Using Google+ Ripples for Marketing

Using Google+ Ripples for Marketing

Using Google+ Ripples for Marketing

Google+ recently unveiled Ripples.  Google+ Ripples are interactive graphics that represents post shares over time.  For instance, if you post something on Google+ and someone shares it, you can view a Ripple.  The Ripple will not only show you the initial share, but it will also show you how the post was reshared across the Google+ network.Using Google+ Ripples for Marketing imageRipples make it easy to identify the influential people in your circles.  In order to explain this, I’m going to show you a Ripple and then explain what the data means.

Accessing Google+ Ripples

While you can access Ripples for any post that has at least one share, I’m going to pick a post that has lots of shares so you can fully experience the power of Ripples.  In order to find such a post, I’m going to go to Sergey Brin’s Google+ profile.  He’s the cofounder of Google, so his posts tend to circulate quite a bit.

Once I’m on his page, I can choose any post that has at least one share.  I’m going to select the post that begins “In just two decades.”  This post has over 2,000 shares, so it will provide a great example of Google+ Ripples.

Using Google+ Ripples for Marketing images

Now that I’ve selected the post, I can access Ripples by clicking on the Options Menu on the right hand side of the post.

Using Google+ Ripples for Marketing graphic

Then, I need to select “View Ripples.”

Now, I can view a graphic of the original post and all of the post’s shares.

The original post is represented in the middle of the graphic.  Notice that the middle says “Sergey Brin.”  Sergey Brin is the original poster, which is why his name is the in the middle of the graphic.

You’ll also notice a group of circles that extend past his name.  These circles represent the people who have shared Brin’s original post.

Using Google+ Ripples for Marketing graphic

You’ll also see large circles on the outer edge of the graphic.  If you click on one of the large circles, you’ll see something that looks like the original Ripple.  In this Ripple, though, it’s the sharer instead of the original poster who’s in the middle.  Also, the circles represent people who reshared, instead of shared, the post.

The sharer is the influencer.  He’s considered to be an influencer since he can get people to reshare content he’s shared.  By doing that, he’s able to introduce your content to new people.

Creating Circles for Influencers

Once you identify your influencers, you need to create a circle for them in Google+.  That way, you’ll be able to provide them with customized content that will allow you to take advantage of their influence.

You can create a new circle by going to your Google+ page and clicking n the “Circles” tab.  Then hover your mouse over the circle on the far left of the page and click “Create Circle.”

Name the Circle “Influencers,” add your influencers into it, and create the circle.

Creating Customized Messages

Once your Influencers Circle is created, you can start crafting customized messages for the circle.  You want to come up with messages that your influencers will be likely to reshare.  That way, your messages will reach people who aren’t in your circles.

In order to do this, you need to examine the posts that your influencers have reshared.  Use those posts as a starting point as you create new posts.

For example, let’s say you created a post about Facebook marketing.  Several people shared and reshared that post.  You can create a new post about another aspect of Facebook marketing, and then share it with your Influencers circle.  Then, view the Ripples so you can see how the post spreads.

After you do this for a while, you can create contests and other posts that require engagement, and then publish them to your Influencers circle.  At this point your influencers should be used to resharing your content, which means there’s a good chance they’ll pass it on to their followers and friends, and their followers and friends will do the same.

Now that you know how to use Ripples to identify your influencers, it’s time to get started.  Create some posts that are worthy of sharing (and resharing), post them, and monitor your Ripples.  Then, go through the rest of the process so you can reach more people on Google+.

Also, let me know what you think of Google+ Ripples.  Do you think it will help you identify your influencers, and do you think identifying your influencers will help you reach more people on Google+?  Let me know in the comment section on this post.

Thanks for reading Using Google+ Ripples for Marketing and please share on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

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