Get Keyword Ideas with Trellian

How to Get Keyword Ideas with Trellian

The right set of keywords can help marketers drive traffic to their websites and make lots of sales.  Before you can build a strong keyword list, you have to come up with lots of keyword ideas. 

Today, I’m going to show you how to use Trellian’s Keyword Tool to get keyword ideas.  After you get some ideas, check out my post titled “A Beginner’s Guide to Keyword Research.” Follow the rest of the steps in the post so you can find the best keywords for your campaign.

Before I get into the Trellian keyword tool, I want to give everyone a primer on keyword research.  Once you understand keyword research, you’ll know why you need to use it in order to be successful with Internet marketing.

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What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is the process of finding the best keywords for your website, blog posts, press releases and articles.  Basically, you want to find the keywords that your customers type in when searching for your products or information online. 

For example, if you’re selling an AdWords guide, you’d want to find keywords associated with AdWords guides.  Once you conduct your research, you’ll find the keywords that people are likely to type in when looking for your site.

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After you add the keywords into your site, the search engines will crawl your website and assign it a ranking.  The ranking will be based on a variety of factors, including your keywords and the density of those keywords.  If you have the right keywords and density, you can expect to move up in the search rankings.  If you don’t know what keyword density is, check out my blog post on the topic.

Now that you have an overview of keyword research, let’s take a look at how the Trellian Keyword Tool can help.

The Trellian Keyword Tool

The Trellian keyword tool is a free service that searches keywords that are related to a main search term.  You can access the tool at  Once there, enter the CAPTCHA into the top box, and then type your keyword into the bottom box.  The keyword should be a general word or string of words that are related to your niche. 

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After you click search, a list of related keywords will come up.  You can go through the list to get other keyword ideas.

For example, let’s say I’m marketing Xbox 360 video games.  I’ll go to the tool and type “Xbox 360 games” into the search box.

Now, I have access to a ton of different keywords that are associated with Xbox 360 games.  As I look through the terms, I can see their search volume.  The higher the search volume, the more popular the term is. 

I can go through and add keywords to my list.  Then, I’ll go to the AdWords Keyword Tool, as I mentioned in my post “A Beginner’s Guide to Keyword Research.”

Tips for Using the Trellian Keyword Tool

Now that you have a basic idea of how to use this keyword tool, I’m’ going to give you some additional tips that will help you get the most out of this free resource.

First, search for different keyword combinations.  In the previous example, I searched for “Xbox 360 games.” If I really wanted to conduct keyword research on that topic, I would try different search terms.  For instance, I would try “buy Xbox 360 video games,” “Xbox 360 games for sale” and so on.

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Second, you need to look for some long tail keywords.  Long tail keywords are keywords that contain two to five words.  These words are typically easier to rank for than shorter words are.  Therefore, you need to select some long tail keywords as you conduct your research.

Finally, be willing to put the time in when you conduct keyword research.  You can’t just go online, type in a couple of keywords and have a list within minutes.  Instead, you have to put hours into the process in order to get the best list possible.  This is why it’s so expensive to pay someone else to conduct your research for you.  It’s not because it’s impossible to do.  It’s because it’s time consuming, so agencies charge top dollar.

Use these tips to get your keyword research off the ground.  Also, be sure to check out my previous post on keyword research so you can find some great keywords for your blog, website and articles.

Also, if you have any keyword research tips, leave me a comment on this post.  I’d love to hear how you conduct your keyword research.  Thanks for reading Get Keyword Ideas with Trellian and please share on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

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  • Brandy

    A better tool for keyword research is always extremely helpful! Thanks!

    • Carol Amato

      You’re welcome, Brandy – glad you are excited about it. :)
      Have a great day. – Carol

  • Paulo Teller

    Hi Carol,
    It’s another great aid for beginners, coming from you.
    So, I’ll have another surprise for you shortly…
    Best wishes to you all,

    • Carol Amato

      Hello Paulo,
      Glad you think so! I’ll look forward to the surprise! :)
      Have a great week and thanks for your comment. – Carol

  • Bluehost

    This looks like a great tool Carol, many thanks for sharing.

    • Carol Amato

      You’re welcome, David. Thanks for stopping by. – Carol

  • trev

    Thanks Carol, lots of ideas, will try your advice. When i started my website i had no idea of SEO. I was no 1 on google page 1, what i did,nt realise, am the only one in the world with my type of business, which is about football. What i should have been aiming for was business opportunities, which is going to be difficult, even though i have probable the best home based business opportunity, for sports lovers, wishing to own their own superb business.
    Thanks Trev

    • Carol Amato

      Hello Trev,
      Glad you like the post and ideas. Yeah, I didn’t know much about SEO (search engine optimization) in the beginning either, but I kept reading a little here and there, and it was a layering process for me. Is your business MLM?
      I wish you all the best. Have a great week.
      – Carol

      • trev

        Thanks Carol, I will take your advice, and keep trying with SEO. No my business is not MLM. It is a real nuts and bolts business, that will last a lifetime. I have run it for 43 years, with no competition anywhere in the world. I am about to retire, and willing to teach sport lovers my craft and skills, so hopefully they can enjoy the same rewards i have.

        Love Trev

        • Carol Amato

          Hi Trev,
          Oh, okay – that is great! I hope you find a buyer/someone to mentor. Take care and wish you all the best, Carol

  • Patricia Bagley

    Hi Carol. I have listened to my videos and I am still lost. I do not know where to start. I paid the $49.95 for hosting and that is all I have paid. Do you suggest that I spend more money to get to where I need to be. My funds are limited as I do not have a job right now. Basically the $49.95 was playing it really close. Any suggestions?

    • Carol Amato

      Hi Patricia,

      I am totally clueless about what you are referring to, so please give more detail so I can help. My hosting equals $6.95/month. What videos are you talking about? Sorry, can’t help until I know. Please let me know…
      – Carol

  • Ruth

    Hi Carol,
    As always, your tips are timely and useful. I appreciate you more than you know. I’ve taken your advice many times, although I haven’t implemented all of them as yet. I read this blog post before it even before it reached my inbox. See, can’t wait for it. :) You and your family are still very much in our thoughts. And, you are correct. Getting back to work and routine helps with the healing process. It’s pretty obvious that you work hard to make your blog posts valuable, which translates to making your friends and subscribers feel valuable. Thank you

    • Carol Amato

      Hi Ruth,

      Wow – I appreciate your encouraging comments so very much! That is my goal to communicate that I value each and every reader/subscriber through giving quality content that will help others.
      Thank you so much, Ruth, I appreciate you! – Carol

  • Patricia Bagley

    By the way, this is I’m assuming my website to start, I’m not sure.

    • Carol Amato

      Hi Patricia,
      OH, okay…….you’re referring to the freebie affiliate website you get when you order Anthony’s book? I ditched that website after about a week and a half because I got lots of clicks but no conversions…. So, I don’t personally recommend spending time on it. Have you watched my video yet? I share my business model and the components needed in order to start making money…..that is what I followed.

      Hope to help. – Carol

  • Sue

    I am so sorry about your brother, and sorry that I’m sending my sympathy so late. I’m a little behind with my emails.
    Thank you for continuing to provide good, helpful information. So glad I am following your blog. I’m hopeful for a successful 2012!

    • Carol Amato

      Hi Sue,
      Thanks very much – it was a shock, but with time the reality sinks in and gets a little easier.
      You’re welcome, I enjoy what I do. Have a good evening. – Carol

  • Ann Moore


    Great tool thanks so much for sharing! Very revealing, especially when I did a search in the current niche I am in.

    It gave me a vivid visual as to what season my niche is the most active. Huge help 😉

    • Carol Amato

      Hi Ann,
      So glad you like the tool and are finding it helpful. That was the plan. :)
      Thanks for stopping by. – Carol

  • Lisa

    Hi Carol,

    I am learning so I really enjoy getting all your tips and good ideas each week. When I didn’t hear from you for a while I started to get worried! Just goes to show how people who don’t even really know each other can establish community online. I was so sorry to hear about your brother . . . you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.
    Take care – Lisa

    • Carol Amato

      HI Lisa,

      You are so dear – thanks for your concern and kindness – it means a lot! We especially appreciate prayer.
      Take Care,

  • Andrea

    Hi Carol,
    Sounds great.. I’ll check it out. You are such a blessing. Thanks alot!

    • Carol Amato

      Hello Andrea,
      I am so glad – I enjoy what I do for sure. You are welcome, and if you have any specific questions, please let me know.
      Take Care,

      • Andrea

        I really appreciate that- about the specific questions. I might need that in the near future. I can’t thank u enough.

        • Carol Amato

          You’re welcome, Andrea – I enjoy helping others on their journey of making money online.
          Have a great weekend.
          – Carol

  • aida suarez

    hi Calrol! Time heals wounds, but the scar remainds there very close to our hearts… the family members that are gone… we miss them for life. But God is gracious to us… in those difficult times. I am so happy when see them in my nightdreams! I lost my only brother when he was still young, but lelf some kids, and we see him in them. Keep praying… and if you want to cry do so. Because surpresing tears trying to be brave do not help. God bless your heart! When you heals… tell us more about your brother’s life.

    Now about this blog… first i read it… then i keep it… and when i come back to read it I understand better… sometimes reading once or twice the lesson is not enough. What we do is connects the pieces of the puzzle in orther to see clearly the picture. Like you say many times layer by layer… anythow tank you for helping. I’ll never tired to tell you that… because i am very appreciative of helping hands. So keep sending the tips, the hints, the lessons, or whatsoever you discover! Eric says that in a way everything he teaches gets antiquated because new things keep comming everyday. So be it! We keep growing with the changes.

    • Carol Amato

      Hi Aida,
      Yes, I agree completely, time helps the healing process. Thanks for your dear words of encouragement. I don’t suppress tears, and just cry if I need to, latest time was last night. I do see my brother in his beautiful daughter, and she is such a joy to us.

      Yes, learning anything new is of course a layering process and takes time. I like the challenge of staying on the cutting edge as things change. Doesn’t bother me one bit that things don’t stay the same.

      I hope you have a blessed day and thanks for stopping by to comment.
      – Carol

  • Clara Leake

    Carol, did a keyword research before i chose my domain name. Looked up Trellian and also the domain name site. Tell me how you calculated the kei step by step. Thanks.

    • Carol Amato

      Hi Clara,

      I did a post on this and will put the link for you also.
      The formula for KEI (keyword effectiveness index) is:

      (Number of Searches*Number of Searches)/(Number of Competitors). Thus, my calculation is:

      Therefore, my KEI is 15,125.
      As a general rule, you want your KEI to be 10 or higher. The best range for keywords is 10-150. Because of that, I know that I can use this key phrase, since it has a KEI of 15.125.

      Blog post with more detail:

      Hope to help. :)
      – Carol

  • Himanshu

    thanks for sharing this with me personally..i always thankful to u.if i can help u in any way drop ma mail…

    • Carol Amato

      Hi Himanshu,
      I am glad to help and appreciate that you are enjoying the information.
      Thanks for stopping by. – Carol

  • Deanna Martin

    Hi Carol, So sorry to hear about your loss.It is always so hard.
    Thanks for all your informative and easy to understand information. still having trouble getting things to fall into place, but will keep plugging away. Thanks again

    • Carol Amato

      Thanks, Deanna, I appreciate that.
      Yep, it’s a layering process for sure and takes time. If you get stuck on something or have any specific questions, please let me know.
      Have a great day.
      – Carol

  • Fred E. Thompson Jr.

    Good Morning Carol
    It is a beautiful snowy day here in Maryland, This is very useful info. I had read it and didn’t comment at the time, hang in there soon I’ll try to come up that might help you. I hooked up with the Click Bank/Facebook adver. it worked for a couple of days and they seem to have lost connection with each other, have you had any problems? I submitted a request to Click Bank with the problem no answer as of yet.
    Best Wishes

    • Carol Amato

      Hello Fred,

      I have not had any problems getting the Social promote to work….it may have just been a temporary glitch.
      Glad you have wintry weather – would love to see a snowfall again. Just don’t like dealing with driving in ice and snow. lol
      Have a great weekend.
      – Carol