Giving the Benefit of the Doubt and Rude People

Have you ever given the benefit of the doubt to a rude person?

Today I’d like to discuss Internet Etiquette (Netiquette), Giving the Benefit of the Doubt and Rude People.

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I’ve had an experience lately that I wanted to share with y’all. I just want to first of all mention that we all should have really good Internet Etiquette. The Internet is a virtual space and there are many things that are intertwined together to make it all work. Sometimes there are technical glitches, and we just need to give people the benefit of the doubt.

black hole in cyberspacHow many of you have heard that there is a black hole in cyberspace somewhere…that occasionally an email will fall into that black hole? I’ve heard that scenario, that explanation; it’s kind of funny, but it’s true. Sometimes I’ll experience something really weird where I’ll be getting an email regularly from the same person for months, and all of a sudden for some unknown reason, their email is going to my spam or junk folder. Or it gets put immediately into the deleted folder.

I have a lot of rules set up in my Microsoft Outlook, my email program, to filter out spam. It’s really weird when I am on someone’s list that I really enjoy and learn from and all of a sudden, their stuff is getting deleted automatically. Sometimes that happens. So, instead of me getting all huffy and assuming that “they forgot about me” and “what did they do on purpose?”… just give people the benefit of the doubt. Stay calm and ask questions and try to figure it out. There is a reason for everything, right? :) Give every person the benefit of the doubt.

Sometimes you may think someone is ignoring you. This happened to me with someone that wrote to me on my blog. I always get the messages from people commenting to my Inbox – it’s always sent there. Well, one person got sent to my deleted folder for some unknown reason. They were wonderful. I found it by manually checking my deleted folder occasionally. I need to do that every day (note to self). The email from this person was a couple days old, and I have the policy that I respond within 24 hours, sometimes sooner. I apologized and explained the situation, and they were wonderful, and 90% of the people are just wonderful, and they’re a pleasure to deal with.

NetiquetteUnfortunately, I had a bad experience the other day with one of my subscribers. I had sent out an email a while back promoting a product, which is great; I’m using it and having a good experience. He bought the product upon my recommendation and the product does have a 60-DAY money-back guarantee so there is no risk. Sixty days is a long time to find out if you like something.

Well, he was in a hurry; he’s new, and I understand he was in a hurry when he was signing up and paying for the program. He didn’t keep his information in a good spot. He didn’t note what email address he used or what password, or whatever the log in information was, that he used. He didn’t note it. He didn’t save the page. I know we can all get caught up when we’re excited in hearing an offer.

Sometimes we let those important details slip, and I do understand that. What was terrible was his attitude. He had a really bad attitude. He emailed me for help, and I definitely enjoy helping people. So, I started to help investigate with him and asked him, “Did you get a receipt from Clickbank?”…”If you got that receipt, that means your order went through and was actually processed…” I was helping him through this to try to find out how he would log in.

He was under the assumption that they would be mailing him a physical product by the postal mail to his mailbox at his house. He didn’t read the offer well to begin with, and I do understand that too. Sometimes we do that when we’re excited and we’re new. It is important to read those details.

The more questions I asked, the more he ignored my questions, but he would ask new questions. I went back and forth in numerous emails with him; I spent quite a bit of time.

Finally, he got very frustrated and just said, “You need to help me out, and you need to request a refund for me.” I said, “Okay, that’s fine if you want to get a refund, but there is really no need for that. You need to just find your receipt or email their support, which I gave him the email address for.

ResponsibilityTo make a long story shorter, he expected ME to request the refund on his behalf. He unsubscribed from my list, saying I wouldn’t help him after I spent a couple of hours in email exchanges trying to help him resolve his problem. He said, “If you refuse to help me, just have a good life,” and he unsubscribed

I am not allowed to take the place of the purchaser in requesting a refund. I gave him the Clickbank email address; I gave him the product owner’s support email address. He just refused to take responsibility.

I do understand he was new. I do understand he was confused and didn’t’ take the time to get the good details down and save them somewhere, which I have done, so I could relate to what he was going through.

Don’t be rude with someone else when they’re trying to help you. I spent a couple hours back and forth with emails, and then he had the audacity to claim that I wasn’t helping him and would not get a refund for him. That was his responsibility.

I’m not going to lose any sleep over it. You know what? I really don’t want someone with that kind of an attitude following me anyway.

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I just wanted to share that with y’all. It is good to see both sides of it. For the person that buys a product; we need to be responsible. We need to go slowly when we’re checking out and read the instructions.

Can doI promote another product where I’ve gotten numerous customer service help-type emails, and I’m not even the owner of the product. I’m helping folks sift their way through investigating, “What did you do?; let’s find what step did you mess up on?…

We all just need to slow down, take note of the fine details…the page isn’t going to go anywhere; we don’t have to keep clicking. Stay on the same page until you understand what it takes for you to get to the next step, and then do so accordingly.

We do need to have good Internet Etiquette. We also need to definitely give others the benefit of the doubt, and we don’t need rude people. I’m not going to stand for it. I was glad to see him leave….with that kind of an attitude, he will not have success.

I’d love to hear your thoughts below.

Take Care,
Carol Amato

Personal Coach and Mentor
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  • Dorothy Marr

    Some people are very rude. I think you for trying to help him and I hope he see what he did wrong. Carol you have helped to teach me a lot. Thank you and God bless you and yours.

    • Carol Amato

      Thanks for the encouragement, Dorothy, you’re a dear! :)
      Have a blessed weekend. – Carol

  • Marie Weihrouch

    Hi Carol,
    Sometimes you just have to be straight up with those people and say, “Look it is your own responsibility to request your own refund.” He just wanted you to wave your magic wand. He must have trouble with communication because he didn’t grasp what you were trying to communicate to him. Sometimes you just gotta say, ” I’ve done all I can do to help you but you need to be able to take some action and help yourself too.” I bet he still comes and looks at your blog even though he unsubscribed. That wouldn’t suprise me. I enjoy reading your blogs. Thank you. I do have one question though, when you read Anthony Morrison’s books, did you get some coaching from his team at all and how much did you invest in that? I have heard of The Real Guys through your emails. And did get the content deal. I like Eric’s Tips. Have a little trouble with some of the download on my computer but he has support so I’m not worried about it.

    • Carol Amato

      Hi Marie,

      You’re right for sure. I have learned to be more assertive. I always want to be kind to others but enough is enough. lol Thanks for your encouragement! I bought Advertising Profits From Home but didn’t do any coaching at all with their teams, cause it was very expensive. I found my own course and coach, must less expensive. So, I did have a personal coach, and now I have an occasional one-on-one and thoroughly enjoy the Real Coaching Club, excellent value! If you want to email me about your download, maybe I can help you with it. I love Eric’s Tips – awesome info! Type a quick note on my Contact page, and I’ll try to help you if you explain what’s happening. Thanks for stopping by. – Carol

  • Jean Pertick

    You have helped me just by all the info you put in your e-mails. I thank you very, very
    much. Didn’t cost me a dime.

    • Carol Amato

      You’re welcome, Jean – So glad I could help! Thanks for stopping by. – Carol

  • Doris Hopper

    I can not believe someone would say that you were no help to them. You have always been very courteous to me and help me alot, and I am one of those newbies that needs a lot of help. Thank you. This person has a problem and it is not you. Continue being you and we will all stick with you.

    God Bless

    • Carol Amato

      Hi Doris,

      I appreciate your kind words. They probably felt like they were being scammed, and started acting desperate and taking it out on me, the person trying to help. It’s okay, I have continued to try to help others, but the skin has gotten a bit thicker…lol I thank you for your support! – Carol

  • Fred E. Thompson Jr.

    Carol of all the affiliates I have encountered recently I have found you to one of the kindest, most generous to date. Good manors are something we all should have been taught at a very young age. I am truly sorry you had to endure such an individual, try to over look such ignorance and keep up all the good work.

    • Carol Amato

      Hi Fred,

      Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words. I know you are sincere, so means a lot! Yep, we all should be taught them, but when backed against a wall, which I think he felt as in, thinking he was getting scammed, I understood why he was acting that way, but didn’t want him taking out his frustrations on me. lol I appreciate your support! – Carol

  • Danny E

    Hi Carol,
    I have been a silent subscriber of yours since April / May 2011. I intermittently (2 out of 3 emails) go to your “blogs” to figure out what else I can learn. (quicker to learn from someone else’s experiences than your own = a lot less emotional to start with). You did very very well in you diligent application of assistance. There are some of us that do not appreciate or understand what a teacher and or mentor has to go through. I only hope I have half the patience and kindness and diligence you demonstrated when I’m put in the same position you were.
    Warmest Regards
    Danny E
    PS There’s a book in this – “PREQUISITES”

    • Carol Amato

      Hello Danny and thanks so much for your kind words. To be honest, it was a battle to remain kind and helpful, but with the Lord’s help, I was. I learned a lot from this too. I know he felt threatened and the moment he felt as if he was possibly being “scammed” he shut his mind to anything but a refund and lashing out. At least that is my summation of it in hindsight. I appreciate your comment very much and am so glad you have enjoyed my blog. That is an encouragement to me to keep on keeping on! :) Have a good evening. – Carol

  • Danny E

    Hi Carol,
    In my last comment, I misspelled the word in my “PS”. It should have been “PREREQUISITES”. Sorry.
    Ooroo (Aussie for “See you later”)
    Danny E

    • Carol Amato

      Hey Danny,

      No worries – I make typos all the time. I used to be a perfectionist and always correct them, and for the most part, I do, but if I see one later, I don’t usually go back and fix it unless it is indecipherable.
      Thanks, Carol

  • Jeanne Mausure

    Hey Carol, we can’t be everything to every one! Your are a very special person and I love reading about your experiences. At this time I am only gathering information about this business. I still have a lot of work to do on my own jewelry site, which is extremely competitive, but where my heart and soul has been for the last 27 years. You’re an inspiration to me and have lead me to great places for knowledge without pushiness – the most recent being Eric Holmland! That’s a WOW person! (OK YOU TOO)! Thanks for being a REAL person!!!! JJ

    • Carol Amato

      Hi Jeanne,

      You’re right, of course, we cannot be everything to everyone – I need to put that on a sticky note and attach it to my computer! lol
      Yes, follow your passion for sure! Glad to help with directing you to honest, unpushy people. lol I know that is important to me, that’s for sure.
      Thanks for your kind words, Jeanne, I appreciate you! – Carol

  • Jeanne Mausure

    oops! I forgot the My theory of a jewelry diet is because if we eat the foods based on the colors of the Swarovski Austrian Crystals i.e. lime, strawberry(quartz), blueberry quartz, cantaloupe, lemon, lime, avocado etc we’d be very healthy and trim! Always eating healthy, Jeanne (lost 50 pounds over the last 10 years)SLOWLY!!!!!

    • Carol Amato

      Hi Jeanne,

      You are funny! Simply beautiful!!! Wow, congrats to you, girl – that gives me encouragement! Take Care, – Carol

  • Ermine

    Sounds like a child who didn’t get his way so he threw a tantrum. You are right let him go he will get over his tantrums (because he will act the same way with others), hopefully someone will show him the error of his ways soon.

    • Carol Amato

      I think you’re right, Ermine! lol -Thanks for stopping by. – Carol :)

  • Richard G.Ramirez

    Hi Carol: you do a great job of sharing to help others. Thats why you’re the marketer with “INTEGRITY”. I appreciate you!

    • Carol Amato

      Thanks so much for your kind words, Richard, much appreciated!! I try to treat others as I want to be treated. I am blessed for sure with readers like you. – Carol

  • Ray Maselli

    You handled it beautifully. You are great— no—tremendous when it comes to helping others and many times you go above and beyond. You were his loss. It was a good way to remind all of us to keep our heads and remember to give the benefit of the doubt whan someone has a bad hair day. However at some point they need to look in the mirror and comb the hair or you need to move on.You can only help They have to want to change, and help you more than do! Watching what happens with the way many of these promotors operate makes me appreciate you more every day,especially being new., Thank you for being you.

    • Carol Amato

      Hello Ray,
      Well, thank you for your encouraging words. Yep, I sure did learn a lot through this experience. :)
      Thanks for your support and loyalty, that is not taken lightly! – Carol

  • Maria Laurora-Fay

    Hi, Carol!
    First I want to thank you for sharing this blog with us. This way I don’t feel I’m the only person who experiences these unpleasant situations. This blog brings to mind a saying my wonderful Mom used to say to us: “It’s a real shame that neither money nor power can buy us “CLASS”. This is so true. I think this man has no idea what the word class means no matter how many reasons we try to find to excuse him. This is a totally unacceptable behaviour. He could have continued asking and asking but with class and very important, respect. I’m so glad my parents brought me up the way they did. By the way, Carol, I’ll have to e-mail you with more questions, o.k.? God bless you for all you do to help all of us, as you can read above and keep being the wonderful person you are.

    • Carol Amato

      You’re welcome, Maria, I tried to share the good and the bad so we can all learn from them. LOL

      Sure, just let me know whenever you have questions, as I really enjoy helping if I can.

      Take care and have a blessed weekend. – Carol

  • Susan


    Great article!!! You do a tremendous job!
    If the weather holds, and we are able to fly our plane, we will be in Pensacola Thurs. – Sunday of this week. We are attending the 100th anniversary of the Blue Angels.
    I would love to take you to lunch if you are in town and time allows.
    Hope you meet you!

    • Carol Amato

      Hi Susan,

      That will be a great getaway for you – the blue Angels are awesome!

      Unfortunately, the timing couldn’t be worse for me. My husband is due to fly back from Italy on Friday with his mother who is coming to live with us here in Florida.
      We’ve been preparing for her arrival for a long time now and I really need to dedicate this weekend to getting her settled in and making her feel at home.

      However, I would’ve enjoyed meeting you, so if you’re ever in the area again, please let me know. :-)
      Have a safe trip.

      Thank you,
      Carol Amato

  • laura

    Hello Carol:
    I have to say that lately I have been reading your blog, and I really enjoy them.
    You seem to have a great attitude with people and that sure helps with new people as myself on the internet. I have decided to try to make a living from the internet world, and so far I have spent money and have not made a penny.
    You see, I now live in Tennessee in the middle of nowhere, oh yes it is beautiful but you never know what comes in your path, this lady ran my husband over when he was on his motorcycle and broke his ankle, well he lost his job cause he can’t work, he is in horrible pain since July’s accident, after all when you get older you don’t heal as fast, and now we are left with no money, and thank God for family, I am not saying this for anyone to feel bad for us, after all life goes on and we have faith in God, the only thing is that jobs are so scarce that leaves me thinking that maybe the internet would be the answer, but so far it has been hard cause I really don’t know much about computers, I got that system of copy & paste spent money, tried to get help and so far not one word from them, you have to leave a ticket and only 2 to 3 days you hear from them,, Its hard and I still believe there is money to be made if you happen to find a real person you can talk to. Well anyways thanks for all the emails and it seems like you have great people following you. Keep up the good work.

    • Carol Amato

      Hi Laura,

      I sure am sorry for your difficulties and hardships and hope your husband’s ankle heals soon! When folks tell me that they don’t know much about computers, I always recommend spending half of your time learning basic computer skills and the other half trying to learn Internet marketing.

      However, if the person is also in dire straights financially, I suggest offering services FIRST and then learning Internet marketing. Here is a post that I highly suggest you read and consider:

      You can start earning cash on the Internet by providing services to others.

      Did you watch my free video training? I share my business model and how I am making money, then I give a challenge at the end.

      I hope to encourage you a little. :) Take Care, – Carol

  • Lisa Elliott

    Hi Carol,

    I started following you after I bought Anthony Morrison’s book, and I am also following Eric Holmlund and getting his Tips. I appreciate your generous attitude in sharing your knowledge, and it is like a breath of fresh air to receive your e-mails. Every once in a while we run into a bump in the road, but that is the exception to the rule generally. Just hold your head up and keep right on doing what you are doing. Thank-you for uplifting, inspiring, and teaching!

    • Carol Amato

      Hi Lisa!
      You’re welcome, I enjoy what I do and also enjoy Eric’s Tips – awesome!
      I appreciate your kind words! Thanks for stopping by. – Carol :)

  • tom des jardins (uncle tom)

    There will always be people who are angry, or unhappy, taking responsibility for ones own actions, It’s like turning another childs pappers in school you’ll never learn.. Carol you do a great public service for all who read your copy. Thank you so much. I am a hard learner but I keep plugging along, I blame no one for my mistakes, that’s why they put erasers on penciles….

    • Carol Amato

      Hi Uncle Tom,

      I appreciate your comment and commend you for taking the “responsible” route and having such a positive mindset – that will take you far!!
      Have a great day. :)
      – Carol

  • aida suarez

    Good ranting Carol… you say 2 things important on this blog: “I refure to take others people responsabilies…” and that you glad this person is gone. Other thing: with this attitude he is not going to succeed. Very right! And thank you for explaining Netiquitte (new word for me!) I save everything you send us… i want to read this blog again.
    Nobody is perfect though! Not even the Internet! Ja! But listen to this: it is possible that that person is not all together. He could be suffering form some kind of brain damage. I know that when you cool off you will pry for him. Sad story…. but you see… because you went thru all this with that particular person and candidly told us the story… we learning few things. Thank you! Thank you!
    PS. When you say to share it in Facebook… what shall I do? Please explain the steps. Remember i am a newbie at all this internet marketing things. I been using Fecbook socially for quite a while… but not any other way… And Tweeter is giving me a hard time to get in…with them. But I am patient like Job. Well I hope so.

    • Carol Amato

      Hi Aida,

      I appreciate your comments. I’m not angry at all; it was just frustrating. I feel sorry for him.
      To share on Facebook or twitter, you would just click on the button and follow the prompts they give to log into your facebook or twitter account, depending on which one you are using. It’s very simple. When you sign up for accounts, be sure to keep all of your user names and passwords in a safe place for future use.

      Hope you get in Twitter! Have a good evening. :)
      – Carol

  • Jerome Mallory

    Hi you did all that you should are could for that person, I too bought a product did not
    follow thru are trided to download product you promoted thank god I bought it using
    click bank they sent me records of my purchase but they are not very helpful in
    helping you get your money back it is a very very long drawn out process, the only
    thing you could have done is try to understand that persons as a person what made
    him the way he is, this internet is new and most of the time I fear the unknown that I
    must learn this person is in the same boat and fears change are need to learn.

    • Carol Amato

      Hi Jerome,

      Thanks for stopping by. Yep, absolutely….everyone starts at a different place when it comes to skills on the Internet, but there is Never room for rudeness, which he was…

      Take care,

  • Daniel deFluiter

    A present I have no URL, Website, Domain name. Choseing to be cautious after layoff from KSC after the last shuttle landing. Was laid off as KSC is doing a masive personel reduction. Having received the last of my layoff pay, money is tight. In need of your wisdom, procedure for the following: downloading softwae from CLICKBANK, setting up a CLICKBANK account, seting up a paypal account? I have thurly enjoyed information that you, Anthony Morrison, and the people you both have sugested, I am overwelmed but soon hope to have my feet firmly on the ground. I have looked for A to Z found Z and all the wealth there is but A may be hiding in plain sight, where the start point is and how to build the base so that any oportunity offered that apears promising I can persue profitabley. I hope this has spell check as that has saved me many times. Dan

    • Carol Amato

      Hello Dan,

      I appreciate your kind words. information overload is pretty common, that’s for sure, as I remember feeling confused about which direction to go in…

      Have you seen my Golden Nuggets – Internet Marketing Basics free training yet? You can sign up in the upper right hand corner of this page, and is a great place to start. I share my business model and what components are needed in order to get started making money online…
      After you sign up for the free video, let me know what parts you have questions about, okay?

      Hope to help. :) – Carol

  • Leesa

    Hi Carol:

    I, too, can attest to the fact that you have been VERY kind in helping me with whatever I may be stumped on. Some people have the nerve, unfortunately. I understand his frustrations (been there) but he shouldn’t have acted that way toward you. You’re right! He will not find success if he continues to behave in that manner. :/

    Thanks for all you do! 😀

    • Carol Amato

      Hey Leesa,

      I always try to put myself in the other person’s position – that is why I was so patient, but never any excuse for rudeness in return. Oh well, maybe he learned his lesson! Hope so. :)
      Have a great weekend.
      – Carol

  • Beverley G.

    So sorry to hear of your bad experience Carol. I am sure you know that the great majority of people with whom you deal appreciate what you do. Just consider it a lesson learned and move on. Life is too short to allow yourself to be distresssed like that. Beverley

    • Carol Amato

      Hi Beverley,

      Not distressed at all – the only reason I shared it was so that others could learn by example. I have a total peace that I went above and beyond what I was supposed to do in treating others the way I want to be treated myself, and then made the distinction to cut him off because of his rudeness and unwillingness to accept responsibility for his actions. This is a lesson to people on both sides of the fence, to have patience with others, and also to take responsibility for the decisions we make. Have a good evening. :)
      – Carol

  • Gordon

    Hi Carol,

    I can understand your feelings, I have been in the same position where I have went out of my way, big time, to help someone out and it does come as a dash of cold water on the face when you realize that they are just taking you for granted, I know you have said you won’t lose any sleep over it, but you can’t help but feel saddened by their attitude.

    I suppose at the end of the day all these experiences are for our benefit. Long suffering patience and love unfeigned are more than just words in the good book.

    Well done you for trying to help anyway.

    • Carol Amato

      Hi Gordon,

      I’m glad you can relate. :) Yep, you’re right. It’s all part of it.

      Have a great weekend.
      – Carol

  • Mr Jackie

    Carol you have always been great help with your ,e-mails you have help me a lot and i thank you. Some people you can’t help no matter how hard you try,you are a super person.

    • Carol Amato

      Hi Mr. Jackie,

      Very true! You’re welcome for the help – I certainly enjoy what I do! :)
      Have a great weekend.
      – Carol

  • peter

    Hi Carol, sounds like a very well thought out tid-bit. Sorry that you both had that experience. Tensions can get high when you are driving yourself – there are a lot of promises and dreams floating around when someone signs up – i know i have bought into something and am very eager. When it doesnt happen as expected, you feel ripped off or in the least turned off. You cant please everybody either, so at some point there are going to be hiccups. As your business grows, i would LOVE to hear if you have researched (and what you recommend) for any customer support packages ( when your business is really big and you need to outsource).

    thanks for sharing. Also, thanks for the audio option. I was getting ready for work and it was very useful.


    • Carol Amato

      Hi Peter,

      Yes, I’ve been disappointed sometimes, but I certainly don’t take it out on people that are trying to legitimately help me….lol

      Yep, people with a victim mentality and a bad attitude are horrible to deal with. We are responsible for the choices we make, and when someone comes along and reaches a friendly hand out…..we need to grab it thankfully, not bite it! There is a difference between being scammed and being roadblocked in continuing because we don’t have the necessary new skills to do the next step….I have plunged forward in my business …learning anything that I needed to in order to succeed. Some folks still think it’s easy and no work. That is a pipe dream.

      As far as customer support, you can use Gmail, a mail forwarder in your cPanel and then set up an autoresponder to let them know you will get back to them in 24 hours or less.

      I’m setting that up in the next few days actually. :)

      Thanks for stopping by, Peter, I appreciate your comment! – Carol

  • Gemma

    Dear Carol,
    I really need to start working on internet,

    all I need is some one to help me start,

    altough your videos where very well explained,

    when I opened the Weber account, and started to fill in

    all they requested I got stuck at the end.

    Thank you for reading my letter,

    And I appreciate if you can help me.



    • Carol Amato

      Hello Gemma,

      Getting an AWeber account is extremely important, however, it is not the very first step you take.

      The very first thing you do is choose a market, or niche that you are interested in, passionate about and knowledgeable about. Then, you would register a domain name based upon this market. Then you would need to get hosting in order to put your squeeze page up, and have a blog etc.

      I can help you with the details of these very important steps via e-mail if you like. Just let me know. :-)

      Hope you have a great weekend.
      Take care,
      – Carol

  • Magdolna Kulcsar

    Hi Carol,
    Hi Carol,

    Thank you for sharing your bad experience. The audio option didn’t work on my computer, so I read. I learn a few things from this. I’m a newbie, just bought your List Building Basics eBook.
    God bless you for all you do to help all of us, and keep being the wonderful person you are.
    Have a great weekend.

    • Carol Amato

      Hi Magdolna!

      I’m so glad you learned something….thanks for your kind words. If you ever have any specific questions, please let me know.
      Have a great weekend. :)
      Take Care,
      – Carol

  • Randall

    Hi there, i read your blog from time to time and i
    own a similar one and i was just wondering if you get a lot of spam remarks?

    If so how do you prevent it, any plugin or
    anything you can advise? I get so much lately it’s driving me crazy so any assistance is very much appreciated.

    Feel free to surf to my homepage Randall

    • Carol Amato

      Hi Randall,

      I can relate to what you’re saying, as spam is on the increase I think…

      Akismet plugin is good, and may be adding another layer of protection myself soon. Akismet is free, and you can add it by going to Plugins, add new and searching for Akismet.

      It does a good job. Hope to help. :)
      – Carol