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Simple & Powerful Ways to Improve Search Engine Rankings

September 6, 2012


  You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to be able to successfully improve your search engine rankings.  You don’t have to spend a ton of additional money on it either.  The fact is that there are simple & powerful elements you can successfully implement.  They are commonly overlooked though and that is why you […]

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Yahoo Answers – An Untapped Resource to Vamp up your Internet Marketing

September 3, 2012


  If you feel like you are in a slump when it comes to driving new traffic to your website, you may be tempted to spend lots of money to pay for advertising.  However, there is an untapped resource out there for you to consider which is Yahoo Answers. What is Yahoo Answers? If you […]

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Is Google’s Dominance Slipping?

April 13, 2012



We have taken a look at alternatives to Google’s all powerful search engine rankings and how to check your website’s true position by using other smaller search engines.  What we’re going to do today is discuss the changes in Google and explain a little bit more about some different search engines, which may give you […]

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What is Pligg?

January 27, 2012


UPDATE: I can no longer recommend HostGator or Bluehost – read this blog post to see who I recommend. Have you heard of Pligg? Do you want to have a community full of like minded people so you can share ideas?  Do you want a place where you can promote your own content and get […]

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Changes to Google’s Algorithm Mean Changes for Website Owners

January 23, 2012


Changes to Google’s Algorithm Mean Changes for Website Owners  Changes to Google’s Algorithm Mean Changes for Website Owners Google uses an algorithm to determine page rankings.  Recently, the search engine giant made some changes to its algorithm.  Today, I’m going to go over those changes so you’ll know what you need to do in order […]

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Generate Traffic with Trackbacks and Pingbacks

January 19, 2012


Generate Traffic with Trackbacks and Pingbacks Generate Traffic with Trackbacks and Pingbacks In today’s blog post, I’m going to explain trackbacks and pingbacks.  Both are forms of back links.  Thus, first I’m going to go over back links, and then I’ll dive into the main topic. What are Back links? Backlinks refer to the links […]

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