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The Penguin Update: A Straightforward Guide

May 31, 2012


  There was a lot of panic and confusion over the recently launched (and the now infamous) Penguin update.   This update was very different from all the previous ones ever launched by Google.   For the records, Google tweaks its search algorithms some 500 times every year. So what’s so special about this one, you ask?   […]

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Generate Traffic with Trackbacks and Pingbacks

January 19, 2012


Generate Traffic with Trackbacks and Pingbacks Generate Traffic with Trackbacks and Pingbacks In today’s blog post, I’m going to explain trackbacks and pingbacks.  Both are forms of back links.  Thus, first I’m going to go over back links, and then I’ll dive into the main topic. What are Back links? Backlinks refer to the links […]

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Understanding Backlinks And Anchor Text

September 22, 2011


  One of the most important things in today’s search engine world is getting quality links to your site – also known as backlinks. Each link to your site acts like a “vote” for the quality of your site.  For a while, Google and other search engines used backlinks as a way to judge the […]

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5 Tips To Get Free Traffic

August 2, 2011


Blogging – 5 Tips To Get Free Traffic Tip 3 – Blogging – Create An Online Presence Using 5 Tips To Get Free Traffic Blogging does not have to be only a personal blog or sharing personal experiences.  Businesses often have a blogging presence that introduces their business to others – yet blogging about their […]

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