Free Traffic vs Paid Traffic

On the Internet there are basically two types of traffic that you can get, paid traffic and free traffic.

A few common types of paid traffic include banner ads and pay-per-click marketing.  With banner advertising, you would have some banners created.  Then, you would either join a network which would distribute your banners for you to different websites or you could approach different website owners individually and ask them if they would place your banner on their website, which would cost you a monthly fee or something similar.

Pay-per-click traffic is where you would join a pay-per-click program like Yahoo Search Marketing or Google Adwords.  Google and Yahoo networks would place your ads on different websites, and you would pay each time that ad was clicked.  They would also place your ads within their search engine results.

What is free traffic?

Free traffic comes from places like search engines or from Web 2.0 Sites (which are basically sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and other websites that have a link posted to your website), this includes article directories, websites/blogs, web directories, Web 2.0 sites and social networking sites.

What kind of traffic do you want to get to your website?

Free Traffic vs Paid Traffic

I think you should focus on only free traffic in the beginning stages of your business.

There are reasons for this recommendation.

Down side of paid traffic

It’s expensive
It’s time-consuming
It’s stressful

This doesn’t mean that it is a BAD thing … as many are making a lot of money on the Internet and their main traffic source is paid traffic.  However, usually those people have a huge budget and a team around them who manage all of the different elements for them.  If they are are doing it themselves, they are constantly in a state of stress and worry because of so much money at stake.

To make matters worse, paid traffic is a little bit finicky – things tend to change frequently and the slightest change can throw things completely off.

You could be advertising on Google Adwords, and they could just make a tiny change to their policies, their Google Adwords program and suddenly, because of the change they made, your campaign could be wiped out over night!  Or suddenly your bid prices will skyrocket, and you’re paying a lot more.  You have to go in and figure out what is going on.  It keeps you in a state of stress and worry.

It is wise to learn a little bit about search engine optimization and how to get free traffic.

If you go about implementing your free traffic channels correctly, it has the quality of being automated.  You can set it up once, and that free traffic will continue to come in on complete autopilot day after day without you having to do any extra work.

When you have a business where you can be “hands-free” on major elements, of course, that positively affects your personal life.

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Free traffic benefits

No cost
Low maintenance (automated)
No where to go but up

What should you do? Free Traffic vs Paid Traffic…

Start out with FREE traffic (it may be all you ever need to use).

Consider easing into paid traffic once you have money to play with so the results of your paid advertising won’t be “critical” to your business.

Take Care,
Carol Amato

Internet Marketer - Coach with Heart
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  • Nelly

    I’ve always wondered if I should utilize free traffic or paid traffic. Thanks for the break down.

    • Carol Amato

      You’re welcome, Nelly. Let me know how I can help.

      Take care,

  • Cheryl Rojo

    Dear Carol
    I just read you post on Free Traffic vs Paid Traffic. Can you help me to start out on how do i get free traffic to my site? Iam paying alot of money on asvertiseing and it is money I realy don’t have. I so realy want to make this work for me. I just got anthonys book on makeing Profits from home and going to start reading it after I watch the videos he also. Thanks for hearing me out.
    Talk soon I hope

    • Carol Amato

      Hi, Cheryl,

      What site are you referring to? If you are referring to the freebie, affilate-mall given with the book, I wouldn’t recommend driving ANY traffic to it.

      You simply do NOT have any control over that site, period.

      I think you need to start your own squeeze page and blog.

      You can use free methods of traffic including facebook, twitter, forums, email, etc.

      Sent you an email also.

      Hope to help,

  • parttimeworld

    I do agree completely to the fact that a slight change in adwords policy may affect the Adwords campaign.
    So better to plan abinitio free traffic.
    But getting free traffic need consistent effort and takes time too.
    One has to be patient.

    • Carol Amato


      Yes, it does take time and the rewards are great!

      Thanks for stopping by,

  • James Magee

    Hi Carol,

    I’m in the Justin Glover program now.

    Thanks for helping me get started on the right track.


    • Carol

      You’re welcome, James. I only recommend things that I believe will help because
      I know how hard we all work to earn the money we make, and it is hard to part with it.

      Have a great day. :)


      • Carol Amato


  • Dorothy

    Hello Caro,

    I do need a step by step direction on how to generate traffic for my online business. Any ideas about websites that will be of help?

    • Carol Amato

      Hello Dorothy,

      My blog is full of powerful Free information. You can use the Search Function above to look for different posts about a particular topic you are interested in, which is a big time-saver. Just type in a topic you are interested in, like “traffic” and hit Enter with your keyboard. You’ll see tons of posts about generating traffic. I prefer the free method myself. 😉

      Thanks for stopping by. – Carol

  • Carol Amato

    Hi Esemon,

    You definitely could, but I’ve chosen to stay away from Adsense for my main money site (the hub of my presence online) as this draws people AWAY from my site instead of staying on it, which is my goal.

    Hope to help.
    – Carol Amato