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Collections From Facebook

October 29, 2012


  A Great Opportunity For You To Explore Chances are you’re familiar with Pinterest which allows you to share an array of products and collections with others.  Due to the popularity of it, don’t be surprised if many more similar options start to become available.  One such option is being tested to be offered right […]

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How to Get Free Traffic and Branding Using a Gravatar

September 26, 2012


  Today I want to talk about free traffic and branding.  Here I am at a post called Five Tips To Keep You On Track.  This is a post with different tips about how to stay focused, and different things to help you along your journey of making money online, and working from home.   […]

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Simple Solutions to Use Facebook Successfully for your Business

September 19, 2012


  It seems that just about everyone is on Facebook these days, and that makes this form of social media a great option to use for your business.  However, you need to use these simple solutions as it’s very helpful in getting your business recognized. Focus on What You Say Don’t misuse Facebook, or other […]

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EdgeRank Can Assist You In Getting The Most From Advertising On Facebook

September 18, 2012


  Whether or not you are already advertising your business on Facebook and through other forms of social media, and you aren’t familiar with EdgeRank, you do need to learn the basics.  Your efforts on Facebook aren’t going to be as effective as they could be without understanding EdgeRank. What Is EdgeRank? The algorithm that […]

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Facebook To Introduce Real-Time Advertiser Bidding

June 25, 2012


  It’s only a matter of weeks from now when advertisers will be bidding on advertising spaces on that right hand side of your Facebook page.  Google and many other Internet companies are already using this technology, and by 2015, real-time bidding is projected to grow five-fold. Facebook Exchange, as it’ll be known, is probably […]

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Using Google+ Ripples for Marketing

January 10, 2012


Using Google+ Ripples for Marketing Using Google+ Ripples for Marketing Google+ recently unveiled Ripples.  Google+ Ripples are interactive graphics that represents post shares over time.  For instance, if you post something on Google+ and someone shares it, you can view a Ripple.  The Ripple will not only show you the initial share, but it will […]

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Facebook Prepares to Go Public

January 2, 2012


The Wall Street Journal recently announced that Mark Zuckerberg will be ready to take Facebook public in the second quarter of 2012.  Right now, there’s a lot of speculation about what this will mean for businesses.  Some experts think Facebook will continue to function in the same way, while others speculate that Facebook will change […]

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4 Tips for Building a Facebook Page

December 27, 2011


4 Tips for Building a Facebook Page 4 Tips for Building a Facebook Page Facebook provides Internet marketers with a great platform for engaging potential customers and making sales.  In order to get as much exposure as you want, you must make sure you build a great Facebook page.  I’m going to give you some […]

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