Trust Is the Foundation with Your Niche Market – How To Build It!

Trust is Essential and the Foundation of Your Business

Don’t underestimate the role that trust plays when it comes to increasing your sales.  When a potential customer trusts you and what you represent, they’re more likely to take the action you want them to take.  This could be signing up for a free gift, or making a purchase.  It is an emotional connection that helps them to feel you are the resource they can count on to get what they need or what they want.

 Content That Creates Positive Emotions

The content you offer needs to be valuable and very specific, so you must identify and zone in on the needs of your niche market.  You can’t appeal to the masses and do so in a way that isn’t generic.

Trust Is the Foundation with Your Niche Market – How To Build It!

Your content needs to provide value and create those positive emotions so they are inclined to complete the desired action.  If you only talk about the benefits of your product or service, that isn’t enough to entice them.

Trust Is the Foundation with Your Niche Market

With the economy being down right now, people are even less likely to buy something if they don’t feel an emotional drive to do so.  Take the time to make sure your grammar and spelling are correct.  Such mistakes can quickly reduce the level of trust that they have, and make them think twice about subscribing or making a purchase.  It gives the impression that you don’t care about the quality you give them, which implies you don’t value your reader, subscriber or customer.

Make It Personal

Part of creating that emotional connection and trust stems from sharing your own stories and details with the audience.  They will see that you relate to them if you talk about a problem you had, and how the product or service you offer resolved it.  They will see that you do know what they are up against, and they’ll appreciate the quality of the message you send.

You can write your stories, but offering them in a video format seems to create the best results.  It will only further create the level of trust that you need for them to move forward with the purchase.

Stories From Others

YTrust Is The Foundation With Your Niche Market – How To Build It!Testimonials from other happy customers are also a great way to develop trust.  When you get positive feedback from customers, thank them for sharing it.  Ask them for permission to post what they have shared with you.  Most people will give you that permission, and it helps potential subscribers or customers to feel more at ease about signing up or buying.


Always use security logos when you can to help customers to feel confident before they place an order online with you.  The best security measures should be used by your business to ensure that any information they submit to you is going to be encrypted and will remain confidential.  Never share or sell their personal information!  I’m appalled by the practices of some marketers who disregard their subscribers in this way and only think about themselves.  Shameful indeed.

Verify Your Information

Nothing will destroy the trust that you have created with customers faster than inaccurate information.  Make sure you double check everything that you use before you display it for others to see.  Don’t stretch the truth or make claims about your product or service that you can’t back up.  Honesty is the Best Policy.

Remember, you want to create a relationship with your customers that lasts for a very long time.  You want to provide value to them and help all you can which leads to them being loyal subscribers and long term customers.  It’s a win/win for all when respect is mutual and value is given.

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  • Donald Thomas

    Carol thanks for the post. I always enjoy reading them and do my best to apply them to what I am doing. It doesn’t help to be in a hurry. So you had better check your facts and make sure that you know what you are talking about. Your a good coach Carol! Thanks

    • Carol Amato

      Thanks, Don – I’m glad you enjoyed the post. I certainly love what I do so it’s a pleasure.

      Appreciate the kind words! :) Thanks for stopping by…

      Have a good evening.
      – Carol

  • Clyde

    I could write abook about what you have said in this blog post but, I won’t.

    Every bit of it is so true but the one that sticks in my mind, no matter what you call it is verifying your information. You nad I have had this conversation before and that is what drew me to you in the first place.

    Your blog profile title tells it all. “A Marketer With Integrity” Our reputations are all we have in Internet business and not being honest or furnishing inaccuarate information will destroy a reputation before you can even build it.

    Thank you so much for your willingness to help others.

    • Carol Amato

      Hello Clyde,

      Yes, this subject is near and dear to our hearts, and it all goes back to living a life that will please the Lord, and give us peace that we did our best.

      You are welcome, and I appreciate your kind words. Thanks for stopping by to share your thoughts. :)
      – Carol

  • Cherrylene

    Hi Carol,

    I love reading your posts. It always inspires me to continue what I’m doing right now. Your right! Trust is very important when it comes to business and building friendship to customers.


    • Carol Amato

      Hello Cherrylene!

      I’m so glad! Happy you enjoyed it as it’s a very important topic, and we all deal with this daily.
      Thanks for stopping by to share your thoughts. :)
      – Carol

  • Steven Stuart

    Hi Carol,

    What you say is so true. Honesty is not just the best policy, it’s the only policy to have.

    Writing about your own personal experiences is not only interesting to readers, it really opens up a lot of ideas for blog posts.

    I’m coming to believe that video is not only desirable these days, but a necessity.

    I’m taking your advice and getting my ducks in a row right now to start producing my own video soon.

    Thanks for all the great information. – Steve

    • Carol Amato

      Hi Steve!

      Absolutely agree with you on that! In the year 2013 videos will be more important than ever for anyone that is involved in online marketing.

      I hope you’re coming to my webinar tomorrow night. Let me know if you have any specific questions.

      Take care,

      – Carol

  • Charles Mohr

    Trust, “say what you mean and mean what you say”.

    I found Carol about a year ago through a forum site. The consistency in her website content and backing up the material she offers is exactly what all internet marketers should be doing. Being a programmer I can see what is on the inside of what Internet Marketers are doing. I can assure you, even after looking at her new Get an Authority Blog offer, Carol stands rock solid!

    Thank you Carol for all you do for our community! Trust…with Carol, you can take that to the bank!


    • Carol Amato

      Hello Charles!

      Thanks for the kind words – much appreciated – it means a lot for you to take the time to come by and express your thoughts.

      Have a blessed weekend! :)

      Thanks again,
      – Carol

  • Adrian

    Honestly this is true Carol. Especially building trust is the most important aspect in a niche market. Thanks for sharing this Carol. =)

    • Carol Amato

      I couldn’t agree more, Adrian. You are very welcome.

      Let me know if I can do anything to help you.
      – Carol