Autoresponse Plus or AWeber?

Autoresponse Plus or AWeber?

Autoresponse Plus or AWeber, that is the question!

I’ve heard a lot of buzz and confusion lately over the differences between the two so will answer, “Autoresponse Plus or AWeber?” . . . and why!

Let’s talk about the pros and cons of both AWeber and Autoresponse Plus so that we can decide this all important question:  Autoresponse Plus or AWeber?

Yes, there are other professional autoresponder companies out there, but I have heard the most buzz lately about these two.

AWeber – Pros

  1. No installation needed
  2. Extremely easy to use
  3. Phone support that is toll-free
  4. Easy way to capture data for PayPal, Clickbank, etc.
  5. Analytics – Reports and graphs section
  6. Analyzer for spam, already built in for your messages
  7. Unlimited autoresponders
  8. Company professionalism; they take care of everything
  9. High deliverability rate – 99%
  10. Templates for emails in HTML

Autoresponse Plus – Pros

  1. You can import/export unlimited subscribers without verified opt-in
  2. You pay once, full amount
  3. The ability to organize and edit large amounts of customer data at once
  4. Simple to use
  5. Unlimited email address and autoresonders
  6. Control over all aspects of your list

AWeber – Cons

  1. Any subscribers that are imported must verify subscription before being added
  2. Limited in editing subscriber data

Autoresponse Plus – Cons

  1. You get all spam complaints directly
  2. Cost involved to have custom scripts developed for things like PayPal or Clickbank automatic customer import
  3. If something goes wrong, you have to fix it yourself or hire someone to fix it
  4. No updates for new features
  5. Expensive and limited support; you’re on your own

When I look over the pros and cons above, it is apparent to me that anyone glancing at them will want to start with the professional autoresponder company, AWeber.

Autoresponse Plus is highly regarded, however, for the Internet marketer who does not want to be bothered with the hosting and support and spam, etc. as listed above, the 30-day trial with AWeber for $1 can’t be beat!

I have used AWeber exclusively and have had excellent support in all my dealings with them.  You can sign up today for $1, then at the end of 30 days you can decide if  you want to keep it.  If you do, you will pay $19 per month.

A professional autoresponder is my FAVORITE business tool ever, could not do my business without them.

So now it’s time for you to answer for yourself; Autoresponse Plus or AWeber?

autoresponse plus or aweber

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  • Chris

    wow, that really puts it in a simple light for me to decide. Been on the fence because of so much info out there. thanks for everythang…

    • Carol Amato

      So glad to help, Chris. Let me know if you have any questions.
      Thanks for stopping by. – Carol

  • Christopher Chipoli

    Thanks Carol I was doing research on aweber and and other company’s out there But as you put aweber is the best by far …. Thanks so much Carol for this info .. Your the best working with a small budget really does work if no whats good .. Yet again carol you have out done yourself here…
    Thanks a million for the info!!!!!

    • Carol Amato

      You’re welcome, Chip. I have heard a lot of talk about looking into companies that you host yourself, etc. – yeah, you have complete control but the problems that come with it aren’t worth it, in my opinion.

      Have a great day.

  • Bobby Sims

    Carol, I absolutely agree with you about so much buzz and confusion over ” Autoresponse Plus or AWeber.” But, I’m still trying to decide which one of them are turely worthy.

    • Carol Amato

      Hey Bobby,

      Lots to consider! :)

      Thanks for stopping by. – Carol

  • Dorothy

    Hello Carol,
    Thanks a lot for the information provided. That’s quite awesome and encouraging.


    • Carol Amato

      You’re welcome, Dorothy. I am glad to provide good info that I would want someone to help me with.

      Thanks for stopping by. – Carol