5 Tips To Get Free Traffic

Blogging – 5 Tips To Get Free Traffic

Tip 3 – Blogging – Create An Online Presence Using 5 Tips To Get Free Traffic

Blogging does not have to be only a personal blog or sharing personal experiences.  Businesses often have a blogging presence that introduces their business to others – yet blogging about their business is a more personal way of getting their message out there to the world.

5 Tips to Get Free Traffic

While you want to be sure to keep your blog professional, you don’t want it to be too stuffy and boring either.  Don’t fill your blog with tons of facts, figures and information.  Use pictures as much as possible to get your thoughts and ideas across.  A picture is worth a thousand words.

If you have a bunch of information to get out, do it in small doses.  Blog daily if possible because the more updated your blog site is, the more likely search engines are to pick up your blog.  If you don’t keep your blog updated, the search engines take note of long pauses between updates and then they will not place your blog / site high on their search results.  I always post four blog posts a week, usually five, keeping 5 tips to get free traffic in mind.

Slogging allows you to share personal experiences, give information and approach your online presence any way you’d like.  The best part is that the more you blog and visit other bloggers sites, the more traffic you’ll get.  The more you go back and forth between commenting on their sites the more “backlinking” you are creating.

This backlinking is a way of showing your website URL/link to others visiting the sites you are commenting.  And depending upon the comments and subject, give the possibility of having them click on your name and site to view your blog too.  Backlinks are a huge factor in online presence.

Also, it’s a lot of fun to surf the Internet and learn new things.  I do recommend keeping a time limit for yourself as you could easily lose a few hours as you become engrossed in the cool stuff there is out there to read.

Providing quality content on your blog will bring in organic (natural) traffic – visitors that have entered search terms 5 Tips to Get Free Trafficinto the main search engines to find information they are looking for.  If your blog posts are centered around keywords that people are searching for, you will reap the benefits of free traffic.

It sometimes amazes me when I look at some of the keywords that are bringing people to my blog – many times it was not even intentionally highlighted in a post, yet a certain keyword brought folks to my site.  Everyone who has an online business should have a blog as it is a wonderful FREE way to expand your online presence and get free traffic.

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  • Tommy

    Thanks for info! I don’t have a blog yet but know I need to get one…..I am reading your blog for more info about it too. thanks for this wealth of information, Carol, I really like learning about this stuff!

    • http://www.CarolAmato.com/ Carol Amato

      Thanks for your comment, Tommy. Let me know how I can help! :)

      – Carol

  • Brandy

    Free traffic is what I need!

    • http://www.CarolAmato.com/ Carol Amato

      Yep, it’s what we all need and if we follow these tips, we’ll get it. Let me know how I can help.

      Thanks for stopping by, Brandy. :)

      – Carol