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Social bookmarking is the process of storing, organizing and managing resources online.  Users can upload links to content, add keywords or tags, and upload descriptions.  Then, visitors can read the keywords and descriptions and click a link to access the content.  I encourage you to submit your content to these sites so you can get more traffic to your website using the Top 3 Social Bookmarking Sites

This is a great way for Internet users to find great content, and it’s also an excellent way for Internet marketers to introduce their content to new people.  Today, I’m going to go over some of the top social bookmarking sites available.  


Digg is probably the most well known social bookmarking site on this list.  Digg is a service that allows users to bookmark videos, articles and blog posts.  Once the content is uploaded, other users can “Digg” it.  The more Diggs a piece of content has, the more popular it will become on the site.  As it increases in popularity, it will move up in the results, so more people will have access to it.

You can sign up for Digg at

Top 3 Social Bookmarking Sites image has received a major makeover in the last year.  At one time, it was a standard social bookmarking.  Now, though, it offers Stacks.  Users can build stacks around a particular topic.  Since the stacks focus on particular topics, readers can easily visit the site and get in depth information. 

For example, if you market Xbox 360 video games, you can build a stack on Xbox 360 games.  Then, people can go to and visit your stack, where they can get all of the information they need on the topic.  The addition of the stacks has really made a great social bookmarking site, and I highly recommend that you give it a try. 

You can sign up for at

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Reddit is another popular social bookmarking site.  Users submit content, and people can click the “Up” or “Down” arrow next to the content.  If users click the “Up” arrow next to your content, it will move up on the list.  If enough people hit the “Up” button, it will eventually reach the top of the What’s Hot page.  However, if people hit the “Down” button (or don’t hit anything at all), the content will move down the list.  Once it makes it near the bottom of the list, people won’t be likely to see it.

You can get started with Reddit by going to

Submit your blog posts or articles to these social bookmarking sites.  Be sure to upload the right keywords and compelling descriptions so your content will jump out at readers.  Then, watch as people begin sharing your content around the web. 

Also, if you have a favorite social bookmarking site, leave the information in the comment section below.  That way, the readers can access different social bookmarking sites and get as much exposure as possible on the web.  At that point, all of the readers will be able to drive some more traffic to their websites.

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    I had heard of Digg, but had never heard of the other two. Thanks for sharing.

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