Traffic – A Fundamental Component To Your Online Business


T argeted traffic is one of the most important aspects of your Internet marketing business.  No matter how well you have developed your site or how awesome your product is, you will not see success if you don’t have visitors finding your website.  You have to have site visitors so you can provide them with information they need for the niche you are working in.

Traffic - A Fundamental Component to your Online Business

Think about it from an offline prospective.  Let’s say you have an idea for a restaurant.  You have a handful of recipes that you are sure everyone in your city would love to try.  Location is vital to a real world business, so it is important that you make the right decision of where you set up shop.

Do you choose a building with low rent that is on the outskirt of town?  Or, do you invest more money and get a place that is in a local mall, where it is sure to get tons of foot traffic every day?

If you chose the low rent location, you would need to spend more money on advertising.  Less people will see your new restaurant; therefore you would need to promote it.

With the more expensive mall location, there would be no need to advertise much, because you will have potential customers walking by the establishment daily – and that foot traffic is sure to bring in more profits than saving money on rent by going with a less accessed location.

The same idea is true with Internet marketing.  If you want your site to be visited by as many people as possible, you have to set it up so it can be right there in their faces.  You need to find traffic streams that are already popular, and set up campaigns to shift some of that traffic to your own site.

This can be done in a number of ways.  Article marketing, SEO, video marketing, and forum marketing are just a few methods that take advantage of traffic that is already being generated in order to increase the visitors to your site. 

In order to read about any of the various traffic methods in more detail, use the Search feature on the right side of this post, to type in any term that you are wondering about.

For example, type in “free traffic” and hit Enter on your keyboard.  You will see all the posts on my blog about free traffic.  You can learn about search engine optimization and how to get traffic by following some of the online principles regarding this all important strategy.  Hope to help.  :)

Traffic – A Fundamental Component to your Online Business

  • Hannah

    Good info on the need for different types of traffic. Thanks for the break down here.

    • Carol Amato

      You’re welcome, Hannah. I enjoy helping others. Let me know if you need help.

      Have a great day.
      – Carol