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ShareASale – Affiliate Networking with Amazing Results

November 20, 2012


UPDATE: I can no longer recommend HostGator or Bluehost – read this blog post to see who I recommend. Why ShareASale? There are plenty of networks out there where you can join to become an affiliate.  As an affiliate marketer, you promote products for other companies.  Each time you generate a sale for them, you […]

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The Importance of Integrity in Internet Marketing

September 14, 2012


  Just because you don’t see your clients face to face and live in their neighborhood doesn’t mean that you can say or do what you want to just get the sale and walk away.  Integrity is an important part of any business – and perhaps even more with Internet Marketing.  During my early days […]

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Dos and Don’ts for New Affiliate Marketers

August 31, 2012


  We all pursue affiliate marketing to make more money and establish ourselves as credible marketers.  It’s a great way to build a network of followers, promote our products and make some serious money.  But, when you’re new and looking at making money as the bottom line, you may become distracted about what the real […]

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The Magic Ingredient for Making Money and Enjoying Life

August 18, 2012


Could it be that we keep searching for the magic ingredient that will make our lives easier and it’s been with us all this time?  Have we overlooked the one thing that can help us reach our goals in our path to happiness in our business pursuits?  After you’ve set a goal or planned a […]

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ClickBank – Your Simple Guide to Starting with Affiliate Marketing

August 8, 2012


  Why Consider Affiliate Marketing with ClickBank? You may be saying that you would love to start your own online business.  However, you don’t have a product or service to offer at this time.  Through affiliate marketing, you really don’t need to have anything created.  Instead, you can make money being an affiliate for someone […]

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How Will Google’s Paid Product Search Affect IMers?

June 18, 2012


  When I heard about the rumor that Google was going to make Internet marketers pay for search results provided by SEO, I wasn’t happy.  No longer would free placement of products on Google be possible based on rankings.  Internet marketers would be required to bid on product placement with other marketers who want the […]

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Jumpstart Your Affiliate Sales

March 19, 2012


Jumpstart Your Affiliate Sales Jumpstart Your Affiliate Sales If you have been following the tips provided on this site, there’s a good chance you already have a website up and you’re building your email list.  On top of that, many of you are probably using your site and list to promote affiliate products.  However, some […]

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What do YOU Want to Learn About?

March 2, 2012


What do YOU Want to Learn About? What do YOU Want to Learn About? What do YOU Want to Learn About? There are a couple of things that I’ve realized since I started, my Internet marketing blog.  One, Internet marketing is full of strategies and techniques.  I could go on and on for days […]

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