Make 2014 ROAR with Success!

If you know me through my websites, blogs and other online connections, you know about the challenges I’ve faced during 2013. If you’re just “tuning in,” I’ll tell you now that some of the carefully thought-out goals I set weren’t realized, but I will make 2014 roar with success!

Make 2014 ROAR with Success! Rather than bash my head against the wall and cry, I’ve decided that it will make me stronger and more determined than ever to see those goals to fruition. I count my blessings every day – even on the days that challenges seem insurmountable.

We all face obstacles and challenges that can either stop us in our tracks or make us strong. Murphy’s Law is alive and well – anything that can go wrong — will. You can be going along one day full force and getting things accomplished and all of a sudden your computer crashes or you get a phone call to pick up a sick child at school — so much for good intentions.

Interview of Carol Amato by Connie Ragen Green

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Click to hear  my interview – I share about the challenges I faced in 2013.

My determination to set new goals and realizing old ones has led me to look at changes I need to make in my personal and business life to make it happen. I’d like to share some of my findings with you in this blog post.

Gearing Up for the Best Year Ever!

After a challenging year of moving from the gentle ocean breezes of Florida to the different beauty of the fall colors and white winter landscape of the north east,  I think my biological clock is off.

Dealing with a new space for my business, a new time table to get things done and living close to family again has made me realize that I can no longer stick to the routine I had in Florida. I’ve got to find new paths to be productive.

When a routine goes well, we rarely think about. Tasks are getting done and it’s almost a mindless procedure. It’s when Murphy’s Law strikes and we hit a brick wall that we have to think of new ways to operate.

Make 2014 ROAR with Success!

These are the changes I’m going to have to focus on to successfully gear up for a productive 2014:

  • Develop a positive outlook – Rather than gnashing my teeth and complaining about my present routine not working, I have to find new ways to make the new lifestyle work.

    I always think about Stephen Hawking when visualizing how people have overcome great challenges. Because of his continuing limitations, Hawking had to rethink how he communicated with others. This best-selling author and true genius has become successful despite his frailties – more than most of us will have to face in a lifetime.

    I’m going to have to concentrate on pushing those negative thoughts out of my mind when they occur and replacing them with the abundance of positive blessings in my life.

  • Identify my goals – I’m going to write down the goals I want to accomplish for the year – then, I’m going to break them down into monthly, weekly and daily goals as the year progresses. The goals need to be divided between business, personal (health and well-being), family and spiritual.

    Make 2014 ROAR with Success!Guard against setting goals that are unrealistic. Good intentions will get us nowhere unless we can carry them out without becoming frustrated and disheartened. Setting realistic goals will provide clarity and give us a firm direction to follow.

    It will be easier to set a time frame for completing the goals if we identify what they are and the steps needed to get to the finish line.

  • Prioritize – This year, I’m going to prioritize each of the goals in their categories. For example, a health and wellness goal may be to exercise three days a week. That goal might be my top priority while cutting down on the amount of sodas I drink per day may be a lesser goal.

    Keep it simple when setting and prioritizing your goals. Don’t have so many goals that you feel overwhelmed, but so few that you’re not challenged. To ensure success, you’ve got to feel comfortable that you can accomplish them.
  • Forgive myself – I’m not going to be so hard on myself when I don’t do everything ‘perfectly.’ There may be times when my plans fall to the wayside because of Murphy’s Law.

    Rather than agonizing about what I may have left undone or what didn’t work, I need to step back and make another plan that will get me to the same place – just not in the original way I wanted to do it.

    Forgiving yourself makes you feel more relaxed about a situation and better able to re-think and begin again.

The beginning of a nMake 2014 ROAR with Success!ew year is a fresh start to move our lives in a direction that will bring us success, happiness and fulfillment. It’s filled with possibilities and opportunities that may never come along again and holds the promise of finally living the life you want.

Life is too short and too precious to live it without gratification. Together, let’s build a year that we can be proud of and enjoy as we move along in our goal setting and accomplishments.

I’m excited and determined to begin again in 2014 – and I hope you are too! Would love to hear your thoughts so share your challenges and/or goals below.

Take Care,
Carol :-)

Personal Coach and Mentor
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  • Geri Richmond

    Hi Carol,

    Wow, I’m right with you. There were several times this year that I began to think that I was in the wrong business.

    As much as I love the Holidays, it really threw a wrench into my plans.

    I look at you and think, I don’t think I could’ve survived the move or the weather change. Good on ya girl!!

    When I start to complain, I’ll just think about what you had to endure this year.

    I don’t like odd numbers anyhow and 2013 was an odd year.

    I think 2014 even sounds better.

    Thanks for the info on how you are going to roar to success.

    I plan on following right behind you.


    • Carol Amato

      Hey Geri!

      You accomplished A LOT in 2013….I see all that you’ve learned and achieved, wow! I know it’s our nature to see what we haven’t done, but I want to congratulate you on building a wonderful business and developing your blog to a beautiful informative site! :)

      I’ll be celebrating the birth of our Savior and then happily ringing in the New Year!

      Talk soon,
      – Carol

  • Adrian Gonzales

    This is something I’m looking forward on 2014. I hope this will help me. Thanks for sharing this Carol.=)

    • Carol Amato

      Hi Adrian!

      Yes, 2013 was a good year, some goals met, others not, but I am definitely looking forward to the future. :)

      Have a good evening.

      – Carol

  • asgonzales

    With this I definitely be successful this coming 2014. I learn a lot hear about will I make my 2014 be successful. Thanks for sharing @Carol_Amato_

    • Carol Amato

      Yep, it’s going to be a stellar year all right!