How To Create A Zip File

I want to show you how to create a zip file using completely free software which you can find on Free Stuff here on

Once you start working online, you’re going to need to create these things called zip files.

A zip file is basically a compressed version of any file – it doesn’t matter what it is, whether it’s an e-book, audio, video, or just a document text file or image – it doesn’t matter what kind of file it is.

When you’ve got to deliver things over the Internet, it’s usually convenient to deliver them in a zip format because it’s compressed, and you can put it all into one little file which is very convenient.

I’d like to tell you how to compress a few files together into one zip file using free software available to you on the Internet.

How To Create A Zip FileGo to, and you’ll want to download this free software which is for Windows.  Click the download button and save the file to your computer somewhere, possibly your desktop.

Go to the 7-zip saved file on your computer and right click on the file and click install, and follow the instructions to install 7-zip.

So how do you compress files with 7-zip?  All you have to do when you have 7-zip installed, is just select the files you want.

So, first you left click the first file and then while pressing Control on your keyboard, click the other files you want to combine and “zip.”

Then right click on the highlighted files and choose 7-zip then add to “”  This automatically just gives you a name here because it is an Archive, but you could change that to whatever you want it to be.

After you select this, a folder titled will appear.  If you want to change the name of it, right click on the folder and choose rename, and you can name this folder anything you wish.  Pretty neat, eh?

Let’s say you just want to zip just one file.  You would just right click on file, choose 7-zip and zip it to the folder you would want it to be in.

Now let’s say you want to unzip a file.  All you have to do is right click the file, choose seven zip, then choose “Extract to” – and what this does is. . .  that it creates a folder which is the exact same name as the zip file.How To Create A Zip File

This makes it very convenient to locate the downloads and bunches of files later.  Sometimes we download things that are huge bunches of files and sometimes the download doesn’t have folders in it.  Choosing “Extract to” will create some organization for your files on your hard drive which is always welcome, at least for me it is!

That’s basically how you zip and unzip files using 7-zip, a free software program available on the Internet.

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