List Building Basics

I’ve put together a really cool eBook as a “Go To Resource” for how to build a list from A to Z.  This will help you…

List Building Basics

List Building Basics

This is a Soup to Nuts Course on Growing a List That’s a Two Way Street of Benefits for Yourself and Those Who Subscribe to Your Message – It’s 75 Pages – Packed with Value!

Table of Contents

  • Gold Versus Good – p.4
  • List Size Isn’t Just a Numbers Game – p.9
  • List Set-Up Steps – p.15
  • Why Should a Visitor Opt In to Your List? – p.24
  • Follow Up Versus Broadcast – p.32
  • Install the Form on Your Blog Sidebar – p.37
  • Install on Squeeze page – p.43
  • Traffic and List Building – p.46
  • Dealing With People You DON’T Want on Your List – p.55
  • Don’t Lose All That Hard Work! – p.59
  • Start Your List Building Journey Now! – p.62

You’ve heard how important list building is,but without the right plan and directions, you’ll most likely get the same results you’ve always got.  But if you follow the same steps the smartest marketers are taking to get massive, profit building results, there’s no way you’ll fail

List Building Basics eCover

Grab it – Low Introductory Price!
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How to Build a List eBook

List Building Basics eBook Guarantee

P.S. You’re covered 100% by my no questions asked guarantee for a full thirty days, so if you decide you don’t want it for any reason, just email me, and I’ll refund every penny right away!

There’s nothing to lose so grab it at this low introductory price.



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  • Jerry

    I’ve been waiting for this to come out. Can’t wait to read it!

    • Carol Amato

      Thanks, Jerry – I really think it will be a resource that you go back to over and over. Let me know if you need help.

      – Carol

  • Don

    Sounds like a great product. After following you on this blog for the past few months, I know that it will be great quality.

    • Carol Amato


      I certainly appreciate that – so glad to help.
      Let me know if you have any questions.

      – Carol

  • Lee Morgan

    I have been following your blog now for a few months and must say, you do deliver quality. This book looks great. Thanks for such a great offer!


    • Carol Amato

      Thank you, Lee,

      I certainly appreciate your kind words. It’s encouraging to know that I make a different. You’re welcome, enjoy!

      Have a great day. :)

      – Carol

  • Bruce

    I’m following you carol, I already ordered the book a few days ago.
    Thanks Bruce Lady Lake,FL

    • Carol Amato

      Hey Bruce,

      I appreciate it – Excellent! Let me know of your progress and if I can help.

      Thanks for stopping by. – Carol

  • Jody Anthony Thompson

    Sounds like a promise.

    • Carol Amato

      Nice to have you stop by, Jody!

      Have a good evening. :)
      – Carol

  • Clara Leake

    I will be ordering your list builsing book on the 3rd. Your blog is dynimite. Keep the helpful info coming.

    • Carol Amato

      Hi Clara,

      Glad to hear that as list building is the foundation of my business, and I highly recommend it. I’m so glad you’re enjoying my blog – thanks for the encouragement.

      Have a blessed weekend. – Carol

  • Terry

    In all honesty I had considered making a list but have still not got round to doing anything about it. Better late than never! Thanks for the Reminder!

    • Carol Amato

      Hi Terry,

      You’re welcome – list building is the foundation of any profitable long-term business. Have a great weekend. – Carol

  • Clara Leake

    This is my new email address above.

    • Carol Amato

      Hi Clara,

      Okay, thanks. Please let me know if you have any specific questions. Have a Blessed Day! – Carol

  • Robyn

    Hi Carol,
    First of all, I am truly thankful for all your great advise, and regular help to all us newbies!
    I purchased your “List Building Basics eBook” (Well now here I go) I was running out of printing paper, so decided to print out your (Bonus book) ONLY! Now that I have re-stocked my printing paper, I can’t download your “List Building Basics ebook” trials & errors?? ha haa
    Have you any suggestions, so I don’t have to re-purchase?

    Kindest regards

    • Carol Amato

      Hi Robyn,

      Absolutely, but am emailing you this sensitive info.
      Check your inbox. :) Thanks so much and Have a Blessed Thanksgiving. :)

  • RJ

    Will be ordering the list building soon. Thats where most of us have problems. Noticed
    one of your subscribers , Bruce is in Lady Lake where I am at the present time..

    Have a great week end.
    Ron B

    • Carol Amato

      Hello Ron!

      Click on the List Building Basics eBook on the right side of my blog, and you can get it right now for just one tweet!
      Have a great weekend.
      – Carol

  • Ruth

    Thanks Carol, you just make things so simple. I shall be seeing you in the winners circle.

    • Carol Amato

      Hi Ruth!
      Glad to help – let me know if you have any specific questions, okay? Thanks for stopping by. – Carol :)

  • Beverley G.

    I am sure that I am going to find this book enormously helpful. Thanks a lot. I will keep you posted on my progress.

    • Carol Amato

      Hi Beverley,

      Well, I’ve gotta say – having the right mindset is critical to being successful in learning to make money online, and YOU have the right mindset!
      WTG! :)

      Talk Soon,

  • Karen

    I have just paid for your book on List Building Basics, but there was no way for me
    to get back to “Return to Carol Amato” for the ebook, I have not received it???
    Can you send it to me email address, I must have missed the
    window to download. Whoops Karen

    • Carol Amato

      Hi Karen,

      No worries – just sent it to you! :)
      Have a wonderful day,

      – Carol

  • Jo Szostak


    I just paid for the book, but the link to download it doesn’t work.

    Jo, you just completed your payment.
    Your transaction ID for this payment is: 25H033470H8448815.


    • Carol Amato

      Hi Jo,

      I just sent you a detailed email with your download link and with instructions.

      Thanks so much and please let me know if you have any specific questions about anything at all. :-)

      Take care,

  • Constantin

    I want to download ebook Lis Building Basics after I paid, but I don’t succeed.
    Thank You,

    • Carol Amato

      Hello Constantin,

      Thank you! I sent you a detailed email with download instructions.

      Hope to help. :-)

      – Carol

  • Irma & Jerry Fay

    Hi Carol Irma & I love the “LIST BUILDING BASICS” book but neglected to get the free bonus video. Can you help please help us? Thanks Jerry

    • Carol Amato

      Hi Jerry,

      I’m really not sure what you’re referring to – where did you hear about the free bonus video? You can also email me here: info @ (remove the spaces)

      Look forward to hearing from you.
      – Carol