Rebel Mouse Updates Your Site as You Share in Real Time

November 30, 2013

By Carol Amato

Yet another way for Internet marketers to save time in our hectic schedules comes in the form of Rebel Mouse. Now you can curate easily by sharing on social media sites and let Rebel Mouse do the work because Rebel Mouse updates your site as you share in real time. It’s a great way to make a statement about your online presence and save time too.

Rebel Mouse Updates Your Site as You Share in Real Time

Social media is now THE way to keep informed and be entertained too. But sometimes there can be a lot of pressure to juggle it all. Most of us have active accounts on more than one social media site – Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter – and more. It takes a lot of time and effort to keep them all in check.

Then, I found Rebel Mouse. In a nutshell, Rebel Mouse is becoming the go-to app that offers you a free aggregation service to transform your social media feeds into one view.

Rebel Mouse Updates Your Site as You Share in Real Time

Besides showcasing your online presence, here are a few of the features offered by Rebel Mouse:

  • Use with all major web browsers, tablets and phones. It’s optimized for the mobile web.

  • Creates viral campaigns using trending topics. Rebel Mouse collects and displays relevant content from each of your social networks.

  • Create blog posts on your site. Use images, tweets, content and videos to create original blog posts and add tweets and links.

  • Move a post to your site. You can also freeze the relevant content at the top of the post to make it stand out.

  • You control layout and designs of your posts. Choose from various layouts and designs according to the theme of your site and arrange them on the page.

  • Receive an automatic newsletter with your signup to Rebel Mouse. You can create a newspaper with your own social content.

  • Empower your domain. Use Rebel Mouse’s embeds or add to existing sites.

  • Rebel Mouse automatically updates your posts to social networks. This means that your site will always reflect real time news.

Basically, what Rebel Mouse does is pull in your own posts that you have published on social networking sites. It’s a free aggregation service that can save you time and effort and keep your sites up to date.

Joining Rebel Mouse is Easy

While you must have an invitation to join Rebel Mouse, all you need to do is provide your email address and request the invitation at Be sure and Rebel Mouse Updates Your Site as You Share in Real Timechoose a good user name, because you can reserve it to becoming your URL.

After you receive an invitation, sign in with Facebook or Twitter. Rebel Mouse will automatically offer portions of status updates that you’ve shared, combining them into a visual page.

The front page appears as a newsletter or similar to a board on Pinterest. Now, you can customize the headers, add pages that will display feeds or links to websites you choose from social media accounts.

Every update, video, photo, link or anything else that you now add to your social media sites will be updated by Rebel Mouse and be automatically displayed on your front page of the Rebel Mouse newsletter. You don’t have to do a thing.

Click to See My Rebel Mouse site:

Rebel Mouse Updates Your Site as You Share in Real TimePlus, you can set up numerous Twitter accounts, Google Plus, LinkedIn, StockTwits, Flickr, Facebook and Instagram – and all are automatically captured by Rebel Mouse for updates.

What Makes Rebel Mouse Unique

The unique aspect about Rebel Mouse is that it automatically updates your elements rather than you having to go in manually and pull comments and contents you want from various social media sites.

You can choose the free version of Rebel Mouse, which is basic and personalized publishing or pay a very small fee (about $10 per month) for the premiRebel Mouse Updates Your Site as You Share in Real Timeum version. You’ll receive more editorial content which translates to a better professional look for your sites.

It’s a far better price than paying someone lots of $$$ to have someone design your site. What you get from Rebel Mouse resembles a digital newsletter that is a virtual diary of your social life, and I think it’s so cool that Rebel Mouse updates your site as you share in real time.

There are many positive things I found out about Rebel Mouse that I feel good about. For one, Rebel Mouse was selected as part of TIME’s list of 50 best websites in the year 2013!

But, look at the Rebel Mouse website and see for yourself what it has to offer. It can be a dynamic personal homepage in the scheme of your business plan.

Take Care,

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  • Donald Thomas

    Well hey there Carol,

    That sounds pretty awesome – I love the page that you put up there. looks awesome. So is this kind of like squiddo? I will have to check this out. But first I had better check on my rice, I think it may be burning.

    By the way – you could always take a stun gun with you when you go shopping! I hear that’s how they do things in PA :>)I instantly thought of you when I saw that!!

    Have a great night.


    • Carol Amato

      Hey Donald,

      Thanks much, and Happy and Blessed Birthday! :)

      Nah, it’s not like Squidoo, it’s an aggregate service where all your social media feeds pour into one site…So you sort of get a kaleidoscope effect of all of your social media efforts. I like the personalization it gives because of Pinterest and YouTube…

      Yeah, you’ll enjoy it – read a little of their site. It’s completely free.

      Have a great weekend.

      - Carol

  • Terry S.

    Eeeek, as ugly and cluttered as Pinterest!

    Sorry, but I’ve never liked cluttered sites that look like a manic, blindfolded (or color-blind) webmaster threw them together helter-skelter at the last minute –or else they let their hyperactive two-year-old do it for them…

    I like nice, clean sites that don’t attack the eyeballs and overwhelm the senses. Sites that know what white space is and how to use it, that have articles I actually want to read. Sites that are a delight to visit and read at leisure, not nightmares like Pinterest and RebelMouse, and a whole lot more these days as more people jump on that bandwagon.

    These cluttered sites were in vogue back in the late ’90′s (granted, they were also uglier) –I hated them then, and I hate them now. They make me feel frazzled, and I usually bail out immediately.

    I guess they’re OK for the under-25 crowd or anyone with the attention span of a mosquito, but they’re not for me. Since I have ADD, you’d think I’d like them… kind of ironic that I don’t.

    Anyway, congrats on getting it set up. If it works for you, great –more power to you!

    And thanks for your updates on new sites and services on the Internet. I always love those articles. ;-)

    • Carol Amato

      Hi Terry!!

      I hear ya, believe me…..I agree for a branded website (just look at mine….Very clean looking), but this is much different in that it’s a free aggregation service, so that makes it pretty cool!

      Thanks for stopping by to share your thoughts. :)

      Take Care,

      • Terry S.

        I love the clean look of your site, which is probably why I was doubly horrified when the RebelMouse page hit my eyeballs. LOL

        Is there a way to have it show up in a single column? Then it would be less painful to read.

        By the way, if anyone else hates the G+ multiple-column layout as much as I do, go to Settings and scroll down till you find the Accessibility check-box that makes G+ think you’re using a screen reader for the visually impaired.

        What I’ve been using is the Bookmark feature in the browser. I bookmark the sites I like to skim and read, and those bookmarks go in a bookmark folder that sits on the bookmark strip between the tabs and the active window. That way I can open all the sites in separate tabs with a click, and skim and read each one, then close its tab when I’m done with it.

        • Carol Amato

          Hey Terry!


          Thanks for the tip about Google + – maybe someone wants to do that, so it’s very helpful!

          I use Speed Dial which accomplishes basically the same thing. Love the convenience. :)

          Have a good evening.

          - Carol

  • Adrian gonzales

    I love the way it works, It really save you time rather doing it manually. Thanks for sharing this Carol.=)

    • Carol Amato

      Hey Adrian!! You still have to post on the various networks, but this service will pull in all your data from all the social networks if you set them to.

      I’ve included Pinterest, Google +, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. :)

      Have a great weekend.

      - Carol

  • Grace Ann Sumalinog

    Just wish this came sooner! =).. Easy and reliable. Nice read! Thanks Carol!

    • Carol Amato

      Hi Grace,

      I hear ya! :)

      Thanks for stopping by to share your thoughts.

      - Carol

  • Reginald

    Hey Carol,

    Thanks for sharing! I heard and use Rebel mouse for sometime now. Not bad and pretty impressive indeed.

    I have yet to use to 100% but certainly, will need more time to ‘scout’ around hehe~

    Have a blessed weekend ya!

    • Carol Amato

      Hi Reginald,

      Yeah, it’s cool – I like it and need to explore more also.

      Thanks and you have a wonderful weekend too. :-)

      - Carol

  • asgonzales

    This one is really great. A real time update for your site. It really update your comment and site element. Awesome one

    • Carol Amato

      yeah, pretty neat!

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