Sub Niches – The Fast Way to Increase Profits

Finding a targeted niche is an essential part of content marketing.  The right niche can put you on track to make lots of money online.  Today, I’m going to talk about finding a sub niche within a niche.  If done correctly, this will help you get highly targeted (and motivated) traffic to your site.  Thus, you can make even more money with a sub niche than you can with a niche.

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First, though, I’m going to cover the basics of niche marketing.

Niche Marketing 101

Niche marketing is the process of identifying and then marketing to a specific niche.  A niche is a subset of a broad market.  For instance, if the market is “tablet PCs,” your niche could be “Apple iPads.”

Niche marketing has several benefits, with the two biggest being:

  • You’ll catch people in the buying stage of the purchase funnel
  • You can easily find your target market

Benefit 1 – Catching People in the Buying Stage

Let’s assume you have entered into the tablet PC market.  You create a site that has information on several different types of tablet PCs.  People come to the site to get information, but they don’t make many purchases.  That’s because they are in the research stage of the purchase funnel.  They aren’t looking for specific products.  They’re just checking out different tablet PCs so they can make a purchase in the future.

On the other hand, if you entered into the “Apple iPad” niche, you could attract people who are in the buying stage of the purchase funnel.  These people are looking for a specific product (your niche), so they are more likely to make a purchase.

Benefit 2 – Easily Find Your Target Market

Additionally, niche marketing makes it easy to find your target market. 

For instance, let’s say that you decide to enter into the “pet” market and the “dog training” niche.  You’d be lost without your niche.  You’d be tasked with finding people who are not only interested in “pets,” but who are willing to buy your products. 

There are tons of people who are interested in pets, and it would be nearly impossible (and incredibly time consuming) to reach them all.  You’d have to find people who have cats, snakes and everything in between.  By the time you finally reached all of these people, you’d be worn out, and it would all be for naught, since your traffic won’t be ready to make a purchase.

On the other hand, it would be very easy for you to find people who are interested in the “dog training” niche.  You could find people on forums and message boards, and use keywords to attract this specific niche.  You’d get much better results than you would if you had stuck to the broader market.

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Getting Sub Niche Ideas

Now that you know what a niche market is, I’m going to show you how you can get some sub niche ideas.  A sub niche is a subset of a niche.  As you know, the more targeted your niche is, the more targeted your traffic will be.  Thus, you want to narrow down your niche as much as you possibly can, while still leaving enough customers to purchase your products.

Fortunately, it’s really easy to find a sub niche.  All you need to do is head over to the Trellian Keyword Tool at  I talked about the keyword tool in a previous post.  It’s a great way to research keywords, and it’s also helpful if you want to find a new sub niche.

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Once I get to the tool, I’m going to type a niche into the search box.  In this case, I’m going to type “Apple iPad.”

The keyword tool brings back a list of keywords that are related to my search term.  Some of these keywords can actually be used as new sub niches.

For instance, “apple iPad cable” is listed in the results.  That would be a good niche.  It’s not as broad as “Apple iPad,” so it would help me get highly targeted traffic.

“Verizon Apple iPad” is another solid option.  As many of you probably know, some of the iPads come with 3G access, but in order to use it, people have to sign up for a plan with a cell phone provider.  By targeting Verizon customers, I’ll have a more targeted niche.

These are just couple of examples, but you get the basic idea.  You need to go through the keywords and get some ideas for other niches.

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Once you get some niche ideas, you need to find out if they’re profitable.  I gave some tips for that in my post Finding Your NichePay special attention to the tip about using magazines to find profitable niches.

Now you’re ready to find your sub niche.  Check out the Trellian keyword tool and find out if you have a profitable sub niche hiding behind your niche.

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