Carol's Cut - Best of the month

Carol’s Cut – Best of the Month 1

It's time to introduce my new series: Carol's Cut - Best of the Month. Each month I'll select up to 10 pieces of content (articles and podcasts) that I feel rise above the average content on the Internet. From those 10, I'll choose to … [Read more...]

Affordable Web Hosting For Your Online Business

How To Buy Affordable Web Hosting For Your Online Business

I made this short video to demonstrate how to buy affordable web hosting for your online business, and I cover the pitfalls and things to avoid during the process. You can fearlessly go through the process, being sure that you're making a … [Read more...]

social bookmarking

How To Use Social Bookmarking To Build Effective Backlinks

If you haven’t already used social bookmarking to create effective backlinks for your blog site, you’re missing out on a great way to target traffic to your site. I recently featured a blog post about Ilka Flood and how she features me on … [Read more...]