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How To Use Social Bookmarking To Build Effective Backlinks

January 10, 2014



If you haven’t already used social bookmarking to create effective backlinks for your blog site, you’re missing out on a great way to target traffic to your site. I recently featured a blog post about Ilka Flood and how she features me on her newsy site, Internet Marketing Daily, and it’s a perfect example of […]

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What is Content Syndication?

June 22, 2013


What Is Content Syndication? As an Internet marketer, I realize that many of the people in my industry don’t talk much about content syndication; it could be that they don’t use it at all or maybe they’re reluctant to share their resources.   There are myths that surround content syndication regarding how it affects SEO […]

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How to Create High Quality Backlinks

May 19, 2012


  How to Create High Quality Backlinks   Backlinks play an important role in improving your website ranking.  One of the ways Google determines your website’s worth is on the number of quality backlinks.  There are several ways to build high quality backlinks, one of which is to make use of shortcuts such as link […]

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Top 3 Social Bookmarking Sites

December 29, 2011


Social bookmarking is the process of storing, organizing and managing resources online.  Users can upload links to content, add keywords or tags, and upload descriptions.  Then, visitors can read the keywords and descriptions and click a link to access the content.  I encourage you to submit your content to these sites so you can get […]

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Build Links With Bookmarking

June 30, 2011


Do you know how to build links with bookmarking? Recently social bookmarking has become very popular with marketers in every possible niche market. Many social bookmarking sites such as StumbleUpon, Digg,, and Technorati allow users to add links to sites they happen to fancy and other visitors can grab the links and add them […]

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