The Internet marketing world is often perceived as being filled with scammers and rabble-rousers who would 
sell their granny for a quick buck. So… 

How would you like step-by-step help to build a profitable online business from a
coach who’s “on your side?”

No matter what stage you’re at, the “Coach with Heart” and successful Internet entrepreneur, Carol Amato, will take you through every step of how to quickly set-up and grow your online business to start making money (…even if you’ve never switched on a computer before!)

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Dear, Aspiring Entrepreneur:

You’d be forgiven for thinking that making money online was solely the domain of young upstart Internet ‘experts’ for all the noise they make…

… but the dream of building an online income that gives you the lifestyle you desire really is within your reach.

And you don’t have to sell your soul to get there.

Because I’ve done it.

I know you can make money online – REALLY good money – through building meaningful, long-lasting relationships and by genuinely helping others.

I’ve done it…and you can, too! 

My name is Carol Amato, and I help entrepreneurs build profitable online businesses.

Launching my own online business enhanced my life.

In 2013, my husband and I paid off our mortgage, and we became completely debt-free.

We sent our son to college and paid all his college fees in CASH (no student loans for us), what a blessing!Carol Amato

We now have the freedom to drop everything and do what we want…

… whether it’s spending more time with our grandchild.

… enjoying quality time with each other.

… or scooting off around the world (we’re off to Italy in a couple months!)

Living a life where you don’t owe anyone a dime feels wonderful…

… and knowing you can run your business from anywhere with just a laptop and broadband connection gives you freedom.

And as for all the wonderful people I’ve met and relationships I’ve built since my journey started… well, let’s say they’ve blessed my life immeasurably.

Now, I want to help you achieve all this as well.

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What you NEED to know when starting out 

When I started building an online business, I was a total newbie… I honestly didn’t know where to start or what to do.

— I had no idea about how to drive traffic to my blog.

— I didn’t know what to do once readers were on my site.

— I wasn’t even sure whether what I had to say was useful or even interesting.

I simply threw caution to the wind and started writing my blog on a wing and a prayer.

It did ok.

More and more people were reading my blog posts, although I was learning the hard way.

Yes, I technically had a business… but there was no strategy, no business plan, and I had no direction.

I was learning everything from scratch, right from all those niggling unavoidable little techie details through to developing my big vision.

All this trial and error wasted time and money.

After months struggling and fumbling around, it hit me:

If I was going to make my dream a reality quicker, I needed expert help.

So I took another leap and hired a coach.mastermindcircle

Within days, I was making more progress than I’d made in weeks and even months.

I learned tons.

Working with a coach helped me understand exactly what I needed to know to take my blog further.

— He helped me avoid all the mistakes he’d made.

— He showed me exactly what I needed to do to drive traffic and convert readers into revenue.

— And he helped me find my voice and understand I really did have something valuable to offer.

Best of all, I was making money online and fulfilling my dream lifestyle sooner than I’d thought possible.

That’s not saying it wasn’t hard work and a lot of blood, sweat and tears… but success came quicker with someone by my side.

Coaching really does work. And it’s why I developed a different kind of coaching program designed to help you build a business online so you finally have the lifestyle you desire. 

You don’t have to be a genius to make money online, you just need to know what to do.

But first a word of warning about other coaching programs…  

Warning: avoid this at ALL costs 

The story of my first coach wasn’t all sweetness and roses, though.

I dedicated a lot of my time building up my affiliate sales. And I was good at it (even sending offers to a small list).

Everything was going great until…

my own coach ripped me off!

Yes, my very own mentor cheated me out of over $3,400 of affiliate sales.

I’d worked so hard to bring in those sales, and I’d put all my trust in him, and he just ignored my calls, my emails… I felt betrayed.

Even worse, I felt I’d let down my followers by recommending this person to them.

It made me feel sick. I almost quit. But right then I made a decision.

He ripped me off

I was determined in my heart to use that energy to help others.

I wanted to be the best coach I could be to make a difference in others’ lives.

I go out of my way to prevent others suffering the same fate I experienced.

When you’re starting you need care and attention to nurture the confidence required to become an online success story, and I deliver it.

It’s why some of my students call me the ‘Coach with Heart.’

You don’t need to step on people to be an online success story.

I’ve always believed in the Christian principle of “treating others as you’d like to be treated yourself.”

This became my mantra with every person I’ve advised.

People like Rose…

“Carol is genuine!”

rose schwarz“I am a newbie who has lots of questions. She listened to me and understood exactly what I was asking. She took the time to give me several golden nuggets of information and suggestions about the subject at hand. She followed up afterwards, and has gone beyond any expectations I had. I was feeling quite discouraged before, but my countenance quickly changed after speaking with her. I left the call feeling positive that I can do this! I saw someone who I feel really cares about others’ success online.” Rose Schwarz

and Ruth… 

“Had it not been for Carol, I would have quit…”

ruth clark

“Carol helped me so much when we joined the forum in September 2011
(I was as green as a gourd in the Mississippi Delta. She encouraged me when I knew no-one, and we emailed back and forth until I could fly out of the nest. She was the most giving of people… and so unselfish with her time and knowledge.

Had it not been for Carol, I would have quit long ago and would not have met the wonderful people who are now part of my life.” Ruth Clark

It may sound a little corny, but I’m so personally invested in helping you achieve your goals, I’ve structured the MasterMind around what you need to build an online income.

I’ve created the coaching program I wish I had when I started out.

For a tiny monthly investment, you have a direct line to all my experience and expertise
focused on you.

here's what you get

Join the Community Now!

Carol Amato's MasterMind CoachingPrepay at this low price, Never pay more & save!

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The community on CarolAmato.com has grown beyond my wildest dreams. We’ve more engagement, more comments and more interaction than ever before and the level of contribution is incredible.

I deliver great value on the blog, but it’s for my coaching club members I save the most valuable content. Within its walls, I pull back the curtain on everything you need to grow your business quickly and in the right way. 

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   Chance to lock in low rate

Which means if you want to join the coaching club and receive all the benefits of personal 1-2-1 mentoring and coaching, over-the-shoulder training, critiques and my commitment to help you make money online, you need to act now.

If you act today and sign up to the coaching program, you’ll pay just $59 a month. And you’ll grandfather this rate for the whole time you remain a member.

That’s right, you’ll never pay a penny more for the lifetime of your membership.


full access to the coaching call archive

You have an opportunity to lock in a better future for yourself for just $59 a month.

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Carol Amato's MasterMind Coaching                Prepay at this low price, Never pay more & save!

No tie-ins, no contracts, NO RISK

Here’s what to do:

Choose a payment plan that’s right for you. Hit the Join The Community Button, and it will take you to a payment form. Fill in your personal information and payment details, and you’ll receive an email with your forum log-in details. Click on this to log-in, and you’ll receive instant access to the coaching membership archives and resources so you can start your journey in minutes.

From here book your place on the next training or Hot Seat, join in the discussion or ask me a question and get your business started.

Okay, Carol, I see the Value - Let me in!

I know you’ll love being part of the Coaching Club.

You’ll achieve more than ever before, and you’ll realize this is probably the best investment you’ll ever make.

You’re ready to make the changes, and I’m ready to support you all the way.


Carol Amato

P.S. If you apply for the coaching program today, you can guarantee monthly membership will cost only $59 month for the lifetime of your membership, even when price increases.

P.P.S. Just think you could benefit from all this expertise and personal attention for less than the cost of one month’s cable… 

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Carol Amato's MasterMind Coaching                   Prepay at this low price, Never pay more & save!

Have any more questions about the coaching program?

Read these real-life FAQs


Q. Is it possible to order then ask for a refund immediately after I access/download all the goodies?

A. There are no refunds. As soon as you order, you’ll have access to my hard work and knowledge acquired in 4 years. You get everything right away and none of the content is “drip fed.” There’s no reverse once you order, you’re given immediate access to everything in the member’s area. I’m sure you’ll be happy with the coaching, and I will meet with you one-on-one to help you get acclimated. If you take a step forward, I will meet you and help you along step-by-step.

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Carol Amato's MasterMind Coaching                   Prepay at this low price, Never pay more & save!


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