How to Add Facebook Profile Picture

Add Facebook Profile Picture

Today I’d like to add a picture to my Facebook profile.  I want to make sure I click on the home link, so that I’m on the home page on Facebook.  Then I want to come here and click on my name in the upper left-hand corner where it says Carol Hoye Amato.  It’s going to take me to this page – I’m going to click on add profile picture.

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Now I’ve already decided which picture I’d like to use.  So when I click on ‘add profile picture,’ I’m going to click on ‘upload photo,’ and I’m going to navigate to the place on my computer where I have the pictures stored.  And I’m going to click ‘open’ once the file is highlighted, and it’s uploading that picture – there it is.  Okay, great.  I’m going to click on my home page again, then I’m going to click on ‘Carol Hoye Amato‘, (upper left corner).

I’m going to click on the link that says ‘edit profile picture‘ because you may or may not like the way your picture appears.  It may be off-center, it may not be showing the part that you would like to highlight.  So you can click on ‘edit profile picture,’ then go down And click on ‘edit thumbnail.’ 

Now, you can ‘scale to fit,’ where it would make sure the picture is centered and scaled, or you can drag the image to adjust how you would like it to appear on your profile page.

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Click to Tweet How to Add a Facebook Profile PictureRight now, my picture was centered, it looks great – but say I wanted to push it over to the right, drag it up into the right and click save. 

You’ll see the change in a moment. See how it’s pushed up and to the right?  Well, that isn’t centered so I don’t want to keep it that way, so I’m going to click on ‘edit profile picture,’ ‘edit thumbnail.’  I am going to drag it back and center it with my mouse, and now everyone can see who I am and associate a face with a name.

* If you don’t already, make sure to add a Facebook profile image so that you’ll connect with your friends and family in a much more engaging way.  It doesn’t have to be a personal picture, it can be anything you want – a photo of your family, a beautiful scene, a pet, etc. I’d love to hear your thoughts below.

Take Care,
Carol Amato

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  • Adrian

    This post and video is really awesome. Thanks Carol for sharing this post to all of us. =)

    • Carol Amato

      Hi Adrian,

      Glad you liked it. Have a wonderful day. :)

      – Carol

  • Angyer vandefan

    Hey Carol!!

    Thanks for sharing ok. I found it extremely difficult at first locating files in their

    location and I guess a lot of people still find this as a problem.

    Ever since struggling with files location, I knew that some stuff are not common

    sense because one has to learn or know how to do it right.

    Cheers Carol :.)

    • Carol Amato

      Thanks, Angyer,

      Those who have been using Facebook for a long time don’t really need this information, however, for the beginner it’s valuable information.

      Yes I struggled with the file location as well in the beginning and had to go searching for tutorial.

      Thanks for coming by to share your feedback. I appreciate it.

      Take care,
      – Carol