7 simple tips that make your blog more powerful

7 Simple Tips That Make Your Blog More Powerful [Video]

In these last four years of doing business online, I've learned a lot about ranking and conversions and what improves these. There are 7 simple tips that make your blog more powerful, and it goes nicely with this post about how to optimize … [Read more...]

kevin duncan from be a better blogger

The Importance of Finding Your Unique Voice as a Blogger

I'm excited to introduce a friend of mine and the next guest writer in my series. I met Kevin earlier this year and the thing that immediately struck me about him was his witty personality and unique writing style. He's a marketer with … [Read more...]

How to Know Where You Spend Your Time

How To Know Where You Spend Your Time

Do you ever end a day, tired and spent, and wonder how you used your time? This is especially true for some bloggers I know, who have shared they sometimes get to the end of a day and think "I have nothing to show for the time I spent at … [Read more...]

Do You Keep A Back Scratcher In Your Pencil Holder?

Do You Keep A Back Scratcher In Your Pencil Holder?

I admit it. Yes, I do keep a back scratcher in my pencil holder. It's a handy little tool to take care of an itch should I get one while working at my computer.As I was putting it away yesterday, I started thinking about online business … [Read more...]

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5 Helpful Blogging Lessons You Can Learn from My World Travels

I'm so excited because before I kicked off my guest writing series, I invited Ryan to share his inspirational story with us and the day has finally arrived for me to introduce him to you. I met Ryan this year and was blown away by his … [Read more...]

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How to Save Time Commenting Online (and Keep Your Sanity) Video

I'm sure you know the value of building relationships with like-minded entrepreneurs online and getting to know these folks by reading and commenting on the content on their sites.The other day I was reading Traffic Generation … [Read more...]

Why You Shouldn't Be Afraid to Try Instagram and Snapchat

Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Try Instagram and Snapchat

Most of us are skeptical to try new things, especially in this age of scams and ‘stuff’ that wastes your time. But, if you didn’t sign up with Twitter back in 2006 – don’t you wish you had?Sometimes you might just get a strong feeling … [Read more...]