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Beginner’s Guide to Page Rank (PR)

April 2, 2012


Beginner’s Guide to Page Rank (PR) Beginner’s Guide to Page Rank (PR) Even if you’re a beginner to blogging and site promotion, I’m sure you’ve heard the term “Page Rank” before.  When new to blogging, you’re anxious to see a rise in the popularity of your blog and see more traffic.  The more you research, […]

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4 Scroogle Alternatives

February 23, 2012


Now that Scroogle is gone, use these 4 Scroogle alternatives. As I’ve mentioned before, Scroogle is a search engine that doesn’t store information or analyze user behavior.  Because of that, I’ve used it in the past to determine my site’s true ranking.  Notice that I said “I’ve used it in the past.” That’s because Scroogle […]

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