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Wow, you really want to know about Carol Amato? Well, let me try to give you a glimpse…

Location and History

My husband, son and I thoroughly enjoy living in Tampa, Florida and am thankful to be near my daughter and her husband. My middle daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter live in San Antonio, Texas.

After graduating high school, I helped my fiancé (born and raised in Italy) run his restaurant along with his family.

It was hard work but the Original Italian Pizza became a very popular place in the little town we lived, Lewistown, Pennsylvania. Years later, we sold the business to my sister-in-law and moved to Florida.

Over the years, I worked from home as a customer service rep, eBay power seller and a medical transcriptionist. I enjoyed learning new things, but they all ended for one reason or another.

My Role

It is apparent, by the domain name I chose for this site, that I want to be the main hub of my activity on the Internet.

I have a passion for helping people achieve their goals and enjoy interacting with my readers on a daily basis. I have truly made some wonderful friends along the way which makes the journey so delightful.

Most days are spent at home in our office assisting with my husband’s business and working on my Internet marketing projects.

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Joys In Life

My family is a joy – my life is centered around my husband of 33 years and three ‘big’ kids: I have two married daughters, one living in San Antonio, another in Tampa, and my son just finished his last semester of college — they are the best! So thrilled my business has enabled me to pay cash for his college education – no student loans for us!

One of the most surprising joys I have found is helping others on their personal journey of earning money from home…helping them along the path to achieve their goals – it’s been very rewarding.

Things Most People Online Don’t Know About Carol Amato

– Foodie –

I am…no, WE (entire household) are foodies!

If you were a fly on the wall during our dinner time, you’d laugh at how we savor each bite of food, analyze and critique each aspect of every recipe, and plan for the next time…all part of dinner conversation.

– I Speak Italian –

While working with my husband and his family, I learned to speak the native dialect of my husband’s home town, Carini….so, I speak Carinise, a Sicilian dialect. When visiting Sicily, many of the locals told me they couldn’t distinguish a difference…that I sounded like a native Sicilian.

– I am a Christian –

I accepted the Lord as my Savior when I was 12 – best decision I ever made! If you want to read about it, click here.

– Eastern Time –

At one point we lived in Pensacola (21 years) and were in the Central time zone, but we recently moved to Tampa, Florida (Hillsborough County), and love it, hence we are now in the Eastern Time Zone.


My oldest daughter, Jessica, on our quarter horse, Casey


 My husband’s hometown: Carini, Sicily


  Castello di Carini – The Castle of Carini – lit up at night

I look forward to hearing from you, and make sure to check out my MasterMind Coaching Club.

˜Carol Amato

Carol Amato

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