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If you’ve ever tried your hand at affiliate marketing, you know the importance of finding good products to promote.  Some products practically sell themselves, while others won’t sell, no matter what you do.  Up until recently, people had to do their own research to find top products.  Now, though, there’s an easier way to conduct product research.  You can have the hottest affiliate products and can find profitable affiliate products with CB Surge.

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What is CB Surge?

CB Surge is a Firefox plug-in that helps affiliates find the best products to market on ClickBank.  The plug-in has free and paid versions.  While you can definitely upgrade to the paid version, the free version has lots of features that will help you find great products on ClickBank. 

If you download the free version of CB Surge, you’ll be able to:

  • See the products with the top gravity ratings
  • Determine if a product is or isn’t marketable
  • View statistics for the last thirty days

Gravity Ratings

CB Surge allows users to see the ten products that have the highest gravity ratings in ClickBank.  According to ClickBank, gravity is the “number of distinct affiliates who earned a commission by referring a paying customer to the vendor’s products.”

Thus, affiliates tend to have a great deal of success marketing products that have high gravity ratings.


CB Surge also allows users to see if a product is marketable or not.  The program determines marketability by analyzing the competition and other factors. 

When you choose a product that is marketable, you’ll know that the market isn’t saturated with affiliates.  Thus, you’ll be able to get traffic to your site and make sales.


CB Surge also gives users access to a wealth of statistics.  These statistics come in the form of graphs, and allow users to track data for the last thirty days.  Thus, you can see how well a product has performed in the last month.  This will help you pick solid products.

Installing CB Surge

Before you can install CB Surge, you have to make sure you have Mozilla Firefox on your computer.  Firefox is a web browser that can be downloaded at

After you install Firefox, go to CB Surge and once there, enter your full name and email address.  Then, click “Download.”

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Once CB Surge is downloaded, the Firefox web browser will open and ask for permission to run CB Surge.  Grant the permission and close your web browser. 

Then, open up Firefox and go to ClickBank.  Log in with your ClickBank account and go to the marketplace.  Now, you can begin using CB Surge.  You can access the “Top Gravity,” button on the main marketplace page, or when you click on one of the categories. 

You can tell if a product is marketable or not by looking at the color codes provided by CB Surge.  Products that are highlighted in green are marketable, and products highlighted in red aren’t marketable.

Finally, you an access the graphs by clicking on the plus sign next to the product.

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Start using this plug-in today.  It will help you find profitable products in ClickBank, so you can start making money with affiliate marketing.

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  • Lori

    I’ll have to get my Firefox up and running to check this out. Looks like it may be worth it.

    • Carol Amato

      Hi Lori,
      Yes, it is very much worth installing FireFox for…..check it out!

      Have a good evening. :)
      – Carol

  • herbert

    Hi Carol,get to hear from you again.can you help me there a course where they show you step by step on how to set up and know that your affiliate marketing site is working. I will go crazy if i by another advance course while i am still is the ground.i have three domain sites and don,t know what is going on with them.They say thing get easier once you understand.
    your are great keep it up Thanks herbert.

    • Carol Amato

      Hi Herbert!

      I DO NOT recommend you start with more than ONE site…..

      I highly recommend you get one site up and running and profitable, meaning getting traffic and plenty of sales before you tackle more sites. If you try to do three at once, you are asking for trouble, in my opinion.

      Google Sniper helps teach folks how to put up affiliate sites….

      If you feel that that Google Sniper is advanced, then perhaps you should take some free online courses to develop some basic computer skills. Newly Internet marketers absolutely have to be willing to spend the time to develop the necessary new skills with which to take action on the training that they are undertaking and the new things that they are learning.

      Remember, Google and YouTube are your friends – you can find free tutorials by doing just the basic search online on these sites.

      Hope to help,
      – Carol

      There is a learning curve with everything new and worth learning…

  • aida suarez

    Carol, thanks on the lesson: Find Profitable Affiliate Products with CB Surge.
    Mas claro no canta el gallo.”
    I am learning the jargon of Internet marketing, very, very fast. I follow your instructions very careful… and you will see that soon or later I will be sending my boat to the water.

    I do not have 1 Domain to start with yet. I have to buy and read your book about the must List first. I am working on it. The Pay pal is up already but not running yet, because has to be confirmed first.

    This thing about affiliates I know will be a blast! I should not be too ambitious right away thou. We crawl before we walk, then learn how to run. And even do marathons sometimes later.

    I want to tell… to whom will be interested… that I cut and paste the lessons that had been coming from Carol, in another folder. And they are my tutorial for now. I re-arranged it my way… cutting down things that I do not want to see for now…. later yes! Everything is important! Also I bookmark some sites… or market down pages to read later. When I am doing my lessons I am totally absorbed. I do not even answer the cellular phone, to be able to have total concentration. The world around me never stand still enough! And I do not want to go crazy seeing it spinning.

    Reading from the computer screen too much is not even good for the human brains, neither for the eyes. I also seat down with a cup of hot cocoa sipping slowly and listening to relaxing music to quite down my system. Otherwise, I get too anxious. OK, I have to do my jig-puzzle now to relax my mind before I go to sleep. Good night friend!

    • Carol Amato

      Hello Aida!

      What a wonderful idea to rearrange the info for your study…..that is convenient, just be careful not to leave out some important and critical step….lol

      Great relaxation techniques….I need to do that more often! :)

      You can download my List Building Basics eBook for just the price of ONE TWEET!!!

      Go here:

      Then, you would sign in with Twitter (or facebook) and tweet it, then you are taken to the eBook!

      Make sure to download (File, Save As) save it to your computer for future reference.

      Hope to help. :)
      – Carol

  • Ron

    Hallo Carol,
    I have been reading and watching your blog every day.
    Very interesting plus good for learning.
    I been working with Commision Streamer, but so far no luck yet
    I keep trying.
    Keep going friend.
    Thank you, Ron

    • Carol Amato

      Hi Ron, I’m very glad the information is helpful to you.
      I have never heard of commission streamer, but I wish you all the best with it.
      Thanks for stopping by to comment – much appreciated.

      Have a great weekend.

      – Carol

  • tom

    carol having a bit of a problem with CBSurge have several computers, the first was a nightmare to load, so i loaded it on the computer with firefox seemed alright then i am having a problem finding the page with the original instruction as how to apply the information to on the CBSurge cliclbank web site… Seems as a whole lot of people are having trouble… Is Anthony Morrison involved with this site…. thank you, may have to cancel another site as i may not have enough knowledge yet to proceed.

    • Carol Amato

      Hi Tom,

      I don’t really know of anyone having trouble. CBSurge is an extension/plugin for FireFox……it has nothing to do with Anthony Morrison.

      Try going back and reading my blog post about it again….that may really help you.

      I downloaded the CBSurge to my desktop. Closed my browser. Opened my browser and went to File (upper left corner) and chose “Open File…” and navigated to the CBSurge file on my desktop. I followed prompts to activate or whatever the wording was to say yes, I want it on Firefox…

      Then, I clicked on options and entered the info (one part was my ClickBank ID (nickname) and the other was the email I signed up with and password I was sent in an email by CBSurge.

      Then go to ClickBank and to their Marketplace. Go to any product and click the little plus thingy to the left to start exploring all of the EXTRA data that is now available to you – it is AWESOME!!!

      Hope to help.
      – Carol

  • aida c. suarez

    Yes Carol I hear you about the recomendation to CB Surge. This a blog that i read before. But at that time I was paying moew attention to Instant Product Engine, And i thought were related. Well now i see that everythings is in IM. In other words, everything is important. The difficult things for newbies is trying to figure out what is priority. But in that area you’re lessons are a lot of help.. so yes, i will about the free SB Surge first.

    Now another things is…. that i’ve been reading about –and this is somehow relatate–
    Tiffany Dow’s Blog, and I am impressed with her guts to come out of the shadow of gost- writing for males gurus. And this days are doing good to us women.
    Congrats to you being a winner! Of this significant award. You did it so fast! You da woman!
    Now, remember that i was attracted to your blog because of you gender. Because I thought at the time you’re unique doing IM, since I was seeing so many males dominate the arena. So…. good your you! And good for Tiffany and the other women marketers! Hope pretty soon i will join the rank of being one of the best. Ha! Meantime, God bless us all! The race is tough, but we also have brain, talent and guts! WE ARE A FRONT! aidaceleste

    • Carol Amato

      Hello Aida,

      Yes, I am very tuned into women marketers, and am so glad Tiffany won – she is honest and really helps people.

      I hope you have a wonderful weekend, Aida, and please let me know if you have any specific questions. :)
      Take care of yourself,
      Carol Amato