Understanding the Social Web Trends – Using Topsy

November 20, 2013

By Carol Amato

Topsy is one of the best applications to provide insight into Internet trends that can be helpful for plotting your next business action. For those of you who don’t know or have never heard of Topsy, it’s a real time search engine that’s strictly powered by the Social Web. It’s time we start understanding the social web trends – using Topsy.

Understanding the Social Web Trends – Using Topsy

Topsy Free Analytics lets you compare metrics for either Twitter user names or hashtags. If you want to have unlimited comparisons, you can upgrade to Topsy Pro Analytics.

Topsy Pro Analytics provides you with facts about the conversations that virtually millions of people are having each day that make up the trends and topics of the day. You’ll receive analytic insight into social network searches, tweets, pages and domains that were queried.

Using that data, you can make your own decisions from the insight you receive with help from Topsy indexes and rankings. The results are instant and Topsy makes it easy to see who or what has the most social influence regarding your own niche.

Understanding the Social Web Trends – Using Topsy

Here are some ways you can use Topsy to provide insights and decision-making powers that will help you make good business decisions now and in the future:


  • Measure and Analyze – Choose any topic you choose to access real time or past (multi-year) social media data. You can follow breaking news, analyze your competitor and your own websites and predict the future outcome of a situation with the social web data you receive.
  • Topsy Pro Analytics — Offers the ability to analyze and term, topic, hashtag, or @ name in either real time or from past years of conversation. The index of tweets and web mentions can be analyzed from 2010 to the present day and Topsy technology makes sure that each term is counted accurately.
  • Topsy’s Inferred Geo – This location feature lets you know where almost every tweet originated from so that you can analyze geographic variation in the tweets. This can be especially helpful when you’re preparing an advertising campaign for your niche.
  • Impact Measurements — Topsy also lets you measure the impact of social media’s tweets, topics, hashtags, terms and slogans (also Twitter’s @ names) as they appear in every user’s streams of tweets.
  • Sentiment Scores – Measuring Sentiment Scores can also be measured by Topsy and are important because they let you instantly see the current and historical amounts for Twitter @ names, topics, keywords or hashtags.
  • Trending Data – See which drivers are most popular and rate any word (or term), video, link or photo and track them back to the original tweet. This will help you locate commentators for your niche or product.

Topsy can give you the power of having an expanded perspective of what’s going on in the world of cyberspace. It’s invaluable to know the information and data that Topsy has to offer because you’ll know what’s trending now and be able to predict and made decisions about your own business.

See All Public Tweets – Free – With Topsy

Now that Topsy has upgraded to include Twitter’s history (425 billion tweets) in its annals, you’ll also have the advantage of being able to compare and retrieve tweets that may help you in your decision-making process.

Using the Topsy application gives you instant alerts and reports about any public relations crises, negative tweets and other reports. You can use the free tools available with a download on and immediately search through each and every public tweet — including your own tweets from start to finish. 

All you have to do is:Topsytwitter

  1. Go to
  2. Click on TWEETS.
  3. Enter [from:username] (Twitter username) in the search box.

The tweets will all appear in reverse-chronological order.

You can begin with the free version of Topsy and then upgrade to Topsy Pro Analytics when you begin to realize what value Topsy will be to you and the future of your business.

I’m enjoying using Topsy – it’s almost like being able to predict the future – and it’s even fun to be able to analyze tweets and more instantaneously know what people are talking about without having to spend hours looking through data. Click here to visit their site:

Let me know what you think about Topsy!

Take Care,

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  • Adrian Gonzales

    I heard a lot of good ideas about this topsy regarding about social media. After reading this I realize this was very awesome. Thanks Carol

    • Carol Amato

      Hi Adrian,

      I appreciate it! :) Have a great day.

      - Carol

  • Grace Ann Sumalinog

    Topsy has great features and easy to use. Glad to have read this post. I’m sure to check out Topsy later. Thanks Carol!

    • Carol Amato

      You’re very welcome, Grace, glad to help!

      Have an awesome day. :)

      - Carol

  • asgonzales

    Finally I found this tools. For me the best feature of Topsy is you can see the trending data which help you what are the most terms on the tweet. Good Job

    • Carol Amato

      Yeah, that is a good feature, agreed! :)

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