AWeber vs GetResponse – Which Should You Use?

Ask a dozen Internet marketers about which autorepsonder service to use for the best results, and you’ll likely get as many answers. AWeber vs GetResponse: Both have features that can enhance our autoresponder experience, but most of us want to know the best and most cost effective solution to our autoresponder issues. GetResponse is less expensive, but does it perform as well as AWeber?

AWeber vs GetResponse

The facts are that we must choose an autoresponder service that can help us build and maintain our lists. It’s one of the most important choices we make about our businesses. There are other autoresponder services out there, but AWeber and GetResponse are the most popular.

There are some differences, and perhaps the following comparison will help you decide which to use.

AWeber vs GetResponse – The Facts

AWeber was founded in 1998 by Tom Kuzler and GetResponse was founded the same year by Simon Gabrowski and rank much the same in satisfaction of their users:

  • Alexa Ranking: An Alexa ranking is where a site stands within its competitors. Alexa collects and analyzes data on how a site operates and reports that data for rankings. Many elements go in to these Alexa rankings, so don’t base your entire decision on it, but it does give you a good idea about how others view the two autoresponder providers.

    According to Alexa rankings among competitors, the results are:  AWeber — 134  GetResponse — 612

  • Twitter Followers:  AWeber – 12,919    GetResponse – 10,075
  • FaceBook Followers:  AWeber – 12,666    GetResponse – 3,947

As you can see from the above comparison, AWeber outranks GetResponse in these findings. But, let’s look at other comparison points for the two services.


  • Excellent Support – Includes weekly webinars, chat features and tutorials. Great Help is easily accessed.

  • Email Delivery – The quality of AWeber’s email deliverability is excellent. Both services have a 99% delivery rate and you won’t find any others that perform this well.

  • Pricing Structure – Of all the reasons to choose an autoresponder service, price shouldn’t be one of the features – but quality should be. AWeber is slightly more expensive than GetResponse, but offer specials to beginning customers. If you’re managing larger lists, price becomes much more important.

  • Ease of Use – When it comes to the Interface and managing your lists, the AWeber Interface seems to be superior to GetResponse. You’ll also be able to access a “progress bar” for each of your lists – a great time-saving feature.

  • List-Building Forms – The forms your future customer uses to add their names and email address to your lists should be straightforward aAWeber vs GetResponsend very easy to use. AWeber comes out ahead in the selection and ease of use for forms.


  • Stock Image Gallery – Lets you add stock images from an extensive gallery right to your emails. So far, that hasn’t been possible in AWeber.

  • Social Network Integration – The best when it comes to integration with such popular social networks as FaceBook and Twitter.

  • Customer Support – Same quality as AWeber that includes live chat, webinars and video tutorials.

  • Email Delivery – Equal to AWeber. You can’t go wrong on this important autoresponder factor no matter which service you choose. Both have features that ensure your emails aren’t blocked or considered as spam.

  • Pricing Structure – Less expensive than AWeber. This isn’t important at first, because the pricing is similar, but as you build your list, this becomes a feature that you must consider.

  • Ease of Use and Interface – Most users tend to favor AWeber in this area. However, this is based on personal preference and you should carefully consider each one before making up your mind. GetResponse has made some changes in the last few months that are pulling users from AWeber because of the new look and usability.

  • List-Building Forms – While AWeber has over 1500 form templates from which to choose, GetResponse has only 100 – a clear disadvantage. But, more isn’t always better. You may find a form in GetResponse that suits your needs exactly.

The facts for the two popular email autoresponder and list building services are always changing. The best way to compare is to do it yourself and make up your own mind at the end of your research.

The Importance of Choosing Good Email Marketing Software

Anyone in the Internet marketing business knows how important email marketing is to our future business prospects. It’s a powerful way to build a customer list of value and make it a part of the sales process. It’s also a wonderful way to connect with your customers and keep your name in their minds for future sales.

AWeber vs GetResponseBoth AWeber and GetResponse can help target your audience, inform them by using graphs, videos and images and produce a professional image and reputation for your business.

The two email marketing software programs rank pretty much even in usability and helpful features – so, it comes down to your preference. What might seem to be a great quality to one might be a liability to another.

That’s why it’s important to do your own research and make up your own mind. With two quality products that are so similar and each changing daily, you’ll likely be great with either choice. Click here to see another cool post on GetResponse:

Keep in mind that email marketing is an opt-in situation for your potential buyers, and it reaches global clients – a great way to reach more people in more places than ever before.

You won’t lose with either choice you make – AWeber vs GetResponse, so choose one for your emailing and autoresponder needs. Either should meet your Internet marketing needs.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, leave a comment below as to your favorite email marketing company.

Take Care,

Personal Coach and Mentor
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  • Donald Thomas

    Hi Carol, I have only used AWeber and you are right. They have outstanding customer service and tutorials. I do notice that lately I have been getting a lot of email powered by GetResponse. So it is something to definitely check out.

    Thanks for the Webinar this afternoon.I like Webinars where there isn’t any sales pitch and your always seem to fit that bill!

    Also looking forward to re-reading the 20 books post, which I am about to do!


    • Carol Amato

      Hi Donald!

      Yep, they definitely have good tutorials, I’ve had a bad experience with them in the area of trying to get one of my affiliate checks re-issued, but oh well, such is life.

      You’re welcome for the bonus webinar. I’ll always provide value-driven content on webinars, but will more often than not have an offer at the end. When I’m attending a webinar, I want an option of whether to do things the manual way they taught, or get a shortcut. I usually vote for the shortcut. :)

      Have a blessed weekend.

      – Carol

    • Carol Amato

      P.S. Go to and put a profile picture in! You’re more likely to get links to your post if people can associate a person with it…. :)

  • Donald Thomas

    Done and thank you!

    • Carol Amato

      Awesome, way to take fast action! :)

  • Ruchik

    Hey Carol,I like this detailed comparison and review.I have been using getresonse for a year long.So far it is good but i want to test with aweber now.Your comparision is going to help me to take clear decision.

    Thank you .:)

    • Carol Amato

      Hi Ruchik!

      I’m so glad this post is helping! I’m just the opposite, been with AWeber since the beginning and just recently got a GetResponse account.

      Thanks for stopping by to share your thoughts. :)

      Have a great weekend.

      – Carol

  • Ruth Clark

    Great post, Carol, and as always, good insight into the tools that we use.

    I use Aweber and have since the beginning. I’m happy with them and don’t mind the small monthly payment in return for confidence that my emails will get out on time. I also subscribe to their tips and keep up with anything new. Not that I try everything. But, at least I’m aware of anything new.

    At first, one can subscribe to Aweber’s tips for use and it really does help to get started. Again, thanks for a great post.

    • Carol Amato

      Hi Ruth,

      I think it’s wonderful that you are utilyzing the opportunity to learn from a professional autoresponder company. I have accounts with AWeber and GetResponse and like them both. I think GetResponse has an edge with being more technologically advanced…

      Hope you’re having a nice long weekend. :)

      – Carol

  • Jim Ducharme

    Hi Carol,

    If you ever have questions or suggestions for GetResponse, just ping me on FB, Li, Twitter or email. Always happy to talk about email marketing – we’re working to hard to make it easy.

    Jim Ducharme
    GetResponse Community Director

    • Carol Amato

      Hello Jim,

      I appreciate that very much! Excellent service!

      Thanks for stopping by.

      – Carol Amato

  • http:/// Mick Kitor

    Hi Carol,

    I manage GetResponse’ affiliate program.

    I saw that you “… had a bad experience with them in the area of trying to get one of my affiliate checks re-issued, but oh well, such is life.”

    I’d like to help if it’s not too late.


    Mick Kitor
    Partner & Affiliate Manager

    • Carol Amato

      Hello Mick,

      I was referring to AWeber… They apparently only re-issue affiliate checks every 6-12 months! lol The situation was an un-depositied affiliate check was found, and it had already expired. I called customer service and offered to pay the admin fee to have it re-issued me…. It’s been almost a year, and I’m still waiting, after several calls to the company, and speaking with the manager … Seems the owner set this rule.

      So no worries, Mick, I appreciate your willingness to help, but no need! :)

      – Carol

  • Geri Richmond

    Hi Carol,

    I have used AWeber from the start. I think at some point in time, you might want to try Get Response, only because it’s less expensive for those marketers who have large lists. I understand with AWeber that it can become expensive when your list numbers start growing. Something to think about. There are pros and cons for both companies. Guess it depends on your needs as to which one to choose.


    • Carol Amato

      Hi Geri,

      Yes, I had used AWeber from the start also. Yep, a lot to consider.

      Thanks for stopping by to share your thoughts. :)

      Have a good evening.
      – Carol

  • Heather Stone

    Great side by side comparison, Carol. This is a tool that is vitally important, especially to many online businesses, so it’s critical to choose the solution that works best for you. Thanks for sharing your post with the BizSugar community. I hope there will be many more to come.

    • Carol Amato

      Hi Heather,

      I’m very glad you enjoyed the post. You are very welcome; I’ve enjoyed and count it a privilege to participate. :)

      Have a good evening.

      – Carol

  • Keith

    We have been trialling GetResponse, and we were about to sign up, but really the editor has too many bugs. We’re using a very minimal template (basically nothing except a footer with our company info in), but we keep finding odd words are in a 12pt font with the rest of the mail 16pt. Looks fine in the editor, but the preview shows the problem. Selecting all text, changing to, say, 10pt then back to 16pt fixes it – but it’s really annoying. So, MailChimp or Aweber, I think…

    • Carol Amato

      Hi Keith,

      That would be annoying, I don’t blame you! Did MailChimp change their Terms of Service to inlcude affiliate marketers? I know they used to be off limits with them before…

      Thanks for stopping by to share your thoughts. :)

      – Carol

    • Jim Ducharme

      Hi Keith,

      Before you give up, call our support team and let them take a look at the code. This is not likely a bug (the editor has been live now for many months), It’s just as likely it’s a formatting issue with possibly an open ended tag or some such, but I’m speculating since I haven’t seen your code. I’m not blaming your code by any means, but in my experience it’s a possible issue considering what you are saying here.

      If I can help personally please ping me on Twitter @hugehheadca and I’ll be happy to assist.


      • Carol Amato

        Thanks for stopping by, Jim! :)

        – Carol

  • Mary

    Hi Carol,
    Thanks for this post.

    I am just starting a list and I am inside both aweber and Get Response right now checking them out.
    I need to choose.

    For me the learning curve is high no matter what but Get response has an impossible interface.

    I have spent 4 hours and gotten no where. There is no support on Sundays. I couldn’t get through one aspect without a glitch.

    It looks like it is a great service but how do you learn it?

    The tutorials are like very short bad commercials. They teach nothing. No step by step help at all. I do like the price, it is a lot better than aweber.

    But Aweber is a lot easier. I was able to figure out my first list in a few hours and only one phone call.

    I actually would like to make Get Response work for me, it has some features I like also.

    Do you have any idea how I might get training? There is a lot on aweber.

    I can call but I have 3 pages of questions after 4 hours inside.

    Do you have a preference? Thanks Mary

    • Carol Amato

      Hi Mary!

      You are very welcome – glad you’re putting an emphasis on list building. :)

      Thanks for stopping by to share your thoughts. :)

      – Carol

      • mary

        Hi Carol, Thank you for your response. Do you have a preference or know about any training? thanks Mary

        • Carol Amato

          Hi Mary!

          First of all Google and YouTube are your friends for FREE training, so you can search specifically what you want to learn, and you’ll receive a score of tutorials to help you. If you have a specific request, maybe I could help. :)

          – Carol

  • asgonzales

    I’m using aweber for some time and I found it useful and easy to use. But its ok to try sometime new. LOL

    • Carol Amato

      Hi Adrian, even with the benefits of GetResponse, I ended up keeping only AWeber… Thanks!