Build Your List by Blogging

Creating a blog is a wonderful way to build your list and establish a central hub on the Internet.

You can build your list by blogging but don’t expect instant results.

Like article marketing, this technique can take time before you start really seeing good measurable results, so don’t be discouraged when you don’t see immediate income.  It takes time and effort to build up the trust of your visitors and also to get the traffic needed for constant increasing results.

Blogging is a great way to create sustainable long-term list building, and build your credibility and

Build Your List by BloggingDo your very best to deliver great content first and foremost that helps solve your visitors’ problems.  By  doing so, you will build great traffic which gives you the opportunity to build your list.

Plans to build your list by blogging require you to prepare well and stick to your plan.

The hardest work is at the start.  The first subscriber is always the hardest and most costly to get!

Deciding to build your list by blogging gets easier once you have built momentum.  Be Consistent!

Give Them What They Want

The most successful blogs focus on their target audience.  Be real.

Knowing yourself and your audience are extremely important aspects of successful blogging.

Identifying who you are as a blogger, what you’ll be blogging about, and who your audience will be; are keys to success when attempting to build your list by blogging.

Be Passionate

Passion breeds passion.  If you aren’t enjoying what you’re blogging about, it’s difficult to be consistent, so blog about things you truly enjoy.  Find a voice that you enjoy writing in and stick with it.

Create Meaningful Titles

Titles are absolutely essential to blogging successfully:  Every blog post title should give readers a reason to want to read the entire post.

Updating your blog often with fresh content serves two major purposes:

  1. Search engines love fresh content and will revisit your site more often the more it’s
  2. Readers love new and fresh content.

Keep your site simple and clean!

It’s not time for flashy banners and buy now buttons.  It is all about building a relationship with people through your content and your brand.

Be careful not to give your readers too many choices of action to take so that they focus on your main goal, which is getting your reader to subscribe to your list.

Provide good relevant niche-specific, problem solving content.  Remember that the purpose of content is to provide value to others.  So ask yourself…Do you provide genuine value, and is it the best you’re capable of providing?

You can earn while you build your list by blogging as you promote affiliate products.  Choose products that relate to your niche and which will help your visitors progress toward their goals.

Check out my Free Stuff and Favorite Resources for tools.  Following the above guidelines will increase your success rate in working to build your list by blogging.

I’d love to hear your thoughts below.

Take Care,
Carol Amato

Personal Coach and Mentor
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    Build Your List by Blogging is an excellent idea!

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      I am glad you think so, David.

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