on a link to your website.  For instance, you might have a free product you’re giving away to group members.  Put the free product on your website, and include a link to the product in your email.  Then, when people click on the link to get your product, they will also visit your site.  Once they do that, they might sign up for your email list or purchase another product.

Using LinkedIn to Build Your Online Presence and Reputation imagesHow to Create a Group

Log into LinkedIn and put your mouse over the “Groups” tab on the top of the page.  Select “Create a Group.”

Fill out the form, using the tips and techniques I just provided.  Then, create your group.

Hosting Events

You can host events in order to increase your presence and build your reputation on LinkedIn.  There are a couple of reasons why events are so great.  First, an event will allow you to showcase your skills.  You can use the event to prove that you are an expert in your field.

Using LinkedIn to Build Your Online Presence and Reputation picture

Second, people are drawn to events. They enjoy seminars and webinars, since they can get useful information without doing a lot of independent research.  Thus, events tend to be successful.

It’s important to note that you don’t need event space to have a successful event on LinkedIn.  That’s because LinkedIn allows users to host virtual events.  Thus, you just need an Internet connection and a great idea, and then you can host an event.

Creating an Event

In order to create an event, log into LinkedIn and hover your mouse over the tab that says “More.”  Next, click on “Events.”  Then click “Create an Event.”  You’ll find this on the right hand side of the page.

At that point, you’ll just need to fill out the event details and create the event.

Use LinkedIn Answers to Ask and Answer Questions

Finally, you can use LinkedIn Answers to increase your online presence and build your reputation.  LinkedIn Answers is a section of LinkedIn’s site that allows users to ask and answer questions.  You can use this section to ask important questions and provide expert answers to other users’ questions.

Be sure to take your time when you answer questions so you can provide the best answers possible.  This is important, since the people who provide the top answers can earn expert status.  Experts are featured on the LinkedIn Answers homepage.  If you get featured as an expert, you will definitely earn some clout, which means people will be more likely to go to you if they have a question or need a product in your field.

Using LinkedIn to Build Your Online Presence and Reputation graphicUsing LinkedIn Answers

LinkedIn Answers is simple to use.  Go to and type a question in the box, or click “Answer Now” to answer one of the questions.  If you choose to answer a question, you’ll need to look through the questions and choose the one you want to answer.  Then, you’ll be able to provide your answer.

Get started with LinkedIn today.  Also, be sure to add my LinkedIn account to your contacts.  You can find me on LinkedIn at

I look forward to seeing you on LinkedIn.   Also, let me know if you have any questions about using LinkedIn.  Thanks for reading Using LinkedIn to Build Your Online Presence and Reputation and please share on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

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  • daniel

    Great Stuff,thanks Carol…

    • Carol Amato

      You’re welcome, Daniel – Thanks for stopping by. – Carol

  • Paul Counts

    This is a brilliant article. Great tips on LinkedIn. Carol you impress me with the value that you provide.

    • Carol Amato

      I appreciate that, Paul! I seek out info and share it…now to implement all that’s in the article. :)
      Thanks for coming by to comment. Everyone, check out Paul’s Domain Name Sale!
      Have a great day.
      – Carol

  • aida suarez

    Hi Carol! For now…thank you for putting up with my ignorant questions. But I feel that i we don’t ask… we never know. Right? I think this is why children ask so many questions. But our answers are i’ll give the answer when you group up some more.
    Well i am growing up fast on this business. Thank to you! My bocabulary is changhing! Alas! If you read the letter I am sending today to one daughter, even myself I am very surprise with the ability that I have now to communicate things about the internet marketing. But, I do not want to be over confident. No, never! We never stop learning new things. Ok, my silly question… is Linkln more efective than the rest life facebook, tweeter, google+ etc? Are are all of them equal? And we have to be engage with all of them? I need guidance on how to use those sites for building our internet marketing business. Tell me.. how come somepeople were ahead of us, submitting comments to your blog before us? I never see your comments to my submitions. Like this one… ok, sorry to give you more headaches! But you welcome our comments… i know. Thanks in advance… ..

    • Carol Amato

      Hi Aida,

      I recommend using them all as they all have a different purpose. Read the article again on LinkedIn….it’s the largest “professional” network, meaning people list their profiles in conjunction with they profession/business….much different than facebook or Twitter.

      Do some reading on their site to familiarize yourself a bit with them.

      I manually approve/disapprove comments to cut down on spam, Aida, that’s why you don’t see your comment just pop up automatically when you send it.

      Hope to help. Have a blessed evening!
      – Carol

  • Ted Williams

    Hi Carol:
    I will use this will set it up when I get a chance I only have one thing on my web site for right now will be adding some more but it is working.

    Thanks Carol, Ted

    • Carol Amato

      Hello Ted,

      That’s great – just come back to it when you’re ready for the step.
      Have a great weekend.
      – Carol

  • Eduardo Alvarez

    Hi Carol, thank you so much for this article. I am already in Linkedln, but not as an internet marketer. I will start a new account with my new email and directed towards my new business.
    I am still very slow in starting because, as learned from you, I got involved with and even tough it is very good, it is also very demanding in each lesson. I know I will eventually get to where I want to be, with a business that allows me to work from home.
    Thank you,

    • Carol Amato

      Hello Eduardo,

      I use a planner and map out my week each Sunday night. I decide how many hours I spend on certain tasks. You could accomplish the lessons in his tips a few times a week while doing other work to achieve other goals.

      My business model is all based on list building, so that is what I started with, getting a lead-generating system in place first.

      Have a great weekend. :)
      – Carol

  • Kimberly

    Hi Carol,

    I am new to internet marketing and find many of your posts to be a wealth of information! I didn’t even think of creating a presence with Linkedin.

    I GREATLY appreciate how kindly you share your knowledge with us (especially without trying to push a sale). I am VERY glad Anthony recommended your site.

    Happy New Year and God Bless,

    • Carol Amato

      Hi Kimberly,

      I certainly appreciate your kind words and am so glad to be of help. I enjoy helping others.
      Thanks for stopping by. :)

  • Sharon

    Hi Carol,
    After 4 months of really trying I am very confused and don’t know where to turn. Every time I go on the computer there is someone out there selling another product that does everything, but after I purchase it, I can’t make it work. How do I decide what is worth pursuing and what I should return. I can’t seem to make any of the programs I’ve purchased work and by the time anyone finally contacts me their response doesn’t make any sense anyway. I have watched many webinars, but most of them are very hard to follow or are just about buying another product I can’t afford. I am now flat broke and need something to work desperately. I don’t mean to be a cry baby, but after 35 years of being a successful business person I find myself in a position where I am about to lose everything I have worked for. My land, home and animals will all go in a Sheriff sale the first week of March if I can’t find a way to get back on my feet. I really feel as though I could succeed if I could just get one thing to work. I have been reading your advise and comments to others and just thought you might be someone who would give me some honest suggestions. Thank you soooooo…. much for listening.

    • Carol Amato

      Hi Sharon,

      Yes, for an honest reply….whenever someone is in a very difficult situation financially, I highly recommend that you stop spending on programs and try to start earning by providing services…because it takes time to start making money online….and to learn the new skills necessary to start…

      Here are a few blog posts that discuss this topic.

      I hope to help you a little bit….I am currently out of town, Sharon.

      Take care and remember it’s a layering process.

      Carol Amato

  • Sharon

    Thanks Carol,
    Actually, I have made some progress over the past 4 months, just not enough to get me where I need to be. I have accounts with Amazon, Google, Yahoo, Adsense, Clickbank, Wolfstorm, Bing, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, GoDaddy, Brainhost, and several others. I have purchased several domain names with hosting and tried to use them with different purchased programs. I go through all the videos and attend the webinars, but when I try to get something working, I fail. So far, your blogs and the Real guys have been the most help and easiest to understand. If I weren’t under so much pressure I could settle in and just enjoy the journey. Unfortuately, I am under the gun. It would really be great to be in a position where I could be offering help to others rather than pleading for the life ring. Hopefully, in the not to distant future that will be the case. I will try to keep a positive outlook and keep moving forward.

    • Carol Amato

      Hi Sharon,

      The first thing that I did was decide on a market/niche. Something that I am interested in, passionate about and knowledgeable about. Then I registered ONE domain name and got hosting. I decided on what free gift I would offer for a squeeze page and got AWeber for my autoresponder account…

      So, I put a squeeze page up or lead capture page up first before my blog.

      My blog was simple to install….I went to my control panel in my hosting (Bluehost) and installed a free WordPress blog on my domain.

      It is a layering process and takes time to learn the necessary skills with which to carry out unfamiliar tasks…

      A positive outlook is the best asset you could have, Sharon! :)

      Hope to help,

      • Sharon

        Thanks for the advise. My degrees are in Education and Animal Science and I have worked in both areas for over 35 years. I guess those would be the place to start as that is where most of my knowledge is centered. I have already purchased domain names and hosting with niche’s in those areas in mind, but get bogged down when I start trying to work with them. I will try your suggestion and see what happens.

        • Carol Amato

          okay, Sharon – sounds like a plan…thanks for stopping by.
          – Carol