Three Tips to Get Traffic

Video Marketing on YouTube

Youtube to Get TrafficThe first of the three tips to get traffic is Video Marketing on YouTube. This is great because your videos will stay up as long as the site is running. Popular videos get a lot of views – so they’ll produce a steady stream of visitors to your blog.

I would recommend starting on YouTube and learning about this popular site since it’s the most well known video sharing site on the entire Internet. Try to upload one video per week and watch your traffic start to build up.

Outbound Links

Outbound linksThe second of the three tips to get traffic is Outbound Links which are a good way to drive traffic because of the Trackbacks. If you link to someone else’s blog who is using WordPress, a trackback is created automatically that tells them just where the link is coming from.

The great part is that more people can click on that link and then come back to your blog. If you link out to 1 or 2 blogs per week, you will see some increased traffic. It will be a gradual but steady increase.

Yahoo! Answers

We need to think outside the box and remember Yahoo! Answers Traffic as the last of three tips to get traffic. Head over to Yahoo! Answers and do a search for questions that are unanswered which are related to your market or niche.

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You can answer the question with a link to a post where you address the actual question in much more detail. If you answer 3 or 4 questions per week, you will start to see some traffic from Yahoo! Answers. 

I’d love to hear your thoughts below.

Take Care,
Carol Amato

Personal Coach and Mentor
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  • Stan

    These Three Tips to Get Traffic were very helpful.

    • Carol Amato

      Glad to help, Stan. Let me know which method works best for you.

      Thanks for stopping by,

  • Dennis Ward

    So are you talking bout A.M.? Why in the would he cheat you out of your money? You worked hard for it and it’s not fair to you for him to keep it! Thanks for telling me and hang in there. Thanks for sending me this. Please keep sending me things like this.


    • Carol Amato

      Hello Dennis,

      NO, I’m not referring to A.M. Thanks for asking.

      A.M. has been a wonderful teacher and encouragement and has helped me, not hurt me.
      You’re welcome, Dennis. Thanks for stopping by. – Carol

  • Norman

    Dear Carol,
    I am just getting started with Anthony Morrisons program. I am feeling lost most of the time. So to get some great information like you are giving out is terrific.Thanks!!

    • Carol Amato

      Hello Norman,

      It is pretty common to feel lost and overwhelmed in the beginning, I know I did.

      Glad you like the info I give – encouragement to me! :)
      Thanks for stopping by. – Carol