Are You Building A List Yet?

Are You Building A List Yet – Start Your Internet Marketing Business With A Bang


Almost every Internet marketing venture can be boosted by list building.  Are you building a list yet?  If you are serious about making a decent income online, you should really consider building a list of subscribers.

Are You Building A List Yet?

The people that sign up for your list will eventually become your customers, given that you treat them right.  It is much easier to sell to someone you communicate with on a regular basis than a random visitor to your website.

There really isn’t much to building a list.  Some marketers are intimidated by the thought of having to maintain a large list of subscribers.  However, you can invest in an autoresponder service such as AWeber to handle most of the work for you.  The autoresponder allows you to queue messages to be sent to your subscribers at specific time intervals that you set up.

A great deal of email marketing and list building can be done on autopilot when you use an autoresponder.

To start building a list, you will need to set up a squeeze page.   This will include the web form that you want people to complete in order to subscribe to your list.  The form isn’t difficult to generate,  and most autoresponder services have a tool that assists you with the creation of the form as well as information on how to place the form on your website.

It’s a good idea to offer a free gift in exchange for the visitor’s name and email.  To get the product, the visitors must complete a web form by submitting their name and email address.  This is a win-win situation for both you and your visitors.  They have information that can help them with the niche you are building the list in,  and you have a new subscriber,  which you can communicate with via emails.

Are You Building A List Yet?

Once you start to gain new subscribers,  they will automatically receive the email messages that you have queued in your autoresponder.

Providing useful,  high quality content to your subscribers is vital if you want list building to be a lucrative Internet marketing method for your business.  In between the informative emails,  you can include promotional emails where you will pre-sell your list on products and services related to the niche.

These can be your products or those that you sell as an affiliate,  and this is where the money making part of list building comes into play.   As long as they are a good fit for your list and they are valuable,  it is a great situation for all.


Are You Building A List Yet?

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  • Cindy

    I haven’t started building my list yet, still in the beginning stages here. Good to know this.

    • Carol Amato

      Hey, Cindy, just make sure you start list building at the beginning…..don’t wait because many Internet marketers regret waiting till later to do it.

      Hope to help. :)

      – Carol

  • Rudy

    I can see the wisdom in building a list. Good article.

    • Carol Amato

      Glad you can, Rudy – Let me know how I can help.

      – Carol

  • Sharon Howell

    Carol, finally moved to storage! Getting Internet back this afternoon. Have only had my Droid. Excited about getting on the info you have been giving :-) starting with the list. Be talking with you soon & thank you for your help truly… Sharon

    • Carol Amato

      Hi Sharon,

      So glad you’ll be connected in a bigger way. 😉

      Excited for you!

      – Carol