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How to Complete Google Authorship

June 26, 2013


Any time you can make your sites and your content feel more personalized, it’s a good thing. Google now offers a way to better personalize a site by inserting your photo beside the search results. This can help gain more click-throughs – resulting in more sales. You’re likely seeing people’s faces when you get search […]

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Top Five Search Engines for 2013

January 10, 2013


Top Five Search Engines The amount of available search engines has risen sharply in the past months.  We can’t possibly use all of them, but we should know which are best for our needs as Internet marketers. A search engine works by being able to interconnect literally billions of web pages in a flash.  Researching […]

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What Concerns will Websites Face with the Google Changes?

August 14, 2012


  It is no secret that Google is the leading search engine that consumers use.  That’s why it makes sense for websites to do all they can to be at the top of the Google search results.  Even though the criteria for doing so isn’t completely disclosed, they have learned what works well and what […]

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How Will Google’s Paid Product Search Affect IMers?

June 18, 2012


  When I heard about the rumor that Google was going to make Internet marketers pay for search results provided by SEO, I wasn’t happy.  No longer would free placement of products on Google be possible based on rankings.  Internet marketers would be required to bid on product placement with other marketers who want the […]

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What the Google Penguin Update Means to You and Me

May 3, 2012


What the Google Penguin Update Means to You and Me?  If you’ve wondered what the Google Penguin Update means to you and me, keep reading… Nothing strikes fear in the heart of Internet marketers than when Google changes its algorithms and the result is chaos in your ranking ability.  The latest of these algorithm changes […]

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5 Affiliate Marketing Mistakes You Need to Avoid

January 25, 2012


UPDATE: I can no longer recommend HostGator or Bluehost – read this blog post to see who I recommend. 5 Affiliate Marketing Mistakes You Need to Avoid 5 Affiliate Marketing Mistakes You Need to Avoid In my blog posts I usually explain strategies and techniques that you can use for your online business.  Today, I’m […]

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Facebook Prepares to Go Public

January 2, 2012


The Wall Street Journal recently announced that Mark Zuckerberg will be ready to take Facebook public in the second quarter of 2012.  Right now, there’s a lot of speculation about what this will mean for businesses.  Some experts think Facebook will continue to function in the same way, while others speculate that Facebook will change […]

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Google+ Is Heating Up For Internet Marketers

October 27, 2011


  Social networking is constantly changing.  At one time, people couldn’t imagine a world without MySpace.  Then, Facebook opened its virtual doors and became the dominate force in social networking.  Now, a new social networking platform is vying for the top spot.  It’s name is Google+, and it has a lot of exciting features for […]

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How To Use Google Trends

September 3, 2011


  In this video, I want to talk about Google Trends and what you can use it for. You can find Google Trends at Google Trends is a great way to analyze crowd behavior and to see what people are searching for at any particular given time over an extended period. I’m including a […]

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What Is Google Plus?

July 28, 2011


Have You Heard Of G+ . . . What Is Google Plus? What Is Google Plus? – Google Plus Is An Online Community That Is Owned And Run By Google. Right now, you can join Google Plus by invitation only and my friends are wondering why they would want an invitation to Google Plus (Google […]

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