How to Easily Create Images with LogoCreator

Images are incredibly important to your online business so am sharing exactly how I make mine in a tutorial showing how to easily create images with LogoCreator.  If you believe a picture is worth a thousand words, keep reading…

For free images you can use for your websites and also for social networking, bookmark these sites: I love graphics and images, especially if they’re free….

In today’s video we’re going to be talking about LogoCreator.

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This is a software that I personally use every day to create pictures for my blog, to create logos or headers for my sites, to make nice images to upload to Facebook of different quotes.

It’s a phenomenal drag and drop piece of software to create professional wonderful looking images, and you don’t have to be a graphic designer – this LogoCreator is something special.

So I wanted to share because I’ve had a lot of questions from y’all, and I wanted to share what I use and how I use it.  I’m going to demonstrate how I create a Facebook picture to upload to my fan page.

Select a template set, logo templates – right out of the box.  There’s a pop-up for tips – let me turn off these tips, all I have to do is uncheck that box and then I won’t get those pop-ups.

Easily Create Images with LogoCreator

LogoCreator comes with a bunch of preset templates that are fantastic, high quality, high definition.  Some are really glossy and very well done, and professional looking with different images – really cool looking.

So, you choose something that you want to start with.  So, for Facebook, I’m going to choose this one because I really like the yellow background.  So that loadsEasily Create Images with LogoCreator whenever I click on it and this is completely customizable.

See this blue sphere in the middle?  All I have to do is select it, hit delete on my keyboard, and it’s gone.

I’m going to drag this up and scroll down, and drag this phrase and put it up in the center.   Now this 716×517  – these are the dimensions by default.  I’m going to change the canvas size.

So what I do is just click on the canvas then you’ll see a format canvas button.  For Facebook 405 x 405 seems to be a really good dimension for creating a Facebook image.  I’m going to click done.  That way everything on the picture is actually visible in the Facebook timeline, that’s what I’ve learned.

I’m going to highlight this text with my mouse and go to format.  I’m going to bring that size down so it’s in the center of the page.  Now I’m going to click return to text menu and click edit so I can change what is actually shown.

I want to type in all caps “SUCCESS” because I have a quote and I’m going to implement that.  So, this needs to be a little bit smaller so I’m going to go back to text menu, format and text scale – bring it down just a tad so that it’s visible but within the boundaries.

Now I’m going to click on the background and center that highlighted circle so it looks like there’s a sun in the center.  Now I would like to click on this other phrase– sometimes you have to click outside the canvas this to get it to highlight.

I’m going to return to text menu, edit, and I’m going to type in the first part of my quote which is: “Failure is,”  and I’m going to implement that for the first part of the text. Now I’m going to drag it up above, and probably go back to text menu, format and enlarge it.

I’m going to drag it up a little bit more.  Okay, that needs to be tightened up a little bit – I’m going to reduce the character spacing  just a little bit.  Okay, great.

How to Easily Create Images with LogoCreatorNow, while it’s highlighted I’m going to come up here to modify, duplicate selected element.  Now, I’ve got another phrase that’s the same size, the same character spacing, and the same font as the one before.

I’m going to click on it, text menu, edit,  so I can change the words to: “if we learn from it” – that completes the quote.

Okay, let me center it a little bit, and I’ll bring the sun back up to the center… I think I’m going to make “SUCCESS” a little smaller just a tad so that it’s more centered.  I’m going to put this in the center of the highlighted part, or towards the center, and this one I’m going to move down a little bit.

I’m just aligning to make sure that it looks good.  Now, I’m going to add the author’s name, which is Malcolm Forbes.  I’m going to do it by going up to slogans, and typing in “Malcolm Forbes.”  Then I’ll click add text to canvas.

Easily Create Images with LogoCreator

Now it added this default font, and I’ll just drag it down to where I want the signature to be for the author.  Then text menu, format – I’m going to change the font to something smaller, and I’m going to tighten it up.   I’m going to lower the font size, just play with it a little bit until you see that it looks good.

This is so simple because you can just drag and drop or slide buttons, and it turns out beautiful.  I just want to center this again to my eye, tweaking it slightly – and that looks good to me to add to Facebook.

So, I’ve got the 405 pixel canvas, I’ve got two fonts here in order to emphasize the word success.  I’m giving credit to the author of the quote.

See another valuable post called Five Things You Need To Know About Images

I’m going to go up to export, export as JPEG, and I’m going to call it ‘success’ and save it to my desktop.  All I have to do now is go to Facebook and upload this picture and ask my friends to share it.  Quoted pictures are things that are really useful in getting people to be engaged and to interact on social media platforms.

This is a wonderful software also for blog pictures, and you can save a lot of money.  It’s cheap to outsource (image creation) on Fiverr for $5 a pop, but if you buy this graphics software, you pay for it one time and then you are using it over and over, and it’s very simple.  If you have any questions, please let me know.

P.S. I haven’t purchased any of the extra packs…No need in my opinion. :)

Take Care,
Carol Amato

Personal Coach and Mentor
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  • Daniel

    Awesome Carol,great Video,Enjoyed Every Bit of It,Heard Of Logo Creator Never thought It Would Be So Simple And Useful,Oh And Thanks For These Free Images Sites!

    • Carol Amato

      Hi Daniel,

      You’re welcome – I love sharing what I use. :)

      Have a good evening.

      – Carol

  • Mike Cowles

    Hi Carol,

    Great vid. Love the software. You make it look easy! :)

    Talk to you soon.

    Mike. <

    • Carol Amato

      Hi Mike!

      Thanks – it looks easy because it is.
      Anyone who knows how to click and drag with a mouse can create gorgeous images.

      Take Care, :)

  • Amirol

    Hi Carol,

    Thanks for the sharing especially for pixabay and clker sites. Just bookmarked them. :-)

    Have a nice day!

    • Carol Amato

      Hi Amirol!

      You are welcome! :-) I enjoy sharing what I am using…

      Have a great evening.
      – Carol

  • hagar

    I have it, and I love it… nearly every week I find something else I didn’t know it could do. You can simply open “new logo”, format your size, and import ANY image and type text over it… talk about a saving for both money and time! Yeah, you can open GIMP and do the same thing, but I’ve found it takes me longer with GIMP!
    Good video, and hopefully Marc willl see this and send you all sorts of extra packs! (He does stuff like that sometimes).

    • Carol Amato

      Hi Hagar!

      I’m so glad that you have it, use it and love it! :-) Yes, the uses for logo creator are MANY – I didn’t even cover 1/10 of what it can do…

      The video tutorials on the LaughingBird software site are excellent. Thanks for the kind words – much appreciated!
      Have a good evening.
      – Carol

  • Steven Stuart

    Hi Carol,
    This seems like a really useful piece of software. Looks like something that I will use on a regular basis.

    You certainly demonstrated it well, and make it look easy to use. I think I’ll give it a whirl.Thanks for the free image sites too, I’m always looking for just the right photo.

    • Carol Amato

      Hi Steven!

      It pays for itself VERY quickly, guaranteed. The drag and drop is what sold me on it. The Laughingbird Software tutorial videos are excellent as well. It does a WHOLE lot MORE than I demonstrated.

      Let me know how you like it. :)

      – Carol

  • Clyde

    I was going to Fiverr to have someone create a header for me but I think I will give Logo Creator a try first. If it works for me for the header it has already saved me 1/4 of the price. If not, I am sure I will use it a lot for other images.

    Thanks for the video and the royalty free image links as well.

    • Carol Amato

      Hi Clyde,

      Let me know when you try it. I can give a few tips if you’d like…It definitely pays for itself.

      Header? Most definitely…I didn’t even cover 1/10 of what it can do. Check out the Laughingbird Software video…It’s amazing.

      Have a great day. :)
      – Carol

  • Cherrylene

    Hi Carol,
    Wonderful video and post. It is very helpful. Now I already know where to get free pictures and make a logo for my shop!

    Up for this!

    • Carol Amato

      Hello Cherrylene,

      Thanks, so glad you enjoyed it and it’s helpful. I love it and couldn’t do without it! :)

      Thanks for stopping by to share your thoughts. :)

      – Carol

  • Patricia Haag

    Thanks for writing about this The Logo Creator. I bought it through your link and I think it is just great. I can’t believe what you can do with such an inexpensive program.

    • Carol Amato

      Great, Patricia!

      I’m so glad you got it, tried it and think it’s awesome! it is a phenomenal piece of software. :-)

      You’re very welcome.
      – Carol

      P.S. Going to use your comment as a testimonial! :)

  • Ivette

    Hi Carol,

    Just wanted to let you know that I was very pleased that you wrote this post, as I am not good at creating graphics, I kind of lack creativity, lol but I just got The Logo Creator through your link, played around with it for a couple of minutes and voilà, I created a logo for a project I am working on and I have to say it looks pretty nice.

    Thanks again for posting great information on tips and tools, keep it up.


    • Carol Amato

      Hello Ivette!

      You’re welcome, I am so glad that you got it and like it. It definitely pays for itself the first few times you use it. Drag and drop easy, gotta love it! :)

      Have a good evening.
      – Carol

  • Donald Thomas

    Hi Carol, re-reminding me that i need to download this software. Gonna do it today.


    • Carol Amato

      Hey Donald,

      Great! You’ll love it!! :)

      – Carol

  • Angela McCall

    Hi Carol,

    I do have The Logo Creator. I bought a long time ago but never really got to play with it much. Guess I didn’t know you could create nice images to post on facebook. I should fool around with it more. Thanks for showing me the wonderful tutorial video.


    • Carol Amato

      Hi Angela,

      I was about to turn my computer off and saw a comment from you. :) Yeah, it’s very useful software, I just used it tonight to make a Facebook image. Love it. I also use Sketch.

      You are welcome, my friend, and hope you have a great rest of the weekend and enjoying your granddaughter.

      Take Care,
      – Carol :)

      • Dr. Nicolas Rao

        Thanks Carol,
        Yes! I understand. I am a night person myself. Med School makes you one, whether you like it or not.
        Its good to know you are a new grand mom.
        I have two sets of kids. My twins aged 40
        My girls now 28 and 25.
        I am a grandfather three times over.
        My brother lives in Texas, San Antonio.
        I have visited and lived there.
        Now back in India.
        All these changes have come a little later in life.
        Really enjoy your blogs and your teaching.
        Those apps you mentioned are just the thing I look for with all my Adobe professional stuff.
        Its nice to use light software quite often and refreshingly different.
        Thanks again.

        • Carol Amato

          Hi, Nick,

          Wow, congrats on the wonderful big family and for your grandchildren too, what a blessing they all must be to you.

          This is my first visit to San Antonio, Texas and I really don’t plan on doing much sightseeing because of helping my daughter and grandchild, however, the ride from the airport and from the hospital to home was pretty impressive. Huge overpasses and big highways – it’s definitely a lot bigger than where I’m used to.

          Thanks for your comment, and I will talk to you soon.

          Have a great evening.

          – Carol

  • Dr. Nicolas Rao

    Ah! I wonder if there is a mobile version. I have Photoshop and can almost anything with it sitting at my desk, but with something like this on my phone, it would be fantastic. I make quotes daily on the phone.
    I do it at my morning devotion time. The quotes I make go instantly into my Whatsapp “Inspirational’ group. If I like them, they then get shared on my FB page and Twitter. I use an app called Textart which does a fairly decent job.
    LogoCreator would be better perhaps.

    • Carol Amato

      Hello, Dr. Rao,

      I’m not sure if there is or not. I can see how you’d benefit if there was a mobile version. I checked their website, and there was no mention of it, although I could have missed that point.

      That’s pretty neat that you have a Whatsapp Inspirational group. I’ll have to check out Textart as well. Appreciate you sharing.

      Thanks for coming by to check out my article and for your feedback. If I find a detailed answer to what you’re asking, will definitely let you know.

      Take Care,
      – Carol :)

      • Dr. Nicolas Rao

        Thanks Carol,
        That is something I do everyday. Its a commitment to myself and to the Lord. It has helped me regulate my mornings much better.
        I do have to get up at unearthly times as I am a diabetic, so getting up early bright used to be a problem.

        But when you do it on a daily basis, it becomes a habit.
        A time to read. A time to pray and enjoy the early morning bird song with a nice cup of coffee with an open door to the yard.

        Its a nice feeling.

        With two grown up children away,my thoughts go to them very often. So praying for them in the mornings makes me feel better.

        Then, so many beautiful post come in from others on the group and also prayer requests.
        It really is a good thing to be able to do all together and get a head start on the day.

        Anything that helps to make it better is always welcome.
        Thanks again.

        • Carol Amato

          That’s great, Nick!

          I also enjoy the early morning time. I especially enjoy coffee, and I have a love of birds myself.

          However, because my husband works late and usually doesn’t walk in the door until 10:30 pm or after, it’s a little hard to keep an early schedule myself. By the time he’s showered and we catch up for the day it’s already midnight.

          Prayer time is a time of refreshment, I completely agree. We have three grown children, and I’m visiting my second in Texas right now as she just had her first baby. So, I’m a grandmother for the first time. What a tremendous blessing. :-)

          Thanks for sharing and talk to you soon,

          – Carol