It’s All Good!

It’s All Good, Right?

I actually had some business ideas to post about but wanted to insert this personal note to let you all know what is going on in my life.

I’ve been a little weepy lately as my youngest child, 18-year-old son, Daniel, will be graduating from high school this coming Thursday.  The time sure has flown as it truly feels like yesterday that we were telling him what a good job he did on his poem at the Kindergarten Graduation.  Sigh.

Daniel has been such a good boy, and he is so helpful to his dad and me.  He is known by others as someone who is a hard worker – something  I am very glad about.  His strong work ethic is a testament to his dad who instilled the importance of working hard and doing your best at a young age.

We are super excited about our daughters and their husbands coming home for Daniel’s graduation.  It will be wonderful to all be together, especially since our youngest daughter, Emily, will be moving to Guam with her husband for three years.  We sure would like to be able to visit them during that three-year time period…

Daniel will be helping his dad with his business and also helping me with mine!  He is interested in business management so what perfect opportunity this summer!

We have always enjoyed working as a family, and I think this will be no different.

It's all good

A big reason I started Internet marketing was to be able to pay those college bills when Daniel heads off to school this coming fall. That time is soon approaching, and it is amazing to me to see God’s provision for this as I have achieved success so quickly for just starting out this year. I am truly blessed. If you have any requests of topics you would like me to cover here, please let me know. I want to provide the kind of information that is helpful and encouraging to you.

I’ll try to post some graduations pics next week, so till then, remember it’s all good!

Take Care,

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  • Christopher Chipoli

    That is so awesome Carol …. Thanks for sharing that story about your wonderful Family

    Chip :)

    • Carol

      Thanks, Chip – been somewhat emotional lately – but it’s all good! :)

      • Kathy C Jackson


        Don’t feel badly because you’re a little weepy. It’s hard to think of your youngest going away to college. I have two children who live away. My son turned 37 yesterday and he lives in Alaska. He is a professional fisherman. He’s getting married for the first time on August the 20th. We’ll be traveling there for the wedding. I’m really looking forward to it. My daughter turned 41 on Ground Hog’s Day. She lives in Madison, Wisconsin. She has three children, ages 12, 14, and 16. They’re the apple of my eye. My son and future daughter-in-law are Curt and Jennifer. My daughter and her husband are Kimberly and Dennis. My grandchildren are Brad, Brooke and Maile. My daughter is a dental hygenist.
        I have to go now for a Weight Watchers Meeting. Nice talking with you. You seem like such a nice person.
        God Bless

        • Carol

          Hi Kathy,

          Thanks for sharing about your lovely family! I imagine you are so very proud as you should be. :)

          What a blessing that your son has found his love – enjoy the wedding and trip to beautiful Alaska.

          I too hope to have grandchildren one day – Thanks for sharing your story!


  • Cindy


    I know what you mean they grow up fast. It probably seems like yesterday when he was little and now look. I look at my daughter and she has been a big help for me. She is now 21. He is a very handsome young man. I can tell you are a very proud mom.

    I hope I get to see grandchildren some day. But I am still in remission and going strong thanks to you and your help.


    • Carol

      Hello Cindy,

      Thank you! I am proud of Daniel as I am sure you are of your daughter. I too hope for grandchildren some day. You keep your chin up, Cindy – you’re gonna beat this thing! I enjoy helping people – and you are very encouraging to keep on doing the right thing.

      Take care of yourself.


  • sandra

    Thank you Carol for sharing your wonderful and encouraging story with family. Quite a piece of story lovely.

    • Carol

      Hi Sandra,

      I enjoy interacting with you all so much and enjoy getting to know my readers also.

      Just wish these emotions would stabilize. lol

      Thanks for stopping by. – Carol

  • Susie DeVries

    Dear Carol,

    Thank you for sharing your story. We too are having our son Noah graduate from high school. What a big transition for all of us going through this.

    God bless you & your family,


    • Carol


      So you can definitely relate to how I am feeling.

      I wish Noah all the best and let’s keep these ‘kids’ in our prayers. :)


  • Tom Hindman

    Hi Carol, You truely have a Great looking son, I some what know how you feel about a gradution, I have been thur 2 high school gradutions, 2 USMC graduation in Sandgo, Calf. & 1 more when my oldest graduated collage. (he is in the Army right now in Afganastand) BTW did you get my pic of me in air plane? it is a Delta 757. I also have my website from Anthony M. up about to put up my first ad. I know I m a (lot) slow, so wish me luck!! Tom H

    • Carol

      Thank you, Tom.

      Wow, you have had your share that’s for sure. I will be praying for your son in Afghan. My daughter and her husband are going to be moving to Guam for three years so it will be hard saying goodbye.

      Wishing you all the best. :)


  • Sharon

    Carol, you have a right to feel that way :-) Being single when my 2 kids left home I did the same thing. I had bought a 4 bedroom & I was going to be in it alone… yuk! But we call each other every couple of days, its getting better. The last 1 graduated in 2002. They only live couple of hours away, Thank the Lord. I did a lot of praying, reading the Bible & involved in church. Like I said, it gets better. When they come home you cherish the time & when grand kids come along you just love & sent them gifts once in awhile. They think your the best grandma, that puts a smile on their faces & yours. :-) I will keep you in my prayers…And Thank you for all your help & concern, Sharon

    • Carol

      Hello Sharon,

      Yeah, I will adjust just like you as you went through it. Cherish the moments, by Ron Hamilton keeps coming to mind. :)

      I really want to be a grandma, we’ll see if I get to have that blessing. :)

      Thanks for the prayers, Sharon, I really appreciate that.

      Take Care,

  • Robert (Bob) Wedekind

    . Carol, That is good, I have some interesting news, but this key board is not working.
    the best to you. Bob

    • Carol

      Hello Bob,

      I’ll be interested to hear your news when you can type it. I understand about keyboards. I am pretty hard on them myself. 😉

      Take Care,

      • Robert (Bob) Wedekind

        Carol, I will send you a Letter or E-Mail. with in a few days. I don’t want to post it.
        It looks like you are doing well. Thank you for your help. I received a lot of usefull information from your blog. Bob

      • Bobby Sims

        Carol, do I have to have an account with a domain, in order to advertise their merchandises, or can’t I use their merchandises to draw customers to my site? I’m trying to find a domain that’s advertising expensive clothing. If you know of any company please forward me a name or names. Your support in this urgent matter would be very much apprecitative. Thank you and God, bless you and your family with a profitable life. P.S, Carol, my niche in life is making peoples feel good on how they look external in their clothing.

        • Carol

          Hello Bobby,

          I am a little unsure of what exactly you are asking based on how you used the word domain. You may be a bit confused with the term.

          Please check out this post on my blog which clearly identifies the elements needed for business.

          Do you need a domain and hosting?

          You are probably referring to….trying to find a network that is offering an affiliate program to advertise their expensive clothing.

          Don’t know of any off the top of my head, but I got accepted with which is a great CPA network. I had to be interviewed to be accepted, as they called me on the telephone.

          Check out the post above, and I hope to help.

          Thank you,
          Carol Amato

          P.S. Many CPA networks want to know what your website is and how you will advertise, so do your research for each company before applying so as to be prepared. If I have misunderstood your question, please let me know as I want to help! :)

          • Bobby Sims

            Carol, I used the word domain, in reference to company. I don’t want to sign up with a company on PPC OR CPA. I feel that I can save moeny that I don’t have, by not sign up with a network but instead focus on my website getten of the ground. And, at the same time use their product to hight-light my website. Carol, I may not be saying this right, but let me think it out for a few days and I will get back with you on this pertinent subject.

            • Carol

              PPC costs money but CPA networks do not cost anything.

              You are wanting an affiliate program for clothing, is what my understanding is then…

              Talk soon,

              • Bobby Sims

                Yes, Carol! I’m looking for a network that specialize in expensive cloyhing for men,female and children. I have a domain name,which is: I obtain it from I would like to forward it to my website. but I don’t know how to do it. I don’t have a host yet. I also know that I need one to do business. I don’t have the money yet, but I’m working on it. Your analogy

                • Carol

                  You can use Google to find what you are looking for. You could search for “polo affiliate program” or something similar.

                  Hope to help.

                  • Bobby Sims

                    Carol, this is Bobby again, how do one’s get in touch with Mr. Anthony Morrison? I have some one who like to become a member. She’s waiting on a reply as soon as possible.

                    • Carol

                      Email him: it’s in his signature on the forum. :)

                      Hope to help.

  • Josie M

    Congradulations to Daniel What a happy day for the whole family Enjoy all being together

    • Carol

      Thanks, Josie – we certainly will enjoy our time. . . cherish the moments. :)


  • Ginny Bell

    Carol, so glad to hear your exciting news. I can tell you that college goes by in a hurry–maybe not for them, but for us as parents. I know you are so proud of your son. Be blessed on Thursday!

    Blessings, Ginny

    • Carol

      Thanks, Ginny- I will be happy – it’s all good and God has blessed for sure.

      Appreciate it,

  • Maria L.

    There’s nothing like sharing personal stories with people you care about and it seems to me that you do care very much about all of us. Also, there’s nothing worse than separation from the ones we love, it’s very hard and I know this personally. You have a lovely family and a lovely look on life and I’m sure God will help you overcome all these feelings soon and your family will keep you and your husband happy even when they’re away. The feeling is there on both sides. Since I work in Church on Saturdays, this coming weekend I’ll add your name to the Special Intentions of our Mass. Every little bit helps. Thank you so much for all you do for all of us, you’re super, Carol!

    • Carol

      Hello Maria,

      I appreciate your words of encouragement and the prayers also. You are a dear.
      You’re welcome, as I enjoy helping others. Hope you have a great rest of the week. :)

  • Geri Richmond

    Hi Carol,

    Congrats on your son’s graduation. I remember how proud I was when our kids graduated from high school, then college. They were very good students and graduated with honors from both institutions. They have very good jobs and are self-sufficient. We felt that we did our job, raising independent children. They are both married and both have a set of twin boys, natural births. (They were always competetive!! Ha Ha). You are sooo lucky that your son wants to help you. I’m sure he will do a great job.


    • Carol

      Hello Geri,

      Thank you. Wow, you must be very proud of your adult children – what a blessing.

      Yeah, I do feel blessed and look forward to teaching him this summer.

      Have a blessed day,

  • Rosmary Ramos

    Oh wow !! that is wonderful Carol !! I am feeling you on that one my 17yr old is graduating In June 2011 I am sad and excited ! Living in the Bronx can be challening but he made it and I am so proud of him !!!

    • Carol

      You should be proud, Rosmary! How exciting and congrats to your ‘child’ – what an accomplishment.

      Wishing you all the best.


  • Bobby Sims

    Carol, that great that your son want to be a team-player in your business. I believe that he understand the concept of a team. The acronym for team: ” Togather Everyone Achieve More.”

    • Carol

      That’s an awesome acronym, thanks for sharing.

      Take Care,

  • Carol M

    Hi Carol
    Such fantastic stories, I have seen all my children graduated and went off to college. I have five daughters and two sons and five grandchildren ranging from 39-11 years old and the young ones are progressing in school happily. So you see I have a hand full to teach the business to. Feel good they will finish in no time and be happy about it as well I enjoy ones that can share a wonderful story. Congrats to the graduated and those to come.

    Take care everyone,

    • Carol Amato

      Thanks for the well wishes, Carol and for sharing your story. Family is such a joy!

      Have a great weekend. – Carol