Take Control Of Your Brand With KnowEm

I’ve decided to add KnowEm to my arsenal of business-inspiring apps that will help build my business in 2014. The Internet is changing so rapidly that it’s imperative to stay ahead of the game – and KnowEm helps you become a leader rather than a follower. You can take control of your brand with KnowEm, so let’s take a closer look.

Take Control Of Your Brand With KnowEm

Basically, KnowEm lets you check over 550 social media and emerging websites (plus 150 domain names, and the USPTO Trademark database) to see if your brand, personal name or product is being used. It lets you legally and fully secure your online presence before someone else beats you to it.

Take Control Of Your Brand With KnowEm

Now, KnowEm has a built-in API that lets you search their database of over 500 social networks for your user name and its availability. Simply load the KnowEm products and tools directly onto your site or dashboard and you’re ready to go.

SMO is the New SEO

The power of search engine optimization could once make or break a business, depending on how much you knew about how to use your website to attract search engines such as Google.

Now, Social Media Optimization (SMO) is also important to know. Some Internet market gurus are saying that SMO is even more vital to your business than SEO. It boils down to how youTake Control Of Your Brand With KnowEm can optimize what everyone is sharing and saying on social media sites such as Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Google Plus, and how to share and interact with your own content.

In the past you had to rely on tags to perform the optimization of your content. Popular social media sites rely on various methods such as meta tags and semantic microdata markup. There was no central tool for optimizing your social media content.

Power Up Your Online Business

KnowEm is the new ‘tool’ on the block that’s come to our rescue. It’s so easy to use – just enter your website’s URL and KnowEm will virtually analyze and point out what others will see when your content is shared on any of the social media sites.

In April of 2013, KnowEm turned four years old and is still working on ways to perk up your business by using social media sites. Re-sellers, volume customers and agencies can begin an account with KnowEm and manage multiple accounts in one location.

You’ll be able to put your social media brand, product, username and trademark – plus protection – on over 500 social networTake Control Of Your Brand With KnowEmks. You’ll also receive information and assistance from KnowEm about any brand or trademark infringement that might take place against your brand.

If something or someone on a social media site misuses your information, you’ll receive a notification from KnowEm. They are always monitoring the social media sites and can find out information that you may not know about.

Domain registration to protect your brand from cybersquatters and trademark search and registration for the USPTO database is also available. KnowEm is fully ready and has the ability to protect all of your social media efforts from cyberscammers and others who might inadvertently use your information wrongly.

After you sign up for a KnowEm account, your version of the dashboard will include the ability for you to control everything, including creating customer accounts and place and review orders.

Choose Your Price Plan

KnowEm offers four price plans for your convenience:

  • Essential – Designed for one person, this plan offers 1 username, 25 social profiles and a KnowEm profile (completed for you by the KnowEm staff) for a price of less than $100 per year.

  • Business – This plan gives you one username (plus one alternate), 100 social profiles and a special KnowEm profile for less than $250 per year.

  • Corporate – With this plan, you receive one username, plus an alternate, 150 profiles and a KnowEm profile for less than $350 per year.

  • Enterprise – One username, plus an alternate, 300 social profiles and a KnowEm profile for less than $650 per year.

  • Free – You would have to do everything manually.

KnowEm offers demos on their website, so be sure to visit and see everything that this site can do for you and your business.

There are tons of advantages to control what people see on your blog, website or social media sharing sites. Plus, knowing what the social networks are looking for and how you can utilize them can mean gold in your pocket.

Take Care,

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  • Adrian Gonzales

    This great way in controlling a brand. Lot great thing to Knowem. Thank for sharing this Carol

    • http://carolamato.com Carol Amato

      You are welcome, Adrian. :-)

      Glad you like the information… Have a great day.

      – Carol

  • Donald Thomas

    Hey there Carol – you know how I am about brand protection. I’m on my way to check this out. Thanks for the info Carol.


    • http://carolamato.com Carol Amato

      Hi Donald,

      It can be a little overwhelming, but so worth using…

      Have a blessed day. :)

      – Carol

  • Geri Richmond

    Hi Carol,

    This is really great info., and brand protection is going to be necessary now and in the future.

    Thanks for your unending knowledge.

    • http://carolamato.com Carol Amato

      Hi Geri,

      Yeah, that’s true. There is so much to gain by scarfing up your brand name on the sites listed on KnowEm… It’s worth the time spent, that’s for sure.

      Have a good evening. :)

      – Carol

  • asgonzales

    It’s good that Knowem has a built API that will let us to search in there database. Also I love the demo offer. Thanks

    • http://www.carolamato.com/ Carol Amato

      Yep, pretty cool!