4 Tips For Successful List Building

These Are The Best 4 Tips for Successful List Building

You all know that my FAVORITE business tool is having a professional autoresponder company to take take of the email marketing aspect of my Internet marketing business.

I highly recommend AWeber.

After getting them to sign up, the challenge then becomes keeping them happy enough to stay on your list.  The first month of membership tends to be the most active for the average subscriber, although this may differ in particular markets.

4 Tips for Successful List Building

Tip #1 Of 4 Tips For Successful List Building

Always make sure to offer an incentive for signing up.  You can offer incentives such as free reports or videos for signing up to your email list.  I offer a value-packed 43-minute video training on the basics of Internet marketing, called Golden Nuggets.  That is delivering value!

Make sure to keep your incentive relevant to your email marketing campaign.  Always provide value to the subscriber.

Make sure to drive home the value of your info.  You could emphasize the fact that you are offering value by giving a “free trial subscription” as this will communicate that the information you’re giving is worth something.  And who knows, you may offer something that would require payment for information in the future, like an exclusive paid newsletter or membership site.

Make it very clear to show what your subscribers are signing up for and find ways to showcase the value offered.

Tip #3 Of 4 Tips For Successful List Building

Make developing a relationship with your subscribers top priority.  The very first chance we get to make an impression is that welcome email.  It is smart to tell a little about ourselves and what the reader can expect in the future.

It’s also the place to deliver and direct them to the free gift (incentive) you promised for them signing up. This is the start of building trust because you delivered what you promised, and they can expect quality communication from you from here on out.

  • Make sure you have set expectations and that you keep them as well.
  • Ask subscribers to offer feedback and welcome any questions they may have.
  • Occasionally personalize your messages with your reader’s details

Tip #4 Of 4 Tips For Successful List Building

Keep the value coming.  Give your subscribers a reason to stay by offering things to look forward to so as to increase their desire to stay on your list.  You could give a list of questions that you plan to answer in upcoming emails.

Another possibility is offering a special deal on a relevant program/tool that is exclusive to your subscribers only – only available to your list of readers.

If you have not yet started to build a list, you should really check out the special that AWeber runs – you pay $1 for 30 4 Tips for Successful List Buildingdays to try it and then follow these 4 tips for successful list building.

I have thoroughly enjoyed interacting with many of you that are not the shy type, and even a few that are.  😉  Your comments and questions are always welcome.  I will be making a big announcement about two things the end of this month – so stay tuned!

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  • Andy

    Thank you for these great tips. I definitely will use them in the future.

    • http://www.CarolAmato.com/ Carol Amato

      You’re welcome, Andy. Glad to help.

      Thanks for stopping by. – Carol

  • Laura McCullough

    Hi Carol,
    In response to “”3 things you MUST do…”
    1) -On AWeber, I started my $1 month’s free trial yesterday.
    -On your “Golden Nuggets” video, I’ve listened twice and learned new stuff each time–thanx! We have a lot in common. I’m a Christian believer, also, and love to help folks. But right now I’m in need of help. Unlike you, I’ve never succeeded in any business–have failed miserably with 3 mlm’s in the last 4 yrs. (One is at LaurasEnergyPlan.com–great product.) So I’m coming into “affiliate marketing” with a sizable dose of that fear-of-failure thing.
    -On your “Try, Fail, and Adjust” blog–that was just what I needed.
    2) Your hubby came from Italy
    3) I’ve shared the “Four Tips…” blog on Facebook and Twitter.
    Once I start to make some significant $$s, I’ll go for your 1-hr session.
    On YOUR list, now,

    • http://www.CarolAmato.com/ Carol Amato

      Laura, YOU ARE A WINNER!!!

      You were the FIRST one to answer about my husband! lol Great Job!

      Please use the contact page to send me your email address that is associated with PayPal, as sometimes it’s different than the one listed.

      Also, if you don’t have PayPal, email me your address in the contact form.

      Have a great weekend. :)


  • Donald

    You make some really good points Carol.Although,I haven’t made a branding site as of yet.I been mostly making sniper sites.Things are going pretty well with them actually.I will soon make a branding site to outsource and let everyone know all the tools that I used to become successful at this.I know I will run into some bumps,so be prepared to hear from me…lol.Anyways,great info.Talk to you later.God Bless

    • http://www.CarolAmato.com/ Carol Amato

      Hey Donald,

      That’s fine, you can always do your branding site, as long as you are building a list with your Sniper sites. Way to go on taking action on that!!!

      Let me know how I can help! :)

      – Carol

  • Marichu Ramirez

    I was always busy and have not opened your website for quite a long time. You have all the posts that I need to read, I will learn a lot. I promise to open it as often as I can.

    Thank you so much.

    • http://www.CarolAmato.com/ Carol Amato

      Hello Marichu!

      I understand life gets real busy sometimes. You’re welcome, and if you have any specific questions, please let me know so I can help!

      Thanks for stopping by – Have a great weekend. :)

      – Carol