4 Tips for Building a Facebook Page

4 Tips for Building a Facebook Page

4 Tips for Building a Facebook Page

Facebook provides Internet marketers with a great platform for engaging potential customers and making sales.  In order to get as much exposure as you want, you must make sure you build a great Facebook page.  I’m going to give you some pointers for creating the perfect Facebook fan page – 4 Tips for Building a Facebook Page.

Tip 1 – Create a Landing Page

Landing pages are an excellent way to engage people as soon as they visit your Facebook page.  A landing page is like an advertisement.  It can tell people what they can expect from your page and your business, and it can give them reasons to “Like” your page. 

For instance, you could say “Like this page to get updates on Internet marketing tips” or “Like this page to get the best deals on Xbox 360 games.”  Both would give people an incentive to “Like” your page.

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While there are several options for creating landing pages, Pagemodo is one of the easiest to use, and it’s free, as long as you only need to create a page for one site.  You can install Pagemodo at http://www.pagemodo.com/.

Tip 2 – Use Keywords

Include keywords that are related to your industry in your profile.  For instance, if you provide Internet marketing tips, you could use keywords like:

  • Internet marketing
  • Internet marketing tips
  • Internet marketing training
  • Internet marketing help

This will help people find your profile.  Additionally, it will make it easy for people to know exactly what you have to offer.

Tip 3 – Use a Professional (Yet Personal) Picture

People tend to make mistakes when it comes to their pictures on Facebook.  Some people go with the completely professional picture, which is fine, as long as you don’t look aloof and inaccessible.  Other people use pictures that are too personal. 

Facebook fans don’t need to see you in a bikini.  Stick with pictures that are professional yet accessible.  This will help people relate to you, which is essential if you’re going to build up a fan base and make sales.

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Tip 4 – Create a Giveaway Immediately

The last tip doesn’t actually have to do with the creation of the page.  Instead, you’ll need to implement this tip as soon as your page is built.  Once your page is live, you need to create a giveaway so you can generate some buzz.

For instance, if you have a premium that you offer on your website, give it away to anyone who “Likes” your page or submits a request through the “Contact” section of the page.  This will help you engage your fans immediately, which means they will be more likely to check out your posts. 

Plus, by offering the giveaway as soon as your Facebook page goes live, people will immediately know that your page will offer a real value.

Use these tips when you create your Facebook page.  Also, if you already have a Facebook page, go back and implement these tips.  Then, you will have a powerful Facebook page that will attract some fans.

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