Top 10 Internet Marketing Forums To Explore

Top 10 Internet Marketing Forums

Forums are also known as online communities and can be a great place to get information, provide help to others and enjoy visiting with like-minded people.    As you seek to give value and provide help to those who ask questions about things you are knowledgeable in, you are building a relationship in the process which may yield you a loyal subscriber or customer.  As you read, learn and share – be sure to make a signature that links back to your site (keeping forum rules for this in mind).

 10 Internet marketing forums with high traffic that you can explore:

Top 10 Internet Marketing Forums

#1 The Warrior Forum has a lot of daily traffic and the highest membership of all the Internet marketing forums.  The site can seem overwhelming because of its vastness, but take your time getting oriented. This can be a wonderful resource for you, and I recommend setting a timer to spend several minutes per day reading.  You will learn a lot.

#2  Another great forum location for you to be aware of is WAHM (Work at Home Moms) – although there are MANY men who take part.  The volume of members seems to grow all the time. WAHMers also rave about the simple navigation of the forums so that they can easily find what they’re looking for.  I’ve been a member of this forum for many years, long before my Internet marketing days.  During that time I worked as a customer service representative and a medical transcriptionist, this form provided valuable information to me  when I needed it most.

#3  If you’re looking for ethical ways to promote making money, you will enjoy this forum. There are also lots of members that are willing to help others out. You can post what you need help with and get assistance in very little time. If you have conflicting information right now or the budget is tight for you to pay for help, this can be invaluable to the future success of your business.

#4  Solutions to your problems and even training are offered within this particular forum.  You will find some amazing members that are willing to get you pointed Top 10 Internet Marketing Forumsin the right direction.  This forum is highly recommended for those that are new to internet marketing so that they can master the basics.

#5  Optimizing your website is a key part of gaining traffic and converting sales.  This forum focuses on tips for SEO, optimizing, and providing quality content so that you will build that relationship with customers of your niche market.

#6  This forum is popular because it extends beyond just helping you to make money.  It is also a location where there are respectful debates on various topics.  We all know that opinions vary greatly when it comes to marketing.  Share your insight, see both sides of various issues, and allow what you learn to help you better promote your business.

#7  This is also a wonderful forum for newbies to take a look at.  While the volume of members isn’t as high as some of the others, it is quite popular.  Many people find that they like the informal style and presentation that it offers.

#8  Some of the great topics often discussed here include PPC and content management.  Yet there is a wide variety of topics all the time.  It can refresh your motivation to advertise for your business too.  If you need some support, check it out, although I don’t have much experience in paid advertizing personally.

#9  This particular forum is perfect for seasoned business owners with more complex discussions to take part in.  This is also a great place for risk takers that are willing to raise the bar in their niche and see if they can capitalize on some calculated risked.

#10  If you need assistance with your blog, developing your website, or online marketing this is an excellent forum to turn to.  This can also be a terrific resource if you are still attempting to carve of your niche market.

If you want to spend a little time each day educating yourself, have at it as the list above is a good place to start.   I do want to caution you, however, to not lose track of time and end up spending hours upon hours in these forums… As information overload can result, and you need to learn/educate half the time, and take action on what you learn the other half of the time.

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Leave a comment and let me know which form is your favorite.  Hope to help.

Take Care,

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  • Cherrylene

    Hi Carol,

    Thanks for sharing this very interesting forum sites. I would definitely like to check them out and join a few.

    Which one is your favorite?

    • Carol Amato

      Hi Cherrylene,

      I’m glad you liked the post. I like the Warrior Forum and WAHM. I also am a member of WPLH but they don’t get as much traffic.

      Have a great week.
      – Carol

  • Shathyan Raja

    Hey Hi,

    Thanks for this useful info. These Internet Marketing Forums help us to learn more from others.

    • Carol Amato

      Hello Shathyan!

      Yes, it’s great to learn and network. :)

      Thanks for stopping by to share your thoughts.

      Have a great day.
      – Carol

  • Toshiba Burton

    Thanks Carol, I’m bookmarking this one! Anyway WAHM is one of my favorite forums, I really don’t know what it is about it but I definitely feel comfortable with it & I’ve picked up a ton of value.

    Haven’t tried the Warrior Forum yet, but I hear that it’s definitely rocking.

    Thanks for sharing this one I definitely got VALUE out of it.

    • Carol Amato

      Hello Toshiba!

      You are very welcome. :-) WAHM Is the very first forum that I joined many years ago when I was interested in becoming a customer service rep. My how my life has changed. LOL So happy you got value from it – that’s my goal.

      Have a wonderful day.
      – Carol

  • Gabe Johansson

    Hey Carol!

    This list is exactly what I needed!

    I’ve been meaning to ramp up my forum marketing outside of WarriorForum and this list will really help. I’ve connected with quite a few awesome people in forums and added a nice amount of subscribers to my list… for free!

    Thanks a bunch,

    • Carol Amato

      Hello Gabe!

      I’m so glad – forums can be a terrific place for networking and gaining the kind of tread to ramp things up. Yep, definitely great for list building if done properly, and you are. :-)

      You are welcome, glad you came by to share your thoughts.
      – Carol

  • Carol Law

    I really love your blog. Do you make all your money off of the products you promote on your blog and website? I’m not sure that I could create enough good content on a regular basis to keep a blog interesting. My intentions were to create a website to help parents and teens find products that teens are interested in like phones, games, clothing, etc and also offer information on guidance for teens, whether it be spiritual, educational or social. That’s when I just wanted to do affiliate marketing. I had a website, clickbank account and a few other details worked out. Now, I’m just confused again. Any suggestions on what my first,(next), step should be. I really just need to start over.

    • Carol Amato

      Hello Carol,

      Thank you so much – I’m really glad you like my blog. It’s wonderful that you are passionate about helping parents and teens, I think that’s great. However, from a business standpoint offering a mix-and-match of lots of different things, and lots of different categories is business suicide.

      It would be best to focus on one market/niche. The first step would be to choose your market and then register a domain name.
      The next step would be to come up with a free gift to put on a squeeze page in order to start list building with that market. Affiliate marketing is under the umbrella of Internet marketing and can be implemented right away. I did.

      Please let me know any specific questions, and I will help all I can.
      Have a blessed day.
      – Carol

  • Adrian

    I like the list of the sites. Thanks for sharing this Carol.

    • Carol Amato

      Hey Adrian,

      Which one is your favorite?

      – Carol