Podcast to Reach a Limitless Audience

If you’re going to be a successful Internet marketer, you’ve got to keep up with the times, and technology is changing so fast that what was difficult yesterday might now be a piece of cake.  You can actually see your podcast online within ten minutes.

Podcast to Reach a Limitless Audience

Podcasting can do wonders for your outreach potential and many bloggers are listening to Internet radio shows for music and information that they need and want.  Podcasting doesn’t take an engineer’s knowledge of computers and programming – nor does it take a lot of effort.

You simply need a computer, a camcorder or webcam, the proper software (Audacity and others provide free downloads), a microphone and a spot that’s comfortable to you where you can host.

Here are three things you need to think about before you can get your podcasting groove going:

  • Proper Software – You’ll want software that provides an easy way to record and edit your podcast. Most is free, but some you’ll have to pay for.  I mentioned Audacity, but there are also other popular programs such as WebPod that are easy to use and can use Windows, Linux and Mac platforms.

  • Proper Hardware – When it comes to podcasting, a computer and a microphone are the only essential hardware you’ll need to create a podcast.  Don’t use a cheap microphone as it won’t give you a good sound and may even be irritating to listen to.  Choose a microphone that minimizes background noise too.

  • Hosting Space – Next, you’ll need to figure out a good place to host your podcast.  If you have a blog, you can link your podcast to that – or provide a web page that’s only for your podcasts.  If you don’t have the expertise to maintain a web host space, check out podcast services that offer free or inexpensive access.

Fortunately, there is much information on the Internet about podcasting, so if you’re left in a lurch about something, just research with keywords and find the answers.  Now, it’s time to record, distribute and promote the podcast in a way that will increase your online audience.

Podcast to Reach a Limitless Audience

Creating and Launching the Podcast

Now it’s so easy to create a podcast that will show off your knowledge of the niche you’re in and reach an audience that will boost your income and your reputation. If you haven’t already recorded your podcast, here’s how to start:

  • What is the subject matter of the podcast? Carefully prepare the content of your podcast, down to the very last comment and call to action.  When it comes to podcasts, being organized is the most important task you can complete.

  • Record the audio. If you’ve listened to other podcasts, you’ll know which ones you enjoyed and which may have turned you off.  There may have been parts that had too much background noise or silence that lasted so long you thought something was technically wrong.  Click Here to Tweet this Post.
  • Edit the audio file.  Most hosting sites let you use a sound editor to rid the podcast of background noises and add music or an introduction, if wanted.

  • Save the audio file.  Remember to save the file in MP3 format and also save it to your desktop so it’s easily accessible.  Be sure to enter the file name appropriately.  For example, don’t use characters such as #, ? or *.

  • Identify and tag the podcast file. You can create this yourself or choose from a plethora of online art or images that aren’t already copyrighted.

  • Use a blog or other method to create RSS podcast feed.  You must be sure that you’re meeting industry rules for 2.0 feed (including enclosures).  Podomatic is a free site that can help you with this task.

  • Launch the podcast on the Internet. YouTube is one of the easiest and best ways to begin podcasting.  There are other ways that you can research and decide if it’s right for you.

  • Upload your MP3 file.  You can use OurMedia.org to sign up.

  • Link to your media file on your blog or website. You’ll need to add a brief description of what your broadcast is all about, and you’re ready to go.

  • Be sure that your website or blog displays buttons.  Your audience will want to subscribe to your podcast feed, so you need to make it easy for them.

You can now maintain your podcasts by ‘pinging’ the podcast directories when you add a new one.  Be sure that the server you choose for your podcasting can support a huge bandwidth, as podcasting takes lots of room.

I’m new to this too, but I’m going to begin podcasting early this year, so we can get through this together.  I can’t wait to pull in traffic from iTunes and to see my audience – and my pocketbook – grow.  So, stay tuned for Carol’s Podcast!

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Take Care,

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  • http://ruth-clark.com Ruth Clark

    Carol, you never cease to amaze me and spur me onward. I don’t know if I’ll ever get to the podcast phase or not, but if I do it will be because you made it so easy to understand. Thanks for all you do. Enjoy the beach!

    • http://ccamato.net Carol Amato

      Hi Ruth,

      Thanks so much – I appreciate your kind words. :-) The panoramic view is absolutely breathtaking – God’s creation is so beautiful.

      The sun is shimmering on the water and is so very calming.
      Take care,
      – Carol

  • Anthony S

    How like you to venture into an area which you, yourself, are just getting started. You are
    so willing to share you will put yourself out there for criticism with a “new project”. What a
    great marketer you are and how wonderful that you will share your discoveries with “we
    the people”. Thank You for your willingness to help direct us with info that we would
    otherwise never get. Only through your fantastic integrity do we benefit. THANK YOU from
    one of your big fans.
    Tony, Reno, Nv.

    • http://ccamato.net Carol Amato

      Hi Tony,

      Yes, I will put myself “out there” because I have a responsibility to lead. Remembering all the while, that failure IS SUCCESS if we learn from it so no pressure at all.

      I appreciate your kind words so very much – very humbling.

      Have a wonderful weekend. :-)
      – Carol

  • dan

    Hi Carol,thanks ever so much for this post,always willing to help with good suggestions as to which product or services to use.
    thanks again,oh and enjoy the beach!

    • http://ccamato.net Carol Amato

      Hey Dan!

      You’re welcome, I love sharing what I am learning…

      The beach is awesome! Gonna put a video on Facebook soon, so if you’ve already liked my page, you’ll be able to see it:

      Have a great day. :)
      – Carol

  • Mary

    Hi Carol, great blog as usual. I have wanted to embed an audio with some articles because I know how people multi task – is that the same thing as a podcast? Once it is recorded, is it a simple process of uploading it to the site?

    You are right, there is so much information, we could spend all our time with it. That’s why I appreciate your blog so much.

    Also, I have a off the “subject ” question.
    I was wondering what theme you use for this blog. I am really struggling to understand themes and why some explode on the page (I have a laptop). This is clean and professional and inviting.
    Thanks for all you work! It is much appreciated! Mary

    • http://ccamato.net Carol Amato

      Hi Mary,

      I am currently using Thesis, but will be changing to give it an updated look soon.
      Yeah, the steps of podcasting as simple, but you go through them step-by-step…I’ll be sharing more as I embark on this new journey! :)

      You’re welcome, Mary – I enjoy what I do! :)
      Take Care,

  • kenny holt

    some how mist it but sounds great especially if you were invoved. my better half is going to helb me so we should get the ball rolling so I will be in touch. We are so jealous because I do have solt in my blood. we will be moving as soon as we get this this great thing up and rolling. God Bless we hope everybody are intop of the world. Kenny

    • http://ccamato.net Carol Amato

      Thanks Kenny,

      We love living near the Gulf Coast of Florida. :-)
      Wishing you all the best,
      – Carol

  • LaDorris Saverson

    Hey Carol:
    Glad you are enjoying yourself on a little mini vacation. Thank you Carol for the post.
    You always give such good information and I do appreciate it.


    • http://ccamato.net Carol Amato

      Hi LaDorris!

      Yes, the beach was beautiful and so relaxing and the couple’s retreat/conference was uplifting. :)

      You’re welcome, certainly enjoy what I do…

      Take Care,

  • Ray Maselli

    Simply put YOU ARE AWESOME !! Thanks for the info.

    • http://ccamato.net Carol Amato

      Hi Ray!

      Thanks for the kind words – much appreciated! :)

      Have a great day.
      – Carol

  • Cherrylene

    Great blog Carol! Now I know how to increase my audience in my marketing. :)

    • http://ccamato.net Carol Amato

      So glad you learned something, Cherrylene, happy to help! :)
      – Carol

  • Steven Stuart

    Hi Carol,

    I’m glad you got to take a much needed vacation, you’ve been so busy for a while.

    Interesting information about podcasts, something that’s a mystery to me. You said it though, you’ve got to keep up with technology.

    I’m getting geared up to make my video debut soon, thanks to a lot of info and encouragement from you.

    I’m really looking forward to your first podcast.

    Thanks for all you do. -Steve

    • http://ccamato.net Carol Amato

      Hi Steven,

      Yes, it was simply wonderful! I love living near the Gulf Coast. :)

      I anticipate getting started in podcasting by the end of Feb.

      Let me know when you do your first video, would love to cheer you on.

      Have a good evening.
      – Carol

  • Adrian

    This is good blog that tells you how to increase audience. Thanks for sharing this Carol =)

    • http://carolamato.com Carol Amato

      Thank you very much, Adrian.

      Have a wonderful weekend.
      – Carol