Certain Success By Norval A. Hawkins

 Certain Success By Norval A. Hawkins

Author of “The Selling Process”

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Certain Success By Norval A. Hawkins

Author:  Norval A. Hawkins
Published:  1920
Pages:  393

Certain Success By Norval A. Hawkins

Anyone can achieve success. 
The key is to eliminate characteristics of failure and replace them with characteristics of success.

Certain Success By Norval A. Hawkins


There are particular characteristics one can have, and particular things one can do, that will make failure in life certain.  Why, then, should not the possession of particular opposite characteristics, and the doing of particular opposite things, result as certainly in success, which is the antithesis of failure?

That is a logical, common-sense question.  The purpose of this book and its companion volume, “The Selling Process,” is to answer it convincingly for you.

Use this book as a guide so you can obtain the characteristics of success.  Download Certain Success by Norval A. Hawkins today.


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  • aida c. suarez

    Thank you Carol, greal book The Selling Process. I can see now you’re succesfull. You had read great books! And had taken notes… and apply the golden nudgets to your business of an internet marketer! I am here just trying to imitate you! Wish me luck! Aida

    • http://www.CarolAmato.com/ Carol Amato

      Hello Aida!

      I know you’ll do great!!
      Have a blessed Lord’s day tomorrow.
      – Carol