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Your “Start Here Guide” To Online Business

When I first got started online, I didn’t have someone tell me the exact first steps I needed to take – as in, “You’ll need to do this, then that, and this other thing in order to set up shop.” Knowing the essentials of what you’ll need in order to get started with an online business is a huge relief because it gives you sort of a checklist of what needs to be done and when, so let’s get started…

  • Decide what market you want to be in.

Getting StartedYou can do this by analyzing your interests – simply observe what your activities are for an entire week. What are you knowledgeable in? What are you passionate about? What are you super interested in and enjoy so much that it could sustain you during challenging times?

There are four main markets, and of course, many various sub markets or sub niches. Internet Marketing/Make Money Online, Religion, Health and Fitness-Wellness/Weight Loss, Relationships/Dating. An example of a sub niche would be “weight loss for single moms over 40.”

  • Don’t neglect the research stage!

Start HereSpencer on Fiverr does a great job at doing extensive research for a particular market. Give him the keywords you’re thinking about and also let him know which countries you want to focus on. You could say, US, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada for example.

His Fiverr gig is here:

  • Now you are going to need a domain name.

Start Here I suggest you take a look at this blog post where I talk about domain names. I register all of my domain names with NameCheap, as I want them all neat and tidy in one company OTHER than my hosting company, so that they’re separate. Very important tip that you should follow for security reasons as well as convenience.

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How To Find And Buy A Domain Name


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How To Buy Affordable Web Hosting
For Your Online Business


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How To Connect A Domain Name
To Your Web Hosting Account


  • You’re going to need hosting, and a blog.

Once yoStart Hereu’ve registered your domain name and have hosting, you are going to need a blog. My blog is the main hub of all my Internet activity, and I chose personal branding, using my first name and last name as my site name. There are pros and cons to personal branding, but I’m finding many more pros.

To install a new WordPress site, go to the cPanel on your hosting account, and navigate to the Fantastico software. Here with a few clicks you can create a new WordPress installation on your new domain.

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How To Install WordPress Automatically Using cPanel


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How To Manually Install WordPress Via FTP


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How To Change The Permalink Structure
For Your WordPress Site

Are you interested in having Carol Amato as your mentor?

  • You’ll need a professional autoresponder.

    I recommend AWeber because they are an excellent professional autoresponder company for my email marketing. List building is the foundation of my business.
  • Set up a squeeze page. 3 things happen simultaneously when someone signs up:

Start Here1. Email is added to your list in AWeber. 2. They are automatically sent Welcome email you make with link to free gift. 3. They are redirected to a CUSTOM thank you page where you thank them for subscribing, AND have an affiliate offer/or your own product, for them to look at in the meantime while waiting for email. Monetize this page – it’s your best real estate – they’re in ‘action-taking’ mode!

  • Then you can Start Driving Traffic to your squeeze page, build a relationship w/ your subscribers and finally offer your subscribers products of increasing value and price.

Done For You – The Quick and Easy Way

With a WordPress blog you have all the flexibility in the world, plus it’s integrated with all the other platforms out there and been around forever…

However, there are certain things that a lot of people miss and aren’t aware of when they set up a blog…

Getting StartedYou need to be aware of certain dangers, security issues and potential headaches all around. There are certain plugins to avoid and other plugins that you need.

And there are some themes that are great, and some themes have spyware in them.

If you want to avoid the mess and save some time, I have a blog offer, and you’ll get a bonus when I create it for you here.

Having someone that’s walked before you with knowledge and experience is a great potential help.

I’ve found that a lot of folks want a quick and easy way to get up and running as fast as possible, so I’ve created a service where I take care of it all – Blog Creation Service.

I certainly wish I had this when I was starting as it took me MONTHS to figure everything out, and only then could I concentrate on content and building my list.

This will free you up to hit the ground running with a site you can be proud of right out of the gate.

Hope to help.
– Carol


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