Find Your True Site Rankings With Scroogle

Most people don’t realize that Google analyzes people’s cookies and search histories when determining search results. 

That means your search results are predetermined based on your behaviors.  For instance, if you Google the same set of keywords and click on the same websites on a regular basis, Google will begin putting those sites on the top of your search results.  However, someone else might search for the same keywords and see a different set of results, based on his behaviors. 

Find Your True Site Rankings With Scroogle

Because of this, it’s impossible to see how your site ranks for specific keywords.  For instance, assume I wanted to see how my blog ranks for the terms “Internet marketing.”  If I went to Google and conducted the search, I would receive results based on my search patterns.  Since I visit my site often, it would be near the top of the list.  However, it might be much further down if someone else Googled “Internet Marketing.”

That’s why I use Scroogle.

What is Scroogle?

Scroogle is an open source program that can be accessed online or used as a plug-in.  It allows users to conduct unbiased web searches.  It doesn’t track IP addresses, store search histories or track cookies.  Instead, it brings up results based solely on search ranking. 

Thus, you can tell where your site actually ranks when you type keywords into this search engine.  You don’t have to worry about your past behaviors impacting your results.  Instead, you can get your true ranking, without any bias. 

Using Scroogle

You can access Scroogle by going to  Once there, you can install a plug-in for your web browser or you can click on “Scroogle Scraper” and start the search process immediately. 

You can start the search by typing keywords that you want to rank for into the search box.  For example, if you’re marketing Xbox 360 video games, you’ll need to type keywords related to this niche into the search box. 

Find Your True Site Rankings With Scroogle

Once you type the keywords in, you’ll get a list of result that you’ll need to comb through.  As you do this, pay attention to two things.  First, find out where your site ranks.  Second, look at the sites that rank above yours.  Analyze these sites so you can find out why they are ranked above you.  Do they have a stronger keyword density? 

Do they have more inbound links?  Ask yourself these questions as you look into each of your competitor’s sites. 

Then, use the information to formulate a game plan.  You might need to add more keywords to your site, or you might need to conduct research to find better keywords.  You also might need to work on your linking.  Whatever you need to do, put it into action so you can start climbing up in the results.Find Your True Site Rankings With Scroogle

Then, you can go back to Scroogle to see if your new techniques helped you move up in the rankings.

As you go through this process, it’s important that you don’t get discouraged.  SEO takes some work.  You can’t just add some keywords into your site and then rank immediately.  You’ll have to tweak your site several times, but once you are finished, you should have a powerful site with a great ranking.


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  • Linda

    I really need to start using Scroogle. What an invaluable tool! Thanks for letting us know this kind of information.

    • Carol Amato

      Hi Linda!
      You’re welcome, – I really enjoy helping folks in their businesses! :)
      Have a good evening.
      – Carol