5 Tips to Get Free Traffic

5 Tips to Get Free Traffic

Tip 4 – Forums – 5 Tips to Get Free Traffic

Keeping a continuous presence online is key and utilizing forums is a great way to do it, which is considered forum marketing.  A constant presence in forums that are closely related to your business is a wonderful way to get the word out there about your site and what you’re trying to share with others.5 Tips to Get Free Traffic phraseOften you can choose forums where you can help others and add value to like-minded folks who are asking questions about a similar passion you share.

5 Tips to Get Free Traffic – You can also find people who are interested in what you are selling or what you are offering; whether it’s product lines, services, or simply information.

Again, being present in forums builds relationships and often a sense of expertise amongst the other forum members who may actually begin coming to you or your website for advice regularly.  It also helps with creating many backlinks which helps in both driving traffic to the website and ranking highly on many search engines.

Tip 5 – Newsletters and E-Newsletters – 5 Tips to Get Free Traffic

Creating a regular newsletter, whether an online published newsletter, a snail-mail newsletter or an e-mail newsletter, is a great way to bring your website to the attention of others.

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You can often begin articles in E-Newsletters with links that lead the readers to your website with conclusions to the articles they are reading.  Generally a tag line at a given point of something like “Click Here for More” or “Click Here to Continue Reading” will entice readers to move from their in-box to your website.

5 Tips to Get Free Traffic – The easiest way to get subscribers, other than publicizing your newsletter on your own website, is to utilize special programs that can help you build a database.  The most important fact of doing an e-mail newsletter is to make sure you always have an Opt-Out link available for those who no longer want to continue receiving the newsletters in their email.

You can also use other ways to drive traffic (in posts below) to your newsletter, which is held on your “regular website.”  For example if you have a blog, you can blog about one thing and say something like “You can read more about this in our Newsletter” and create a clickable link to your newsletter area on the site.  You will also want to keep an archive of previous newsletters available for people to click on to read.

Creating an online newsletter can be done for free while sending a print copy, although often much more effective, can also be much more expensive.  If you’re looking for a free method to do the newsletter, creating it on your website with archives of past newsletters or doing an e-newsletter is the best way.  Post a link to your newsletter when you’re posting on forums and of course when the new newsletter is released announce it via your Social Media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

5 Tips to Get Free Traffic – Newsletters create a sense of belonging to a community and create a feeling of you being an expert in your field.  It also is a great stepping stone for creating income from others who may want to advertise in your newsletter.  You can begin approaching various bloggers and companies that have items that are closely related to your newsletter style.

For example if you’re creating a newsletter about getting healthy you may want to approach gyms, exercise machine companies, protein drink companies, bloggers who blog about healthy recipes, and so on.  While in some cases, especially with other bloggers, you may not get a “paying” advertisement you may be able to exchange ad space.

On their blog they can offer your newsletter while in your newsletter you promote their blog.  The potential of newsletters, both online and via e-mail, are limitless only to your own creativity.

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