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What is a social bookmarking site? 

Social bookmarking involves going to a social bookmarking site like Delicious and tagging your site. A social bookmarking site is a way to save your favorite sites to an account that is online.  Think of it as something similar to bookmarks that you save on your computer.

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If you visit a site, and you like it, you can tag that site and save it and visit later.  However, with a social bookmarking site, anybody can view your tags.

So if I like, for example, gardening, and I am tagging some sites that I consider to be cool gardening sites, one of my friends can come on and see my bookmarks, and if they like the same thing that I do, they’re going to be interested to see what I have tagged.

When all this works together, it creates a very user-driven search engine.  That means that I can go on the social bookmarking site and do a search for something, and what will come up are relevant searches based on what people have voted for.

Essentially, you would go to online social bookmarking site, like Delicious, and sign up for your social bookmarking account. 

See another valuable post called Top 3 Social Bookmarking Sites.

There are plug ins you can install on your blog with which to post to many networks/sites at one time which is very convenient.  Make sure to use tags, maybe between 5 to 8 tags that relate to your blog post. 

I would definitely suggest checking out tagging with social bookmarking.

There is a free tool called Only Wire which you can use to leverage your time and work in getting the word out about your blog post.

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  • Sully

    Ive always wondered what a Social Bookmarking Site was. Now I know.

    • Carol Amato

      Glad to help, Sully!

      Thanks for stopping by,

  • Jess

    A social bookmarking site is so neat! What a great way to share information!

    • Carol Amato

      Hi, Jess!

      Yes, I was really fascinated by them when I first learned of them.

      Way cool!


  • Cassy

    Thanks for the information on the Social Networking site. Very useful!

    • Carol Amato

      You’re welcome, Casey, glad to help!