PrintFriendly – A Quick and Easy Way to Increase the “Wow” Factor of Your Content

If you’re not using to get more leverage from your hard work, you’re missing out. It’s so easy to use PrintFriendly that it almost doesn’t need any explanation.


Simply enter the URL of the content you want to syndicate on the website, click on “Preview Content,” and here’s what happens:

  • Optimizes your content for printing. PrintFriendly leaves out some extraneous ‘stuff’ that doesn’t need to be printed and pulling in some “wow” factors such as your photo, author information and from the content page and your link and lets readers choose to add you to ‘Google+, go to your YouTube site or subscribe to your RSS feed.
  • Lets you edit before printing. PrintFriendly lets you further optimize the way your content looks and will be printed by letting you edit it. You can remove, add or change the content as you wish before printing.
  • Print or save to a PDF file. This great feature lets you print the document immediately or save it to a PDF file and use it later in your emails or other ways you want to display it in content or on other websites. 
    You can also provide a PDF Download link on your blog posts to add subscribers to your list.
  • Cuts down on the amount of pages you print. Save paper and time when printing your PrintFriendly version of the URL content. After your PrintFriendly version is clean, you’ll notice that you’ve knocked off a few pages that were just fluff and didn’t really require printing.

PrintFriendly PDF

The PrintFriendly version of your document doesn’t show advertisements, website “stuff” and navigation information, resulting in you saving tons of paper and ink (which equals saving money) and much less distraction from the meat of the document.

Where can you share the PrintFriendly version of your content? Turn it into a slide and share on or submit to and many more document sharing sites.


Another great feature that PrintFriendly offers is that you can add the button to your browser and use a simple one-click method to print pages. Bloggers and developers can also add the button to a website or blog.

With the help of the free PrintFriendly app, you can get much more mileage out of your content by distributing just what you want your readers to see.

Edit what you want and then email or use as articles in future correspondence you want to share.

I can’t stress enough the ease with which you can use PrintFriendly to perfect your content and to leverage the hard work you do. I’m using it, and I hope you will too.

Would love to hear your thoughts below.


Take Care,
Carol Amato

Blogging Consultant
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  • asgonzales

    Really great video I really love the video very simple but informative…

    • Carol Amato

      So happy you liked it – have a great evening. :-) – Carol

  • FrugalNate

    Carol, thank you for the video. I have always been frustrated when trying to print articles and I end up getting the article but also a lot of other junk I did not want to print. PrintFriendly will definitely assist and I will add it to my toolbox. Thank you.

    • Carol Amato

      I know – I agree – it’s a great resource and I couldn’t wait to share when I learned about it. Thanks for stopping by – Carol

  • Carol Amato

    Hi Metz,

    I’m sorry about the late response to your comment – mistake on my part!

    Thanks for the kind words – much appreciated! Yeah, I like Kingged, very cool place!

    Have a great weekend. :-)

    – Carol