Overcoming Procrastination – Take Action Now

If you are a procrastinator, chances are you make more stress in your life than you need to.  Now is the time to take action to make some positive changes in your life.  As you do so, the results are going to motivate you to stick with it.

Overcoming Procrastination – Take Action NowStart The Day Right

You can’t accomplish your goals for the day if it doesn’t get off to the right start.  Make sure you get plenty of rest the night before so you aren’t tired and cranky when you get up.  Before you get out of bed, visualize what you are going to get done.  A positive mindset is very important.  Make sure you eat a breakfast that offers your body protein and other nutrients it needs.  Your mind can’t function like it should without proper nutrition either.

Plan of Action

It isn’t enough just to say you are going to stop procrastinating. Instead, you need a powerful plan of action to go with it.  Write down what you are going to accomplish and give it a deadline.  For larger tasks, break it down into steps and assign a deadline for each step along the way.  Make sure your plan of action is realistic too.  If you state you will get too much done in a given period of time, you are setting yourself up to fail.

Overcoming Procrastination – Take Action NowIdentify Triggers

To make sure you don’t slip back into old habits, you need to identify your triggers.  What is it that makes you put things off?  Be honest with these triggers so you can find better ways to defeat them.  For example, if incoming calls while you work on something is a distraction; consider turning your phone off while you work.

Hardest Tasks First

One of the issues with procrastination is that you have a hard task or two that you keep putting off.  Make a positive change by doing the hardest thing first.  This will help you to feel great at the end of the day.  You can focus on it while you are still fresh and have plenty of energy.  Then move down your list to other tasks later in the day that aren’t as tough on you physically or mentally.

Have The Tools You Need

Overcoming Procrastination – Take Action Now!Make sure you have the tools that you need so that you can get the job done successfully.  Part of your procrastination may be that you don’t have something you need such as equipment, a software program, or even the right information to get it done.  Take some time to get what you need so that it is ready to go.  Removing those roadblocks is essential if you are serious about ending procrastination.


To help you stay focused and motivated, offer yourself some type of reward IF you get the task done on time and as it should be done.  The reward should be fitting of the situation and it should be something you really want.  As you do this more and more, you will find that your habits change and procrastination is a thing of the past.

Take Care,

Personal Coach and Mentor
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  • Julia

    Hello Carol,

    Your post about overcoming procrastination is very helpful,thanks for the tips. This article gives me some new energy and inspiration to complete my pending projects for my business.

    You are right that it will only create more stress if a person procrastinates too much. Thanks again and good luck to your business.


    • http://www.CarolAmato.com/ Carol Amato

      Hi Julia!

      I used to struggle with this problem quite a bit, but now have ways to combat it! I’m so glad that the blog post helped and gave you inspiration.

      I also appreciate you coming by to share your thoughts with us. Have a good evening. :)

      – Carol

  • Jasmine

    Hi Carol,

    Thank you for this post. I really needed it.


    • http://www.CarolAmato.com/ Carol Amato

      Hi Jasmine!

      I’m glad to be able to encourage you! Thanks for stopping by to share your thoughts. :)

      – Carol

  • Dan Livingston

    thanks for stopping by carol, dan

    • http://www.CarolAmato.com/ Carol Amato

      Hi Dan!

      I guess you can relate?! Me too, until recently. :-) So glad I can help.

      Have a good evening.
      – Carol

  • Donald Thomas

    Hi Carol, Thanks again for the useful info, Sometimes I dont know if its fatigue or what but I do know that procrastination will make you tired. Again thanks. Bookmarking this page!

    • http://www.CarolAmato.com/ Carol Amato

      Hi Don!

      You’re welcome, and I think procrastination is MUCH more exhausting than doing it and getting results, and feeling satisfaction. Mulling it over in our minds makes us weary! Just do it! :)

      So glad you came by, thanks and appreciate you sharing your thoughts.
      – Carol

  • Dorothy Marr

    Hi Carol

    I like Lentil Soup, but mine taste like bah. What is your secret?

    Procrastination is a BIG problem for me . My family isn’t much help But they mean well. My husbands stages with his memory is getting worse. I haven’t given up on working from home I’m still learning and reading. I just have to bid my time

    You are a big bright spot in my life also. Thank you and God bless .

    • http://www.CarolAmato.com/ Carol Amato

      Hi Dorothy!

      I’m not sure I have a secret, but at the very end, I put 1/2 ladle full of extra virgin olive oil and fresh parsley…

      Yes, I can relate, I used to battle procrastination a lot. Sometimes family members don’t understand, that’s why it’s important you have an online support with like-minded folks. :)

      I am available, Dorothy, if you have any specific questions for me – would love to help. :)
      – Carol

  • Clyde

    I have some how become a procrastinator recently. I have no idea how it happened but I am working on it and as always your blog posts make me stop and think about things should have done, need to do or simply forgot about over time.

    When I eneted the URL for my blog I realized I still have the “About Us” page as the default front page as I had it when I was getting everything set up. I am going to fix that today.

    A large 2 scoop cone of Butter Pecan or Cookies and Cream ice cream is usually a great reward for a job well done, for me. Especially considering I have to drive about 20 miles to get one. Oh, the pleasures of living small town USA.

    Thanks again for your “always on target” information.

    Dr. Clyde

    • http://www.CarolAmato.com/ Carol Amato

      Hello Clyde,

      It happens to the best of us. Realizing it is winning half the battle. Celebrating successes is something I do on a regular basis as well. :-)

      You’re welcome, so happy to help. :)

      Have a blessed weekend.
      – Carol

  • Clara Leake

    Carol, Info very important and helpful. Thank God I’m not a procrastanator. Instead I’m a self-motivator. All I need is the instructions and away I go with caution of course.

    • http://www.CarolAmato.com/ Carol Amato

      Hi Clara!

      Glad to be helpful! I had been a mix, self-motivated and procrastinator until I started implementing some of these tips. That’s great that you don’t have to deal with that! :) Have a great weekend.
      – Carol

  • Doris Hopper

    Thanks Carol this is just what I needed, I have gotten back to being at the computer more, just going over your recent e-mails and trying to get back in the groove. I have found that most of my time at the computer has to be when my husband has gone to bed. He can’t get up from the cycler for 9 hrs. It is so hard when you have interruptions. I really want to get my web-site up and going.

    Thanks for all your help, I always look forward to your blogs.

    God Bless

    • http://www.CarolAmato.com/ Carol Amato

      Hi Doris!

      I’m glad it’s what you’ve been needing, love to help! You have a difficult challenge, but I know the Lord will bless you for keeping your priorities straight. :)

      Let me know if you have a specific question, and I will help you all I can.
      Take Care,
      – Carol

  • Geri

    Hey Carol,
    It’s sooo funny. My mother use to make homemade lentil soup. Really brought me back.
    Thanks for the tips on procrastination. For the most part, I get to the point of not knowing what to do next. It drives me nuts.


    • http://www.CarolAmato.com/ Carol Amato

      Hi Geri!

      I enjoy lentil soup, and we add pasta to it, so it’s even better.
      Glad to help. I can relate! lol

      :) – Carol

  • http://mominternet.com Ann Moore


    Nice article…Identify triggers was very helpful…you are right it is so easy to go back to old bad habits, I’ve done that and before you know several weeks have gone by! Thanks I will be sure to think about things now.

    Also, what I have found helpful is I write an accomplishment list rather than a “to-do list” I choose things I know I will get done in a given day and the end result has been I am more motivated and am less apt to put it off.

    You are right about getting the toughest things done…that helps me too.

    Thanks once again for you post.