I’ve put together a really cool eBook as a “Go To Resource” for how to build a list from A to Z. 

This will help you…

List Building Basics

List Building Basics

This is a Soup to Nuts Course on Growing a List That’s a Two Way Street of Benefits for Yourself and Those Who Subscribe to Your Message – It’s 75 Pages – Packed with Value!

Table of Contents

  • Gold Versus Good – p.4
  • List Size Isn’t Just a Numbers Game – p.11
  • List Set-Up Steps – p.18
  • Why Should a Visitor Opt In to Your List? – p.29
  • Follow Up Versus Broadcast – p.39
  • Install the Form on Your Blog Sidebar – p.45
  • Install on Squeeze page – p.53
  • Traffic and List Building – p.57
  • Dealing With People You DON’T Want on Your List – p.68
  • Don’t Lose All That Hard Work! – p.72
  • Start Your List Building Journey Now! – p.74

You’ve heard how important list building is,but without the right plan and directions, you’ll most likely get the same results you’ve always got.  But if you follow the same steps the smartest marketers are taking to get massive, profit building results, there’s no way you’ll fail…

List Building Basics eCover

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How to Build a List eBook

List Building Basics eBook Guarantee

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Carol Amato